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  1. Wohoo Congrats man. Now the hard part begins. Waiting for Calgary to answer and then picking between the two. You're going to get 3 pieces of paper in the mail from U of A, so watch out for that. If you want to accept you're going to need to fill out one of the papers and email it to the university along with 500 dollars (deadline is March 31st). They also need a passport like photo. I think that's the phrase they used lol.
  2. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    @JDee21 One thing I glossed over was what lau mentioned here. I left the city in 2015 and since then the city really started getting its act together as far as the downtown core is concerned. They built a brand new arena and all around it they're building condos and towers (I think there are 5-6 in total). They also gutted the central library and are redeveloping it as we speak. You can look at rentals in the "arena district" and see if you can find something in your budget. Personally I don't feel like the arena district is worth it. They're charging 1500-1600 dollars for 1 bedroom units, simply because there is a modern condo scarcity in the city. In Vancouver I'd pay that in heartbeat, but when you can find something for a thousand bucks right on Whyte ave. I don't think it makes sense. If I ever decide to call Edmonton home I will definitely buy/rent in the arena district. But for now, with the university being where it is and the core still a few years away from looking respectable, I think Whyte is the better area to be in. Edit: @lau Grandin is actually not a bad idea. It's close enough to Whyte as you say. How much are you paying roughly?
  3. Housing for UofA Law Students?

    I'm from Vancouver and out here the place to be is downtown. The city is downtown. I get the sense that you're from either Toronto or Vancouver (could be very wrong), but if you're thinking about moving downtown because you're used to Toronto or Vancouver, please reconsider. Edmonton's downtown isn't really a downtown. And in every way it's secondary to "Whyte Ave." If you want to go out with friends, drink or just be around a younger crowd, you go to Whyte Ave, which is the main drag of the Strathcona neighborhood. The neighborhood has a bunch of little boutique shops, restaurants and various other knick knacks that you won't find in the city's so called "downtown." I lived in the neighborhood in the two years I was in Edmonton and when I go back I'll be apartment hunting in the same area. Rents downtown can be cheaper though. If I can find something decent in Oliver I might reconsider, but I'd rather avoid the LRT if I can. I'm also thinking about moving out in April/May. Right now is an excellent time to move though. There's a rental company offering 2 months of free rent and free utilities, cable and internet if you sign a 14 month lease!! Edit: after creeping around and looking at your previous posts, it seems like you are indeed from Vancouver lol.
  4. lol yeah. Both of us are 29, had a ton of F's in undergrad, kind of immature for our age etc... Wouldn't have it any other way though lol.
  5. Alberta or UCalgary?

    Before I got rejected by Calgary I was trying to figure this out as well. So here's what I concluded based on the questions I asked on the forum and my own "research." First, the easy stuff: Calgary will be more expensive by 7500 dollars over the three years. I used the tuition calculators on the school sites. The city itself is also a touch more expensive, but the infrastructure is definitely better so you're getting something in return (Calgary is newer and less industrial). Calgary will have smaller classes. The school is also newer. Rankings (you decided if you give a shit about them) put U of A ahead of U of C as a university. The Calgary law market is objectively stronger. Now on to the more subjective matters: A few posters have said it doesn't matter which school I go with in terms of having access to both markets. That said, some people claim that you will have a much stronger chance of landing a Calgary job by going to Calgary, and it makes sense to me. I haven't been to the Calgary campus, but I have been to the Alberta campus. I love where the U of A campus is situated. The school isn't out in the boonies with nothing around it. You can work, play and live in the general vicinity no problem. Stats wise and in terms of "difficulty getting in," well it's hard to say. Purely stats wise I'm pretty sure U of A has the higher stats because the school is an index school. It won't even accept references. You take your L2 GPA, multiply it by 22.5 and add your LSAT score. If you're above 242, you're in. Doesn't matter how shit your cGPA is. So for people with a super high GPA or LSAT the school is great, but if you're average it can be really hard to get in. Calgary is a holistic school. They want to look at everything. Hard stats are less important. If you want to go out of the province upon graduation then it doesn't really matter which school you went to (although U of A does seem to have a better brand). Anecdotally speaking, more people seem to prefer U of A as a university (i.e. as a package, not a specific program) than U of C. Calgary is a newish university. I think it's only 50 something years old. U of A has been here for way longer. That's all I have. Good luck.
  6. Moving to AB for a while is definitely a great choice. Food and entertainment is more expensive in Alberta compared to Vancouver (food is noticeably cheaper in Vancouver and better quality), but lower gas/insurance prices in AB more than make up for it. Real estate is of course cheaper in Alberta, but I wouldn't buy out there personally (unless I'm 100% sure that I'm going to remain in Alberta forever). Calgary has had 4 years of continuous price decreases while Edmonton had 2. Renting is the more prudent choice until the markets there stabilize a bit. By FAR my favorite thing about Alberta is the sunshine, especially at this time of the year. Vancouver's summers are world class, but once October hits everything goes to shit. I'm in the Mount Seymour area right now and we get double the rainfall of Vancouver/Richmond. I'm close to losing it at this point. March can't come soon enough. Edmonton as a whole is really rough around the edges. Calgary is better, but it's no Vancouver. Overall though both cities are great places to get ahead. Good luck with both applications. I'm sure U of A will accept you very soon, but who knows about Calgary.
