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  1. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Hey guys, did anyone happen to save the MAG job posting/description for the Ontario Human Rights Commission? I (stupidly) didn't save it
  2. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Thank you so much, taxnerd, Motions & maximumbob. I've been stressing about this all day but you guys made me feel better about not totally messing things up. I appreciate it
  3. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Haha okay will do, thanks. Do you think I've messed up beyond repair though? I can't believe I did this
  4. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Hey guys, I did something really stupid and need some advice. One of my top choices called and we scheduled an interview on Monday. I had to call them back later to reschedule to Tuesday because of other interviews. I started overthinking this and was worried about signalling a lack of interest, so I called them again and asked for the time on Monday. I explained that I moved another interview for them because I was really interested. They said they would call me back to confirm... it's been 5 hours. What to do now? I feel like I messed up majorly
  5. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Do you guys think it's okay to come to a cocktail party at 7pm even though it starts at 6pm?
  6. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Anyone heard from Hicks Morley? Mag Civil?
  7. I think your post in particular made me realize how silly I'm being. Thanks for your input.
  8. I appreciate all the feedback in this topic. I'm going to ask the professor I RA for and see what happens. Thanks everyone!
  9. That's fair. Thanks for your response. I'm probably just overthinking this. EDIT: I should clarify the reason I created this thread is because I assumed there is a generally agreed upon period of time you should give someone to write a reference letter.
  10. I'm hesitant to ask either because applications are due in a few weeks. I'm not sure if that's considered enough time to write a reference letter.
  11. Well I wasn't sure if I should bother because he might consider it too late in the OCI process. I was looking for feedback on whether it's still appropriate to ask. I assumed there was some objective/minimum period of time.
  12. Hi guys, Some of the OCI positions I'm interested in require two reference letters (for example, Legal Aid Ontario).I'm currently RA'ing for a professor at my school. Is it too late to ask him for a reference letter? To make matters worse, he's away for the next few days. Alternatively, I could ask a different professor at my school that I did some volunteer work for. Thanks for reading!
  13. That's horrifying! I'll be living in Passy/Osgoode Chambers next month, do those apartments have the same issues?
  14. Does anyone know if Wind Mobile has good reception at Osgoode Hall and in the Osgoode Chambers? Any input from people who have used Wind Mobile at York University would be appreciated
  15. Tuition Fees for 2015

    Thank you, Healthlaw. I logged in to My Osgoode but I haven't been able to find it (or the undergraduate tab).