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  1. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    I hope Ottawa is not second guessing their applicants. Why don't you contact Ottawa and let them know Ottawa IS your top choice.
  2. Worried about Credit Score

    Most can get prime 0.5% some do even better like prime.
  3. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    sun will rise from west tomorrow
  4. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    your stats are good enough to overcome any soft issues. did you apply elsewhere?
  5. Transferring to Uoft from another law school

    I got an offer with A- 1L GPA
  6. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Doesn't make sense. You should have been accepted by now.
  7. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    100% in Your 160 from Dec 2017?
  8. For schools that look at your first degree only. your cGPA, L2 and B3 will be from your first degree. (not sure) and your second degree will be ignored.
  9. Does that mean you have 2 undergrad degrees? I think some schools will count your first degree only. (I could be wrong)
  10. Queens vs Windsor

    Windsor Hum https://www.google.ca/search?q=Windsor+Hum&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=pIKLWuDDD46R8Qf3xZL4Dw
  11. Investing LOC

    http://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/stop-using-your-tfsa-to-frequently-trade-stocks-the-cra-may-see-it-as-business-income Under the tax rules, if a TFSA carries on a business then it must pay income tax on its business income. This has been a focus of recent audit and reassessment activities where the Canada Revenue Agency has been targeting taxpayers who actively traded securities in their TFSA. The CRA said that “millions of additional taxes have been recovered as a result of audits of TFSAs,” and referred to a recently-released Income Tax Folio which indicates that “the determination as to whether a particular taxpayer carries on a particular business is a question of fact that can only be determined following a review of the taxpayer’s particular circumstances.”
  12. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Thank you. Just trying to help in these stressful situations. I went through 2 cycles and I know. Apparently Ottawa has some issues with the admission dept.last year. They were late in many stages of the cycle. The last offer was given after school started. I am 100% sure that OP will get an offer from Ottawa with 3.67 and 161. However, the timing may be a bit tricky. Is your 161LSAT from Dec 2017? I suggest OP to contact Ottawa when offers from other school are about to expire (at least 10 working days) Good luck
  13. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    I was accepted to Ottawa 2012
  14. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    your stats?
  15. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    100% Ottawa