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  1. Yeah, after first term in 1L, I swore to myself I would just not talk about exams once they're all set and done. No point in speculating, for one, and all it will do is increase anxiety as you wait to see how well (or not) you did. Basically most of my classmates also adopted this rule so it worked out pretty well to alleviate the post-exam stress.
  2. Not sure about scholarships but bursary applications open in the fall after the term starts. Nothing to do on that front until then.
  3. Do you know if you needed WES assessment of your grades and whether that was done? By international I assume you don't mean the US. I'm pretty sure you need WES assessment if your grades aren't from the US or Canada.
  4. A chance I would say but later. Low cGPA for sure but a 174 is great and depending on your academic history (e.g., what courses you struggled in) I think you have a shot.
  5. We're not updating these kinds of threads anymore, since people can just go into the individual school forums and find the accepted threads pinned to the top. If there are no accepted threads, then you can assume offers have not yet gone out. We appreciate the effort, but having threads like this just creates extra work for mods with very little added value.
  6. Yeah it's the amount the course contributed in total to your GPA. It's the grade points associated with your mark, multiplied by the weight of the course (credit hours).
  7. Depending on the reasons you cited, maybe. It's hard to say, because on your stats alone, I don't think you would be successful. But if you made a compelling case under Part B I do think there's a possibility.
  8. I doubt you'll start getting requests for interviews until January. I don't think they happen all at once. From my understanding, if the adcom members reviewing your file decide they need to interview you, you'll be contacted by the admissions office to schedule something. When that happens can vary.
  9. Well you did ask the question. We’re allowed to make assumptions about why. And anyway this isn’t just about you; many people visit this website and are interested in answers to the questions people ask. We’re talking to them as much as you.
  10. I do but I also can’t be added or messages by people who aren’t already friends with someone I know. As a rule I only add people I’ve personally met, and my public profile is completely private. So I think if you’re conscious of your privacy settings and what information is revealed publicly, it’s probably fine. That said, I’m not in practice yet so I don’t know if the way I have it set up will have to be changed eventually.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/499114527141002/ Edit to add: The section-specific groups are usually created by students when assignments are released in August.
  12. How do I calculate my OLSAS GPA?

    You have to fill in the course description field. It can say anything. If you leave it blank it assumes the line should be deleted.
  13. How do I calculate my OLSAS GPA?

    What happens when you try
  14. It's true that telling people you go to Osgoode usually elicits the most impressed murmurs, at least here in Toronto, but that's because: (1) most everyone who lives in the city knows the building and assumes I go to school there; and (2) the vast majority of people think it's U of T's law school. I should emphasize that it's not because the general population is so impressed with U of T as a law school, it's just that it's a more recognizable name and people immediately make the connection because of where Osgoode Hall is located. But I promise you that's as far as the thinking goes for the vast majority of laypeople. In other words, you should give absolutely no credence to someone being impressed with you going to Osgoode (or U of T for that matter), because it's meaningless. I mean, everyone's different I guess, but I try to avoid telling people that I'm in law school or what school I go to. First off, the people who you'd want to have care about that sort of thing don't, and everyone else's opinion doesn't matter. Second, I think it's a really superficial thing to care about, and I find that the people who make the most impressed noises upon hearing that I'm training to be a lawyer are also the kinds of people who I really don't want to be friends with.