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  1. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Thank you!
  2. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Hey guys, thanks for all the input! So just to update on my situation, I called the firm and was able to bring up the salary slightly, so I am quite happy about that. I agree with most comments in this thread, but in the end of the day, I went through many obstacles to get to where I am today, and I think its really important not to undermine the hard work we put into earning our degrees and speaking up when you feel you deserve more based on your knowledge and experience. If we can't advocate for ourselves, how will we advocate for our clients? Thanks again guys!
  3. Negotiating Articling Salary

    I think it is absolutely absurd that you minimize the hard work we put into our obtaining our undergraduate and law degrees. I don' think anyone here would characterize obtaining our law degrees as "coasting through a university program". I don't have 0 work experience because if I did, I wouldn't have been offered an articling position so please don't make assumptions. We work hard and some of us face specific barriers that have made this entire process a major hurdle leading to a great achievement, and for you to generalize it as such a simple process is just wrong.
  4. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Yah "it" as in the concept of being paid minimum wage or no pay at all when we invest so much in our educations
  5. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Very true, thanks for the input!
  6. Negotiating Articling Salary

    I don't recall ever saying I was insulted by being offered a job; in fact I was very delighted for the offer. I am just take aback that we invest about $80,000 into our legal educations only to be at the same wage as a job we got while in high school. However, many people make good points about considering who you are working for and what the practice is, and I appreciate all of the helpful advice. I was just curious as to how often people negotiated salaries and the specifics of how you would go about negotiating. That's why I made a thread in the first place...to inquire and learn. I actually did interview for another firm, which went very well but they are in the early stages of interviews, so I also have to decide whether to accept this position or risk it and wait for the other. Decisions, decisions.
  7. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Could you elaborate?
  8. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Thank you for your perspective, very helpful! I want to at least ask if the salary is negotiable, not because I don't want to be there, but because my law school career adviser pulled up the Robert Half Salary Guide 2018, which indicates that the minimum salary for an articling student is more than minimum wage. But again, I don't want to lose the offer either, and it just sucks that we invest about $80,000 to acquire legal education, only to enter the workforce and be paid the same as a cashier at McDonald's. It's a bit disheartening.
  9. Negotiating Articling Salary

    So do you think the risk of losing the offer is greater?
  10. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this, I really appreciate it. The only thing is that I am still in school in Ottawa so negotiation will either be through email or phone. Either way, I will follow the script you have provided, but I wouldn't want to lose the offer at the same time. I guess I could just go with asking if the salary is negotiable at all? I will definitely keep you guys posted, and I will try not to blow it
  11. Negotiating Articling Salary

    Thanks guys! If anyone has knowledge about specifics in salary negotiation, please let me know! Much appreciated!
  12. Negotiating Articling Salary

    No, they are not covering my bar fees. I literally received an offer for articling that simply outlined the salary and hours per week. It's in Mississauga or GTA (Greater Toronto Area) so that market is pretty saturated. It's good experience at a small firm, but I guess at this point since I have the offer, I wanted to at least try negotiating. Furthermore, I am not sure with additional things that would be part of an articling contract that I could ask about (benefits, sicks days, etc).
  13. Negotiating Articling Salary

    What would you do if you were offered an articling position for $14/hr (minimum wage)? Honestly, I feel like its just insulting. At the same time, there are very few articling positions out there at this point in the year. My only other option I feel is to negotiate the salary. How would you go about doing this? (If anyone has done this and can provide their experience/tips, I would appreciate it). Thank you!
  14. Wait List 2015

    I have been on the waitlist since April. I recently inquired about being on the waitlist for so long, and from the response I got back, the waitlist is large now, and once there is space, they will draw from the waitlist. This is exactly what I got back: The wait list is quite large, but will certainly shrink in size as other applicants must firm up by July 2. After that, should space become available in our class, we will draw from the wait list, but there is no way to know how many spaces will become available. Over the years, we have used the wait list a little, and a lot. It depends on those already admitted do in terms of withdrawing, deferring, etc. There is no ranking on the list, rather a review will take place when offers are to be made. Best of luck! I really hope I get an answer soon, because this wait for 3 months now is really strenuous.
  15. UK or dual jd windsor?

    Thanks so much UNB here I come!