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  1. Switch tutor or over reacting

    Oh crap, that was the phone.
  2. Switch tutor or over reacting

    I don’t think anyone expects people to be grateful. They get advice, they can take it or leave it. I probably correct my family members’ English more than anyone else. It’s annoyingly that they still barely know any English. Come on already.
  3. Switch tutor or over reacting

    English isn't my first language, and I am not offended if people point out where my English could be better. Regardless of what a person's issues may be, it is important that lawyers communicate as clearly as possible. No one said OP would "fail as a lawyer."
  4. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    No, but people may sign it because if they don’t their parents will heavily disapprove and make their lives miserable, and may marry for those reasons only.
  5. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    The bottom line is, the court didn’t like the covenant being mandatory and would do whatever they had to do to address that. Judges do that all the time - get stuck on a bad fact and make a decision around that.
  6. Life After the SCC

    They don’t do OCIs. You go there for the interviews.
  7. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I imagine a strict orthodox Jewish school would also get pushback. I think that the specific role of lawyers in society is important and relevant. I think the same applies to teachers and I agree that I expected them to spend some time on that decision.
  8. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    It’s not recognized by the state in all cases. You need a marriage license from the state to be legally married. I had a religious marriage done but because we didn’t get a license we were not considered legally married. Also, people (not me!) do get compelled into marriage.
  9. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    The mosque isn’t looking to train lawyers. I imagine a Muslim law school with strict gender separation would get similar pushback from law societies.
  10. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I agree with all of the above!
  11. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Sure. My husband and I did and continue to discuss religion. But again, that’s our private matter and we’re not running a law school. Religious marriage is private, only marriage by the state, which is not religious, is public. As the SCC said, the scarcity of law school places may put people in a position of feeling compelled or pressured to sign the covenant. Anecdotally, I know TWU grads who felt pressured.
  12. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    It matters when you scrutinize the reason, which is what the court did, and again, religion may be a good religion for an individual but they cannot attempt to make it a reason for others.
  13. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    And I expect SCC would balance differently in that case - having a mosque is important, you attend and comply voluntarily, etc.
  14. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Besides religion, what are the good reasons for a university to not want other people to have gay sex or premarital sex at home? If there were some maybe you’d have a point. Edit: speech codes can be justified as protecting minority students, maintaining order at the university etc.
  15. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I think they wrote it in such a way that it’s clearly a case by case decision. The purpose of the denial and the importance of the right can be tweaked accordingly. I share your concerns that it’s a bit arbitrary and intellectually dishonest, but my thought is that they will revise and clarify Dore/Loyola in subsequent cases and this is just a stopgap.