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  1. I went to BCIT this week. The LSAC ticket has room 1840 in SW5 on it. The second I entered to room and saw the chairs, anxiety went into overdrive. The chairs are on a spring (don't know what to call them) so they move around on their own and are positioned wayy too low. Right at the front of the room there is a portion of the table without any chairs attached to it. It's got normal chairs. I'm going there early and camping by the door. Calling dibs on those chairs. Are the seats assigned? https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2760/4347248844_d17f235cf9_b.jpg
  2. Reading Comprehension HELP

    I don't think I should be giving any tips on the LSAT with my low PT scores (157-158 range), but what I can say is that, at least for me, RC is the most "savable." With RC I always know that the worst thing that can happen is me wasting time on the first 3 passages and ending up getting to passage 4 with only 5-6 minutes left. But even when that happens, you can save your score (if 157ish is all you're looking for) by giving the passage a 1-2 minute quick read (no circling, no notes, no underlining etc...) and quickly answering as many questions as you can. Say you get 3/4 of them right (which is absolutely possible with a quick 1-2 minute read), it's still a heck of a lot better than getting most of them wrong like you would in the games section if you were in a similar time constraint when getting to your last game. Since I know this, I tend to stay calm in RC. I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but I would much rather have 2 RC sections than 2 LR ones. I've done a few passages in 5 minutes and it's never been a complete train wreck. The games on the other hand..... Fuck the games.
  3. Reading Comprehension HELP

    Thanks for the tips. I'll be doing a PT in a couple of hours. I'll give the 15 in 15 a shot. Sounds like a smart strategy. Timing is definitely the key in LR. Dilly dallying with the first 10-15 is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Reading Comprehension HELP

    I have a bottle of them somewhere actually. With pills I'm always unsure of how long they will take to start working so I drink Red Bull. Do you take them right before? And are they the 100 mg ones? Also congrats. I can't even begin to fathom a 171 haha
  5. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    Didn't want to open a new thread, so I'll just ask it here. I'm signed up for the Sept. LSAT. Planning to send in my application right after I do the test. But I might have to postpone the test for Dec. Is there any major disadvantage in sending in the application right before the deadline? I'm really hoping I can be ready for the Sept. sitting, but if I'm not, I have no choice to postpone since Alberta averages the scores (don't want to risk it).
  6. Majority of the time I do worse on my first LR section. In another thread somebody proposed doing a full section before the actual test. Maybe that's a bit much. But it wouldn't hurt doing something like 10 questions right before the actual test.
  7. Reading Comprehension HELP

    It does help, thanks. I think I need to cut my time on the first 10 questions. Till now I've been aiming for 15 minutes and that's obviously too long. The last few questions I always get wrong because I have less than 3-4 minutes left. Actually, could you please share your timing strategy for the rest of the sections if you have any. Like do you try to stick to 9 minutes for LG? Or do you keep going?
  8. Reading Comprehension HELP

    How did you study for LR? I'd be extremely happy with a -4. I've read most of the bible, but my score stayed where it was (-8 to -10). Also gratz on the improvement. RC I'm all over the place. Sometimes I'm -3, sometimes -12 lol. LR pisses me off the most though.
  9. I studied for a month last summer. My diagnostic was 150. Did a few Practice tests and got my score up to the mid-150's in that month. Then completely stopped studying until the July of this year. In the month that just went by I managed to get a 159 on one of the practice tests, but mostly my score has remained exactly where it was: mid-150's. Understanding the material is not the issue. It's being able to sit down and study. For actual university work, whether it was a science course or an accounting course or even a humanities elective, I could sit down and study for hours without getting distracted. The LSAT material is just so mind-numbing and "useless" that I can't put in the 4-8 hrs. I'm saying this because I think a month is enough as long as you can do 4-8 hours of PRODUCTIVE studying a day. For me it's max 2 hours. On a side-note, for those that went through all this before, what was your daily routine? What and how did you study?
  10. Starting from which practice tests roughly?
  11. I'm writing in September. Wasn't planning on opening a thread, but after reading a couple of horror stories (threads were from 2010 and 2013) I thought a review is in order (while I can still change test centres). I've taken courses at BCIT before so I'm familiar with the campus. Are they holding the exam in the gym? Hopefully not. If it's in a classroom, can someone please say where? I want to go find the classroom so I have one less thing to very about come test day. Thanks.
  12. Are all accepted applicants interviewed at Dalhousie? Or are these interviews for people off the wait-list?
  13. LSAT 180 Watch - Toronto

    70 shipped? Do you still have it?
  14. Where Do Most 1Ls Live?

    I chuckled way too hard at this.