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  1. Awards

    Graduation awards, as far as I know, have gone out. The rest I am not sure. Nevermind, I thought you meant graduation bursaries. So I actually don't know the answer to your question at all, haha
  2. Aboriginal applicant

    Glad to hear. As long as the motivation is there now, then there are no issues on that front.
  3. Aboriginal applicant

    Assuming you still feel similar about school (not really interested), why go to law school? It’s much harder than undergrad, generally, and if you don’t find undergrad interesting, there’s a real possibility you won’t find law school interesting either. Anyway, you should calculate your OLSAS average here: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net. That can give us a better idea of your chances, as the averages your school’s website gives you won’t be the same that law schools use to decide on your application.
  4. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    As with all topics related to religion, I’d just like to remind everyone that this issue can get heated. Please be mindful of others (and our rules here) when making your posts. So far it’s been fine, but I wanted to put this out here sooner rather than later. Thanks!
  5. Solicitor 2018

    I haven’t taken Solicitor yet (in the same boat as you and reading through this dense crap), but I found Barrister to be fairly straight-forward. My strategy has always been to eliminate as many obviously wrong answers as possible. In your example, you’d know the rules around abutting lands and severance and so anything that doesn’t refer to those things is clearly not the right answer. After that, you use the remaining answers as a launch point to look up the info in your index. I feel like that worked for me. I mean, I don’t know yet since I don’t have the results, but I didn’t feel it went badly.
  6. Grads: Email Account

    Ugh so typical Osgoode. It might make sense to reach out to Student Services and see what they say. Something tells me they’re likely to be the ones deciding this issue.
  7. Grads: Email Account

    I agree. My undergrad email is still working as well. I imagine it will keep working in perpetuity, as I’ve heard that’s what the policy is at my old school. @Lawtender33 did you talk to York IT or Osgoode IT? Osgoode has their own people handling tech and so I wonder who you heard from.
  8. L2 Calculation

    I wouldn’t think so, no.
  9. L2 Calculation

    The year will still be considered but obviously without the class. L2 calculations are highly speculative and each school has a way that they figure it out. It ranges from “last X” credits, which are roughly equivalent to one’s last two years, to actually using your last two years of courses. I’d run with the estimates you’ve got but with the understanding that they might not be exactly what each L2 school would see.
  10. Concerned Law Student

    Now that would be some tech I’d like to see! For some reason I’m getting images of the Toyota robots in the classroom.
  11. Question about Welcome Day

    And you probably won’t miss much.
  12. Concerned Law Student

    I think it's hit or miss, to be honest. Some people were hardly affected. It depended on the classes you took, what time of day it was, who was teaching it, and how. If you picked courses in the late afternoon with practitioners, you probably weren't affected at all (picketing ends at 3:30). If you picked morning classes with faculty, and you were in a position to reasonably take public transit (e.g., you didn't live in Mississauga), you probably could take the subway and get to campus easily. But if you had to drive to campus during the day, it would not be a fun time. If a practitioner taught the course and it was held during the picketing hours, he or she might have ended up moving the class online. I wouldn't say it should dissuade people from going to Osgoode. I think it's a fantastic institution and there is plenty more great things that make up for the bad. Being associated with York brings this unfortunate reality every few years, which is not so great, but it's possible to triage it. Also, Osgoode admin is getting better at handling it. The last strike was a huge problem. This one did not materially affect as many students, mainly because the prep work leading up to it was better. I imagine the next time around will also improve things.
  13. Concerned Law Student

    I also wanted to add that the people I knew who took the option did consider how it would affect their future employment options. They didn't make the choice in a vacuum. A few decided that it wasn't worth it, even given the disadvantages they were given by the strike. OP taking it because of poor grades in first term was obviously a mistake and should not have been done.
  14. Concerned Law Student

    You did have to go to school to take the exam. There was no opting out of that. I should note that there were two solutions students could opt in to, with respect to the strike. The first was opting out of all academic activities until the strike ended. This means not going to class or taking exams, but to finish up once the "remediation period" begins. To my knowledge, this has not occurred yet, so the hardcore supporters, who decided to stand in solidarity with the union, have still not completed their academic term. This is a remedy that is required by York Senate, so anyone at York has this option, including Osgoode students. I actually don't know anyone who picked this, but I do believe some people did. The second option was the CR/NCR (or P/F as people colloquially call it), which I briefly explained above. Some people I know took that option. If you did select it, you still had to go to campus to take your exams, and you were still responsible for at least doing well enough in your courses not to fail. The purpose of it was to offset any major disadvantage you would receive due to the strike (not being able to go to class, professors changing delivery options, so on). This post and your previous one make it sound like the whole thing was a bit meh, but bear in mind that just because it didn't affect you, does not mean that it did not affect others substantially. For one, the lecture recordings at Osgoode are hit or miss generally, and notwithstanding the fact that all profs were required to record because of the strike, many did not (or did not successfully). This actually happened in two of my classes, where the profs just couldn't "figure out" the recording and never did it. It happens all the time, unfortunately, and it's as much of a culture thing as it is a problem with the tech from time to time. I always went to class, so it never affected me, but it did affect others. Second, not all courses are recorded even by virtue of the strike. For example, seminars are never recorded. If you couldn't make it, tough. Third, as I indicated above, some profs (mainly the practitioners) changed delivery formats because they didn't want to wait in picket lines for so long, so they moved the whole thing online. My prof did this and had problems with the online tech and thus it was a terrible experience generally. My understanding is this happened to many others, too, with other professors. Some profs opted to record themselves in lieu of a lecture and post that, which can be problematic to people who don't learn well just listening to audio. My point is, there are a ton of mitigating factors, so we shouldn't assume the strike caused such little inconvenience that there was hardly a need to take CR/NCR. Many people felt there was a need. Yes, some people who selected the option probably just wanted to because they didn't want to try hard enough to get good marks, but I think it's a mistake to pretend there was "no real need" to select it.
  15. Screwups and Faceplants

    "Match whole word only" is your friend!