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  1. I spent about the same amount of time consistently through law school - 2-3 hours/weekday on average on school. In 1L and 2L, that was mostly reviewing class notes/making summaries/reading cases, but in 3L, and starting in 2L, it included researching/writing papers. But the more I knew what I was doing, the less stressed I was while doing it. The nice thing too is that in upper years you have more control over course selection and start having an idea of what you do and don't want to do when you graduate, so it fits together better and is less stressful. At least, that's how it was for me - YMMV. Good luck - for most people, it does get better! Breathe, and hang in there.
  2. It depends on the person. It's less "scary" after 1L I guess, but I didn't really find it was "easy." Not necessarily in terms of schoolwork - in 1L, you are still learning how to read cases and legislation, make summaries, study/learn in a different way, write law exams etc. and by 2L most people have that figured out. But the pressures of life, finances etc. don't go away because you are in 2L, and there is more pressure to get a job, all the hassle of interviews and so on. I think by 3L there is light at the end of the tunnel and if you have an articling job, you can relax more. I'm not sure 2L is that relaxing though.
  3. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    ???? Why? It seems helpful to the OP and not mean.
  4. Yeah, they probably have to randomly ask every 10 people or something and once in a while that’s me no matter how haggard I look!
  5. If that’s how they feel, no problem. But when they assume everyone else feels that way or should feel that way or judge others for where they went to school, that’s more of a problem. And if they influence other people into spending money they don’t have or developing unrealistic expectations, that’s also a problem.
  6. I still get asked for ID once in a while and I’ve been out of law school for almost a decade. I either take it as a compliment or people trying to flatter me.
  7. "Excuse me sir, what time is it?" "Eleven o'clock - oh my gosh, I have to be at Osgoode for eleven-thirty. I'm late for OSGOODE. Law school!"
  8. Handling students

    Well I would hope that after finishing law school everyone knows what “argument” means....
  9. Should you go to law school?

    Yeah. The only difference is that I control mine a bit more, apart from court dates of course. I can work at home or wherever I want as long as the factum gets written. And associates are on salary whereas if I work more, I make more. (I know though some associates have bonuses, etc)
  10. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    Or "go get laid".....
  11. Should you go to law school?

    Yeah - 60 hours a week is 10 hours 6 days a week and one day off. That's a pretty typical week for my BF - start around 7.30 or 8, finish around 7 or 8 but he's had lunch or stepped out for a bit in there, go in on Saturday - maybe a bit less hours that day. It can get a lot worse! If I think about it I probably work 60 fairly often myself if I count the work I bring home and the emails/calls I answer after hours. *Edit: and he works a lot less hours than the associates/students he pawns stuff off on. When he's not working and we're hanging out, they're emailing him work or calling with questions......
  12. Should you go to law school?

    ???? I don't understand this....
  13. Should you go to law school?

    Well that’s why I had to do it - no choice
  14. Should you go to law school?

    If you took out a mortgage, you owned property.... doesn’t sound broke to me...I still don’t have a mortgage.
  15. Should you go to law school?

    I didn’t blow 100k. I had scholarships from the school and elsewhere that basically covered tuition. I just had to pay for my living expenses.