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  1. In-House vs Private Practice

    I am working in-house and enjoying it way more than I ever enjoyed private practice. My job allows me to be a lawyer without worrying about other stuff. I am wondering whether it's a good idea then to ever consider going back into private practice. Basically, I'm asking whether I am wrong to write off all firms based on my experience with the firm I worked in. Pros of in-house for me (specific to my job anyways): extremely relaxed atmosphere compared to private practice; strong levels of independence; no dress code; no need to develop clients; no billable hours; 9-5 unless there's something urgent; no presentation expectations of any kind that fall on students in a rat race for associate positions. Basically, the only cons are I could stand to earn more and it doesn't meet all my practice area desires. Should I even consider going back into private practice? I don't think my personality is suited to it. But I just want to see what others who have worked in both environments think.
  2. Does anyone have any summaries of the rules and procedure for the Federal Court and Tax Court? Looking for something similar to CANS but from my searches, those only tend to cover procedure in provincial courts.
  3. Corporate vs Litigation

    Interesting, this is not something I knew about personal injury. Thanks for the tip. But is PI still confrontational? Can't say I've ever really considered the field. Honestly, asking this question sort of answered my own question. I think I'd rather take a non-law job or go back to school or go solo than do most lit jobs. I'll keep my line at mostly administrative/regulatory/constitutional litigation for now.
  4. Corporate vs Litigation

    Aside from transactions, work-wise, I enjoyed solicitor subjects (i.e. corporate, real estate, financing) much more in terms of doing research and thinking about issues. I really, really dislike procedure and evidence. I also didn't enjoy working on estate litigation, latent defect cases, employment litigation among other cases. Basically, of the more litigation-y subjects, I only like administrative law and have been using that as my line for now.
  5. Corporate vs Litigation

    New call struggling to find a new job. Lately I've started to lower my standards and give in a bit on the one main criteria I have (don't want to do litigation) However, I've only done this if I feel right about the opportunity. If you're struggling to find a job, should you just take anything? How does it end up when someone who KNOWS in their heart and mind that they're suited to be a solicitor does litigation? Will they hate their life? What do the solicitors here think - could you be litigators?
  6. First Year of Call job seeking - Help!

    I have a question for those who suggest trying to get into contact with your firms. What does this process involve? Do you mail a resume and a cover letter? Or is just a resume okay? It obviously takes a lot longer to do a cover letter that isn't generic. Also, do you email firms as an application for a job or ask to meet with a lawyer for coffee/lunch/whatever?
  7. Is it stupid to leave 100K job to start a legal career?

    Don't do it. If you're bored, get a hobby. If that's still not enough, pursue a real passion job. Law won't fill that hole most likely.
  8. Okay, so on this beautiful Saturday, where I see people enjoying themselves out and about, and I'm stuck working, I ask myself, why? If there is a meaning to life, this can't be it. Whatever it is, I won't find it at the end of this file or the next. And I don't make enough money to make up for it, either.
  9. When you type in law school regret, there is a lawstudents.ca thread that shows up but it's not this one.
  10. To add, I did like law school itself, not enjoying legal practice so much. Truth is, I think I am more suited for an in-house or government job than working at a firm. That is my biggest lament relating to law - the jobs you covet are hard to get, because every job is hard to get. I don't like feeling stuck like this and I envy my peers in business and engineering who have more professional mobility.
  11. I was short on time (still am - that's really common as lawyer isn't it?) but here goes - Too many hours for too little pay - Work eats life balance - Partners believe that you learn by criticizing everything you do - General fear of lack of options to lateral but you'd rather die than stay here any longer - Stuck in a market I wasn't fond of in the first place; again, see point directly above about lateralling - Also doing the wrong type of work because the firm doesn't have enough work to give me in the area I'm interested in (and which I explicitly applied to the firm indicating my interest in) - Don't necessarily like working in a smaller work environment and, as a business major, would have been easier to avoid this. If you don't like a few people, it's NBD because there would be so many more. Not in a small law office, esp. if you don't fit with the culture! Basically I feel like I have wasted 3+ years of my life on a job that has not made me any better off than the average BComm student, that is more demanding, for a profession that has not a great job outlook right now. I'm miserable and I feel the walls closing in. That idea that you can do anything with a law degree seems silly now. Law school changed my personality to become much more unpleasant and now that's it over, I don't want anything to do with how the typical lawyer seems to approach life. I was much more happy and relaxed and optimistic before I ever went. Since about a couple weeks ago, I have started thinking about switching careers for the first time.
  12. This seems like the perfect place to type this. I'm in a bad mood and I need to rant. I hate my job! I wish I had gone to business school instead.
  13. Hireback in the current economic climate

    What are the numbers like for hireback in Quebec this December? I don't think anyone does a Precedent-style chart for it.
  14. SELLING: Criminal Code 2014

    Is it an annotated version and is it still available? If so, I would like to purchase it! I also sent you a PM