  7. Thanks. Well, I only applied to two schools and Calgary rejected me in a hurry haha. So it's U of A for sure. I think I would have gone with U of A regardless. I like where the campus is and I lived in the area for a couple of years. I'm from Vancouver and for some reason all the universities here are out in the boonies. SFU is on top of a "mountain," Capilano is literally in the middle of a forest with nothing around it (there's a superstore close by, but you have to drive/bike there) and even UBC is kind of out in the boonies. The UBC campus itself is beautiful (ocean setting etc...), but it takes 3 days to drive to campus if you live somewhere else (the traffic during rush hours is insane) and housing nearby costs a fortune (my brother was paying 800 for a single room in some crack shack a few years ago lol Edit: and he was sharing the house with 7 other boys. I went into the house once and I was in shock at the condition. It was literally a crack shack). U of A is literally beside everything that's decent about Edmonton and it doesn't cost a fortune to rent there. btw, I made a mistake. I don't think I wrote much in my letter. After thinking about it a bit more, I explained my grades in the Calgary letter. U of A had a 500 word cap if I'm not mistaken so I couldn't ramble on too much. Basically hinted at my fuck ups and left it at that. Couldn't really delve into it too much. Edit #2: I'm reading your "is 30 too old" thread right now. In September I will also be 30 haha. Although I do look way younger once I shave. You ain't too old man. None of us are going to get rich off of this whole law thing. It's all about investing and saving money and it doesn't really matter if you start at 25 or 30. If you diligently save your excess income every year, you'll be ahead of most people by the time you're 45-50. But I know why you're concerned. I'm also concerned a little about how other people will perceive me at first (i.e. wtf was he doing with his life etc...). But who cares. I'm happy with what I've done for the most part and that's all that matters.
  8. This. OP, looks like you and I have a lot in common. I had 8 F's when I decided to call it quits and get into the trades. I did that for a few years before I got the university bug again. Signed up for a couple of online courses, but I didn't follow up with them and failed those as well (I was busy with work). Finally decided to quit my job and go to school full time. My last 60 ended up being 3.91/4 and I got accepted in Dec. I did talk about my grades, but I didn't make up any excuses. Basically explained what was wrong with my approach and how I managed to fix things in the end. But I'm almost certain they didn't even bother reading it. Because even in the acceptance email they say please submit the letter by such and such date if you haven't done so! Your index is higher than mine btw. You'll get in.
  9. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Setto is talking about "pre-orientation." I assumed it's something different from the Dean's welcome.
  10. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    What is that? And when is it?
  11. It unfortunately was a collection. Basically I had an ongoing argument with my old union over something internal (the union I was in has a rule that says no member is allowed to work for a non-union company. The penalty is suspension from the union and the "guilty" party also has to return all education costs). In the oil downturn I ended up working for a non-union company and they found out. Long story short we went back and forth for a few months and ended up cutting ties. Two years later they sent my 3000 dollar debt to a collection agency and the agency reported it. I paid it all immediately and the account is now closed. On my credit record the account shows as "closed" and "paid." Hopefully it won't be a big concern.
  12. Just a quick note: you guys can get your credit reports for free from CreditKarma and Borrowell. CreditKarma pulls information from Transunion while Borrowell pulls your Equifax data. Sign up for both of them. CreditKarma updates weekly (or is it biweekly?), but Borrowell only updates once a month. @ScotiabankLawAdvisor Two questions: 1) I had an excellent credit score for years (in the 800's), but last month a bill was reported to Transunion and my Transunion credit took a big hit. I've since resolved the issue. My Equifax credit is still excellent, but my Transunion credit fell into the "good" territory. I also have that blemish in my Transunion history now. How big of a concern is this?? 2) If it is an issue, is there a possibility that I can use my substantial savings as collateral? I can show roughly 250k in funds divided between a non-registered account and my TFSA/RRSP. Thanks.
  13. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Congrats y'all!! I'm also excited. As of today I no longer have the lowest accepted LSAT score haha
  14. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    Way to overreact lol My post was mostly in jest. Plus, I was moaning on this site to Malina using my username. How would they know my real identity? I'm sure most people will read my original post and disregard my conspiracy joke. As you said, my high L2 got me into U of A early on, but for U of C I didn't have what they wanted. @harveyspecter993 According HoF, you know nothing about Canadian law schools. You two have history? Or is he just sour because you said Alberta is a better school? lol
  15. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    Yeah. Makes the decision way easier. I was convincing I guess. lol I'm in love with the U of A campus. Back when I was working at the Kinder Morgan Terminal in Sherwood Park, I rented a place on Whyte Ave. I only ventured into the university twice, but I always thought it would be cool to go to university there. My undergrad was in a small university with nothing around it. The "inferior" Edmonton law market was the reason I wanted the U of C accept so I could investigate the issue a little bit more before making a decision. I guess it doesn't matter too much. As long as I get a job somewhere at the end of it.