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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Yes they sent a few ITCs in first week
  2. Chances [CGPA: 3.64, B3:3.62, LSAT: 166,172]

    With that LSAT, you're most likely in
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Nope, not at all. Firms issue ITCs in batches so just because you didnt get a first round email doesn't mean you won't get one later. Keep in mind that many people reject in-firms and as those spots open up firms will invite other students. In fact, I know a number of students last year who didn't get an ITC from a firm until much later than everyone else and who ultimately got an offer from the firm.
  4. Also your comment that prestige should not matter within T14 schools still does not explain why 50% of posters on TLS told the OP to go to UofT over H (there was a similar post on lawstudents and it was about 50/50 as well), which kind of defeats your comment that lawstudents is the only forum that pushes people to go to Canadian schools.
  5. UofT is more like 50-60% BigLaw based on the Ultra Vires stats (as a UofT student I can confirm) so if you classify 50-60% chance from a U.S school as guaranteed then I would assume you would do the same for UofT. For the record, I actually agree with you, if I had those stats I would've gone to a U.S school in a heartbeat (when the debate is UofT at sticker or a lower T14 at sticker then I think the debate is much more granular, since the higher earnings are partially offset by the increased costs, especially if you get financial aid from UofT) . But you can't make the argument that you're trying to give someone the facts and let them decide when your first reply was "please go to the states" without even acknowledging what the OP's career goals are or where they want to practice. A T14 will give you a very rewarding career in Canada if you work U.S biglaw and come back but if you go JUST to come back it is still a poor investment.
  6. I'm glad you brought up Top Law Students because someone asked the same question there and the answer was identical to what you would get here. In fact, if you even mention prestige on that forum you'll get ripped to shreds by law students who actually went to Harvard and Yale, not because they aren't good investments but because making decisions about prestige or "having a high flying career" are just silly. http://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=210464
  7. A rewarding career is extremely subjective and it depends on personal preference, some people can have an extremely rewarding career in Canada and I think it is extremely irresponsible to tell someone they should go somewhere absolutely just because your idea of success involves something. As for the money, ive said this many times and Ill say it again. Lawyers make good money, but they don't make much compared to investment bankers, even in New York. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, I would recommend getting an MBA from a Top U.S school and becoming a Wall Street Investment Banker. I always find it hilarious when people tell everyone to go to New York because they make tons of money but then scoff when someone cites much more lucrative careers, money does not only count when it conforms to your personal goals. Even your last point, portability, is misguided. Someone at a top U.S school still has to write the NCA exams if they want to come back to Canada, so U.S degrees are not *completely* portable. It really depends on preference.
  8. UBC vs U of T (corporate law focus)

    So I remember this student writing a really angry article on the UofT newsletter when the admissions committee offered them a spot back after Trump got elected. The whole article was pretty much "I went to Harvard so OBVIOUSLY I could come back if I wanted to because I went to HARVARD, how dare you corrupt corporate stooges try to trick me into coming back". And I all I could remember thinking is 1) this person really wants everyone to know they went to Harvard 2) this person really needs to grow up and not take things so personally. Yes it was not a genuine move but its something all Canadian schools were doing after the Trump election in order to retain high level academic talent. In short, I would take anything this poster says about UofT with a grain of salt. You went to Harvard, that is great and I admire your achievement, but any Harvard student who is writing angry articles on UofT's newletter because they received a letter reminding them that Canadian schools will always accept applications from top U.S grads is probably not going to give you an unbiased opinion on this school. All in all, it seems they just have a bone to pick with UofT.
  9. JD/MBA question

    If you do if together you can save a year, and the 1L and 2l recruit work into your schedule, if you do it separately you have to either a) take a year off work b) miss the recruits and find a job after, which can be troublesome depending on what type of jobs you are looking for.
  10. JD/MBA question

    We received scholarship information before we started at Rotman. Are you starting the mba next year or the year after that?
  11. Harvard grad looking for some advice

    With their stats is makes more sense to go to NYU, Upenn or even GULC with a full scholarship if they want to reduce their debt. The pedigree of these schools are still going to open lots of doors for consulting or other international options and outweigh any offered by UofT. I would love to have more Harvard grads at UofT but it just doesn't make sense.
  12. Harvard grad looking for some advice

    I always assumed the JD/MBA's in the states were not really worth it. They are incredibly expensive and U.S JD's (specifically HYS and likely CCN) are strong enough on their own that you really don't need to supplement them with another degree (which seems to be the common practice over here). If you want finance I would recommend going straight into an M7 otherwise a HYSCCN JD should be find for law and likely consulting. Also firms will sponsor you to get an MBA down the road if need be. Congrats OP you are in a very good spot!
  13. OLSAS GPA or 4.3 scale?

    Most likely,yes.
  14. Med vs Law

    I think someone is desperately seeking validation.
  15. Med vs Law

    Harder to get in Med school in Canada than Law school. Although I disagree with this. Every pre-med/pre-law knows Canadian med schools are among hardest and harder than most american med schools and Canadian law schools pale in comparison compared to american law schools. Most Canadian law schools are harder to get into than most U.S ones because there are hundreds of them . Of course this an exception at the top. However, I highly doubt its any different than Med school. UBC med is likely much easier to get into than Harvard and Columbia just like UBC law is much easier to get into than Harvard or Columbia. Get over yourself, the top Canadian schools pale in comparison to the top American schools in any field. The average Canadian schools compares pretty decently to the average American school for any field. Overall, the Med school/Law school debate is really stupid Med school is harder to get into because they wean people out at the admission process, the government has an incentive to limit the amount of doctors on the market. This is not as true for lawyers so, while the admission process is meant to wean people out there is also more competition within schools. That is why most med students are guaranteed a doctor position while your grades in law school will determine where you end up. I have a lot of respect for most med students (and most law students for that matter) but man, this post is just pathetic.