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  1. Clerkship 2018

    Two justices. But it is clear the email would have contained the invite from the committee if one were to be extended.
  2. Clerkship 2018

    I know of at least one person who just got an SCC interview invite. I will say, I am surprised by the fact that it came on a Sunday evening. Happy waiting to everyone.
  3. Clerkship 2018

    In the past, for applicants who are granted SCC interviews, the Court has sent emails with a chart that sets out your interview schedule. I would expect emails to go out late this week, or early next week. But that is a guesstimation based on past years.
  4. Awards [when do they go out?]

    "Braver" is not the word I would have chosen. Less patient? Maybe. As curious as the proverbial dead cat? Likely.
  5. Awards [when do they go out?]

    I emailed Records (Kate, Vannessa & I are tight!). The email I got back [today, July 8] was:
  6. Clerkship 2016

    Moldaver J had made his three offers by Friday. That does not bode well for offers continuing today.
  7. Clerkship 2016

    My understanding is that the FC/FCA process is extremely drawn out. There were people in my 2L year who got interviews in late March and early April. Indeed the Court sent out an invitation in August/September to those who had interviewed. It was an offer to interview to fill empty clerkships created by new appointments. All that is to say the process is at the pace of the individual judges. There is no good way to predict when anything will happen.
  8. Clerkship 2016

    I should also say the SCC could (hypothetically) be less picky about writing samples because the Court has a staff to do technical edits. The Courts of Appeal do not, and so their clerks serve this purpose.
  9. Clerkship 2016

    I know the OCA is picky about the writing sample. Simple errors can deny you an interview. The SCC extends offers before seeing the writing sample. I can confirm all of the justices and the committee sent out invitations on Friday.
  10. Clerkship 2016

    CJ sent out emails today. It is for interviews with her by Skype the week before the rest of the Court will interview. The puisne justices will follow 'soon'.
  11. Clerkship 2016

    It is what was suggested to me by past candidates who were successful. I should say I was not (I was longshot anyway – I was in 2L and am not bilingual). I can say the Judges seemed to like my writing sample. It was a case comment that worked well being cut up like that. For what it is worth, I would do it again.
  12. Clerkship 2016

    I just used excerpts from papers. But I included an introductory paragraph to explain the context of where it sat in the original (much longer) paper.
  13. Clerkship 2016

    It is probably easiest to just copy and paste the email I received last year on February 18: This is to confirm that you have been selected to be interviewed for a law clerk position at the Supreme Court of Canada. Please take note the following instructions: Please confirm as soon as possible by return e-mail that you will accept to come for your interview(s) at the Supreme Court of Canada. ​ Forward 1 or 2 writing samples of your choice (5-10 pages in length, not co-authored and no facta please) by February 26, 2015 to the following e-mail: If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your writing sample(s) within 24 hours, please send a separate message to indicate you have not received confirmation. If you have also applied to the Federal Court, please indicate whether you would object to the information regarding your interview date being forwarded to the Federal Court for the purposes of coordinating interviews with them while you are in town. Please print, complete and sign the Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form ([link]) and bring it with you to the interview. (A photo is not required.) The schedule is very tight due to the number of interviews and the judges’ availability. Each interview will take approximately 30 minutes... Then it goes on with the list of your interviews (you get a list of all the judges & committee, but only interview with the ones where there is a time), and provides the travel reimbursement details. [edit for the date of the email]
  14. Clerkship 2015

    SCC has sent out rejections. BCCA has sent out some of their offers OCA's committee has 'yet to meet' and will send out offers tomorrow or Wednesday.
  15. Clerkship 2015

    BCCA will extend offers on Monday and hold them open until Tuesday at 2PM. Not sure about BCSC.