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  1. Are all accepted applicants interviewed at Dalhousie? Or are these interviews for people off the wait-list?
  2. 70 shipped? Do you still have it?
  3. I chuckled way too hard at this.
  4. Here's my situation: I had way worse grades than you (WAYYYY WORSE) in my first couple of years of uni. Eventually I dropped out and spent 3 years working full time. I didn't think about law school or even finishing my undergrad up until year 3 of my job when I realized I couldn't go on forever in a trade (physically and mentally I had enough). But in those three years I changed. It's a bit cheesy, but I became a different person because of that experience. When I went back to university everything started clicking. My work ethic was different, way of thinking was different... I still haven't graduated, but I only have 3 courses left and all 17 courses that I've taken since coming back to university have been A's (with one exception, which was a B). Needless to say I'm aiming for a last 60 school like U of A (when I say my first 2 years were way worse than yours, I really mean it lol). Biggest mistake I could have made was not dropping out and continuing my path towards mediocrity. I don't know if it's purely down to work-ethic or having a different mindset, but I do know that the three years away from university changed me. I have no idea if that's what you need, but that's what I needed. I know a few other people that are slightly older and they say the same thing (that coming back to university at a slightly older age-around 25ish-was what they needed to succeed academically). Edit: btw, what's an A+/A at SFU? An A starts from a 90 right? And an A+ from a 95? Do yourself a favour and try another school that starts A's from 85.
  5. lol okay. You clearly have no idea what the Vancouver market is like. Downtown specially. As long as interest rates are low, condos in downtown will sell like crazy. The sales to active listing ratio in downtown Vancouver, right now (in a downturn), is over 60%!! A balanced market is around 20%. Prices are still going up in a downturn! http://www.rebgv.org/home-price-index?region=Vancouver+West&type=Apartment&date=2017-02-01 Vacancy rate in downtown Vancouver is 0.08%! And here's another thought: I don't plan on selling the place for another 15 years, unless I'm forced to. The 1 bedroom unit is currently rented out for 2200/month to a single guy. I'm increasing the rent by 100/year. I've given you the numbers, but let's see if you can find a way to continue to act like I've stolen your land. I never understand why people are adamant to tell people that it's a mistake to buy real estate, but they never go argue with someone that's investing in the stock market. As far as the paper gain argument, lmao. In that case the price of any tangible or intangible asset is a paper gain, because it's currently not in the market!! Your argument about the condo not selling or me not having any idea about how long it'll take before it sells is invalid. Vancouver isn't Halifax. For the past 2 decades the market has acted a certain way. Sure, it can change. But the market for any widget can change. Should a profitable company liquidate all its assets because the market for widget X is going to change tomorrow??? Nonsense argument. Interest rates will eventually go up and prices will eventually go down. But over a 10-20 year period, real estate won't lose money.Even if my condo falls by 20% next year, I'll still be making a profit! This argument is ridiculous. I said it before, I'll say it again. We all have our biases. I think people are ridiculous for looking at the numbers and thinking RE is a bad buy. You think I'm crazy for being happy about a 120+ thousand so called "paper gain." We can argue for a month and never get anywhere. The only thing we can objectively discuss is what I said in post #12.
  6. Can we please avoid the discussion on real estate and where it'll go? I think the main focus should be on the first point made by Maximumbob. I'll quote it again (see post 2): If we're going to discuss RE, it won't get anywhere. We all have different opinions and our own biases. My condo went up by over 120k in the 12 months after I bought it (I bought at the end of 2015 in Vancouver). It's still going up and we're in a slow-down (It's mostly the detached market that's been hit by the 15% foreign buyer's tax). As a 20 something year old I couldn't be happier. The main question is whether or not banks are willing to give a loan to a person that's in so much debt. That's a question I'll be asking banks 6 months from now. From my little research based on anecdotal information from different threads, it seems like they don't really care. But again, anecdotal information.
