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  1. Admission Advice Please on Application

    Manitoba drops your 10 lowest classes UNB drops your lowest 25% if you have completed at least 4 years Queens and USask look at your best 2 years UAlberta looks strictly at your last 2 years, but averages LSATS Dalhousie looks primarily at your last 2 years, but they've been known to be occasionally prejudicial against those with low CGPAs Calgary looks primarily at your L2, but will consider your CGPA Western is primarily L2, but iirc may be prejudicial against low CGPAs UBC/UVIC drop a few of your lowest classes UToronto is your last 3 years (iirc) Unlike the United States, Canadian schools vary pretty wildly as to how they assess applicants. For us to offer you better advice it would be helpful if we had your GPA for your last 2 years (60 credit hours), your best 2 years, and with 10 drops.
  2. When does LOC become available?

    Mine took a few days to show up too, I think I got the email from my representative on a Monday saying it would be set up soon and got access to the funds around Thursday of the same week.
  3. When does LOC become available?

    I've had access to mine for awhile now. Do you see the account in your online banking with the "available credit" listed? Or is there nothing there related to the LOC?
  4. If you go through the tuition calculator and highlight over the "i" it will tell you what you can opt out of https://apps.admissions.ualberta.ca/costcalculator/static/public/index.html# Not like it's worth the effort though, you can't opt out of anything else. Edit: Actually I might be wrong, despite saying "Opt out: No" the student union website has a page that suggests something different. I'm still inclined to believe successfully opting out of anything but health/dental is difficult and rare https://su.ualberta.ca/about/budgetsfees/optouts/
  5. PSLOC declined

    You may want to run a free credit check from Borrowell or CreditKarma to see the specifics of your credit report. Banks generally don't care about government student loans for PSLOCs unless it exceeds $60,000. I assume you don't have any collections on your report because you'd probably be rejected without the option of a co-cosigner if that was the case. So I'd guess it's either late payments or high utilization causing a low credit score. Depending on what the issue is, you may be able to fix your score pretty quickly.
  6. PSLOC declined

    Do you know what factors are requiring you to need a co-signer in the first place? Low credit score? Late payments?
  7. 1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    My schedule is up. Looks pretty good to me, earliest class is 9AM LAW 405 Legal Research and Writing F 9:30-11:50 LAW 410 Contracts M-W 9:30AM-10:20AM LAW 420 Criminal Law M-W 11:AM-11:50AM LAW 430 Torts T-R 9AM-9:50AM LAW 435A Constitutional Law M-W 2PM-2:50PM LAW 440 Property Law T-R 10:30AM-11:20AM
  8. 1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    Checking Bear Tracks like 3 times a day again. Reminds me of the days before I got accepted
  9. Waistlist - 2018

    There was never a real reason why they needed a 60~ person wait list when only a handful of people get accepted off of it each year. The University of Alberta (and probably most universities) slightly over offer which reduces the need to have a large wait list. It's also a school that is applied to predominantly by people from the western provinces of which it is fairly high on the list of schools people want to attend. Besides that, Heather changed jobs during the admission cycle this year, so there's been some change in leadership among the people involved in admissions. That could result in some changes to how the wait list is done.
  10. 1L Schedule up on Beartracks!

    Not up yet for me either This thread reminded me how excited I am to see my schedule, I must be a nerd.
  11. Why do you need a co-signer? Do you have late payments/collections/etc on your report? Do you know your credit score? What two banks did you apply to? Try Scotia and RBC if you haven't yet. Some of the other banks have traditionally been far more likely to require co-signers. Also make sure that the representative your dealing with at each bank is familiar with the professional student programs. People on this forum in the past have had troubles getting approved because their representative didn't know about the programs and did the application wrong. I'm not super familiar with the University of Ottawa, but I did do a quick glance at a couple threads on the subject of deferrals at Ottawa and people on this forum have had their deferrals approved for lesser reasons than what you have. (Note: that's no guarantee that you'd get approved. But it does show that you don't necessarily need some crazy story to get approved for a deferral)
  12. Single JD PSLOC Scotia

    $150,000 is just for UofT and Windsor dual $135,000 for everyone else (It was only $125,000 until a few weeks ago)
  13. U of A index

    They're strictly numbers for the vast majority of applicants (except for the last few spots which are holistically reviewed and aboriginal applicants) You could have a transcript filled with fails and drops and still have no problem getting in if your L2 and LSAT are good
  14. The person you're quoting last logged in July 27th, 2017. It's possible they may see a notification in their email, but their chances of responding in a timely fashion are pretty low.
  15. Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    Does that mean $10,000 is exempt or only that if you have less than $10,000 it won’t effect you? Would this change benefit someone with $11,000 in insecured debt for example? Also for those who already have a loan account with Scotia, do we have to apply again through our rep e.g. new credit check, new documents, etc or do we just ask them to apply the changes?