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  1. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    You want to become a lawyer, so the first thing you should learn is how to do research and pull the pertinent information from a lot of information. Start that experience by doing your own research with regards to the above. We're not your parents either and we're not responsible for your future, so maybe you should be a little more invested.
  2. If you're changing around the school forums, reorganizing them to be east-west oriented including TRU and Lakehead would also be nice.
  3. Well I think that as people progress through law school they sort through the 'setting it up' portion of cases and get right to the meaty bits, but I certainly see an increase in the expected volume of work and readings in my second year classes over my first year classes.
  4. Vacation

    In Alberta lawyers are only exempted from overtime, I was comparing the statutes last night. Obvious caveat that I am only a student and this in no way constitutes legal advice and should not be relied on by anyone.
  5. Uh, you're in first year right, none of the cases are really very laden with material so as to not be condensed into a paragraph. Sure, maybe some of the compound tests require additional lines (see Gallen or Pao On/Nav Canada) but really your summaries for most of those cases should not be very long. As to the 4-6 hours you spend per day in the library, what exactly are you doing? You're talking 20-30 hours per week of what? Reading? Either you're a terribly and inexcusably slow reader or you're not in the right environment to be reading and studying. If you're stopping to chat with someone every ten minutes and getting through less than 30 pages per hour, then you need to adjust your habits, soon. God help you if you get to upper year courses which require 100-200 pages per week, per class, of reading and you're sitting in the library chit-chatting and sloppily reading through course material for 60-80 hours per week in addition to lecture time.If you are actually that slow at reading (my friend had a similar problem) then you need to work on reading faster or learning how to skim certain things. I did all my readings before every single class and it took about 15 hours at the most to complete. I took poor notes, in looking back, on what we discussed in class and then made outlines in the three days before the exam. Usually I completed the outline by rereading every case for the rules and any additional commentary and jotting it down into a summary then doing practice exams with people at school and filling in my outlines with any information that I may have missed or needed when I was answering practice exams. I have never done a brief of any case before or after class, except when mandated. I was in the top 10% of my class, just to be clear. All of that being said, I'm not you and I don't know how good you are at learning or learning law or retaining what you read or whatever other metric you can think of that determines how your absorb material from case law. If you find that you're not really understanding the point of some cases or groups of cases, then maybe doing summaries for the class and set of cases will help you wrap your head around the concepts involved.
  6. Vacation

    Ouch, in Ontario you guys don't get vacation or stat holiday protection for lawyers?
  7. LOC interest: How am I paying this?

    Most LOC will just roll the interest onto your balance, some will require you to pay the interest monthly.
  8. Student Loan Question

    It might hurt your overall loan amount since the income was all in the pre-education period or whatever they call it. However, AB student loans are pretty generous, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  9. Chances!

    Hmmm, then you're fine.
  10. Chances!

    were you taking enough courses to be considered full time? I only ask because I had a similar timing, except I worked full time and took the bare minimum for a full course load and it had me finish in 5 years.
  11. Style of Firm Dinners

    Fair warning: hollandaise and its ilks seem to stain every shade of clothing
  12. Hmmm there are some decent places in river park and other closeby neighbourhoods, the biggest factors are what kind of place and at what price you will tolerate. I moved to Saskatoon by going there by car with my friend, looking at places all afternoon two days before school started, staying in a hotel, then signing a lease on labour day with the 2k in cash I brought for precisely that purpose.
  13. Should I even bother applying? [3.3]

    I have questions about this, because I had a 3.36 undergrad GPA and I enjoy a 3.34 law school GPA without really doing much work. Granted I was doing legal work before school, I think it's very manageable. Were you working or volunteering a lot of hours during undergrad or otherwise unable to devote a lot of time to school? If so, you might find that law school isn't that much more demanding that undergrad, especially if you graduated from a particularly difficult or high-workload program.
  14. First year schedule

    Just general bias...
  15. You're so special. Good for you for having empathy, unlike your peers I might add, many of whom are on this board.