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  1. two questions your status in Canada? student Visa, landed immigrant or ? do you know the potential cost and your plans to finance it?
  2. Athabasca References

    I suggest you contact UC and tell them your situation, A LOR from some professor who doesn't know you is useless. Request an exemption and ask if they would consider accepting all non academic references. Good luck
  3. Chances? cGPA: 2.99/ L2: 3.64/ LSAT: 168

    Ottawa do put a lot of weight on CGPA. However, that doesn't mean they will NOT consider someone with high LSAT and good L2. Give it a try
  4. Should I cancel my second Lsat score?

    Roll a dice 1,3,5 you cancel
  5. Chances? + Should I retake?

    Queens- 75% Ottawa 100% Osgoode 30% If get 162 + Queens will be 100% and Osgoode will be 80%+
  6. Chances? [2.7 cGPA, 3.7 b3, 175 LSAT]

    3.7 ☓ 3 = 11.1 ÷ 4 =2.76 2.7 X 4 = 10.8 You need a negative GPA for L1 unless you have a very different course load or more than 4 years to complete. just curious
  7. but op is not applying to Windsor nor Thunder bay
  8. 162 with 3.2 cGPA, 3.7 L2 and 3.6 L3 is not competitive. You need 170 To be competitve for L2 schools. 165 to 169 is a borderline. However, not competitive doesn't mean zero chance. I still think you should write as early as possible.
  9. bad idea some school won't accept Feb LSAT
  10. Chances? [2.7 cGPA, 3.7 b3, 175 LSAT]

    2.7GPA and 3.7 L3? How is that possible? You have negative GPA for L1?
  11. CHANCES? cGPA 3.76, L2 3.95, 164

    With Stats like that, your only worry is making mistakes on your application
  12. L2 and L3 school are your better bets. But apply broadly anyway
  13. Applying to Uoft without LSAT score yet

    submit your application before Nov deadline. is UofT your only choice?