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  1. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    what did I say??
  2. Adcom/Admissions Updates

  3. Tuition still at -$500?

    Good luck at Windsor
  4. Tuition still at -$500?

    This is the first time I see some said " I am an "S" . LOL
  5. Tuition still at -$500?

    Must be some kind of deposit to hold your spot?
  6. Chances 3.73 / 154

    Rewrite and try to get 157+ for Ottawa And 162+ for OZ
  7. Chances? (CGPA 3.48/4.33, LSAT 166)

    100% Ottawa 80% Western And Queens 50% U of T OZ. 60% Windsor - no idea
  8. Multiple LSATs

    What is your B3?
  9. Chances? 3.78 CGPA, 149, 155

    The number of people ahead of you has probably decreased dramatically by now. I am not able predict how far down the wait list will Ottawa go this cycle because the waitlist thread was shut down. If things are similar to the last two cycles, those who ranked over 100 (original list) was either admitted, dropped off or declined. My question was if you receive an offer next week or the week after and you have one or two days to decide. Can you realistically go to Ottawa in such a short notice? Will you consider letting Ottawa know that you want to be removed from the wait list when (next week or the week after) you know you are unable to make it there? Of course you have every right to wait till the cycle is over. The last offer was given out after classes has commenced. P.S. I was on the 2011 waitlist.
  10. Chances? (CGPA 3.48/4.33, LSAT 166)

    Normally 4.33 =A+ and 4.0 =A but OLSAS converts A+ = 4.0 and A=3.9/3.8 (Manitoba) My cGPA was around 3.7 and dropped to 3.47 after converted to OLSAS. I was accepted by Ottawa with 161. If your 3.48 = 3.46 OLSAS, then you have a good shot at Ottawa, Queens and western.
  11. Chances? 3.78 CGPA, 149, 155

    Are you able to go to Ottawa if you get an offer next week or the week after?
  12. Chances? (CGPA 3.48/4.33, LSAT 166)

    Convert your grade to OLSAS basis for Ontario find out your Last 2, Best 2 and Best 3
  13. Chances? cGPA: 3.98, LSAT: 160

    Ottawa, Queens and Western 100% OZ-better than 80% U of T 50% ? Windsor- God Knows
  14. Chances? 3.78 CGPA, 149, 155

    Ottawa 80% You should rewrite. 157 = 100% Ottawa