  7. ^^^ From my limited experience with Edmonton (2 years), you'd do yourself a huge favour by either having a car or living somewhere close to work/uni (they have a ridiculous transportation system compared to Vancouver/Toronto/Montreal). So you're on the right track with the close walking distance idea. I used to work full-time when I was there, but I stayed near the university near Whyte Avenue (this is where all the bars/restaurants/"boutiques" are in the city and it's generally a lot "nicer" than the rest of the city). Whyte Ave. is in the Strathcona neighborhood so anywhere in that area is generally good as far as distance to school is concerned. But the closer you are to Whyte Ave. (82nd street) the better. That's because Whyte Ave. ends at the university. The map below shows where I used to live and from where I lived it would roughly take half an hour to walk to the University (of course that doesn't factor in walking around the campus which should add another 10 minutes). Going by that, I drew a box where I think you'd want to look. There are a whole bunch of rental buildings very close to the university, but I'm not sure if the price is justified. Also, the two main rental agencies in the city are Rentex and Boardwalk (Boardwalk is bigger I think). The unit I had was with Rentex and it was pretty crummy, but it was close to 800 square feet. I paid 900 something (between 2012 and 2015), plus around 30 bucks/month for electricity. https://i.imgsafe.org/299c6b1aff.png On an unrelated note: why can't I post images? It's saying I'm posting more images than I'm allowed to, but I'm only trying to post the one image above! Any ideas?
  8. ^^^ Are most of you aware that Alberta treats an A the same as an A+? Asking to see if those L2 grades have taken this into account or not.
  9. Edit: my post went a bit off topic. Catchthetrain pretty much nailed it so nothing more to add lol
  10. Any idea if other law schools are like this as well? I'm pretty much only applying to UofA next year and this is great to hear! I went to BCIT for a couple of years and it was the same sort of idea. Made great friends because of it.
  11. Don't mean to drag this discussion on, but I have to drop my 2 cents in. I have a hard time understanding some of the confusion from beentheredonethat. A 3.9 or a 4.0 GPA is WAY harder to achieve than a 160+ LSAT score. Give people time and they will achieve a 160+ score, as long as they're in the ballpark with their initial scores. The people getting in with 150+ LSAT scores can all achieve the 160+ with time. How many people who graduated with a 3.7 GPA can say the same (provided they can go back in time and redo their degree or start a new one)? To get a 3.9 or a 4.0 GPA you can't f. up! One B grade in your last 60 credits and you have to pretty much nail all other 19 courses with A's and A+'s. Congrats to all the people who got in. Hopefully I can say the same next year when I finally get to apply.
  12. Is yours red too (same as the picture)?
  13. OP practically has a dozen countries in his list. Nobody is asking for the inclusion of black people, Africans, Europeans or the tree people. He's saying there's racism against East Asians, but conveniently stops counting the number of West Asians in the work force. Catchthetraiin is the only person that gave a logical reason why OP might have done that (post 27). Other than that one reason, there is no reason why there would be more racism towards East Asians compared to West Asians! None. To claim that there is less systemic racism against a muslim dude from, say, Iran, compared to a South Korean dude in this day and age is odd. I'm not even saying that's the case. I don't have the numbers. But had OP included those numbers, there wouldn't be any doubts to his claims. Right now it looks like OP is hiding something. If you don't see it, then that's fine. I want to know OP's reasoning. My question was originally directed at OP. Since then, half a dozen people have felt inclined to jump in and defend OP lol
  14. That's just my opinion. I have no idea if it's true or not. And I did mention this earlier. All I'm saying is that there's no reason to exclude one set of Asians from the analysis (OP being East Asian is not a valid reason). I want to know OP's reasoning for not including other Asians in the list. I'm willing to be proven wrong by OP, but I think OP is excluding West Asian/Indian numbers because it wouldn't fit his/her theory. I also understand that this thread is exclusively talking about racism against East Asians (it's in the title). What I don't understand is why. If it's the case that there are very few "brown people" in the work force, then OP's argument would be stronger. If it's the opposite, then OP's argument can still be valid if OP can prove that there's a bias against East Asians in particular. Right now it just looks like OP excluded Middle Easterners and Indians from the list because it didn't fit the theory. You can tell me to prove it, but I don't have to. I didn't make the thread. I'm not claiming anything. I'm asking OP a question, which, so far, has been answered by everyone except OP.
  15. OP is using "actual numbers." OP tried to make it scientific by posting numbers. Nothing anecdotal about that (provided those numbers are correct). Catchthetraiin's explanation that "perhaps it's the old stereotype of certain Asians appearing 'submissive'" is an acceptable reason why he/she would exclude other Asians from his/her analysis. As a minority, I've had discussions like this with my cousins and other relatives at the dinner table many times. It usually ends up in an argument and we never get anywhere (I always have the belief that there is very little systemic racism and your own attitude can help defeat stereotypes held by those around you). So when I saw OP using numbers I got excited, just to realize those numbers are only for East Asian countries. I really really want to know OP's opinion about how other Asians fair in the market place. At this point two people have come to his/her defense, but we haven't heard from OP about this matter.