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  1. Housing 1L

    A lot of law students live in the new res building. Also, the landmark condos across from campus are popular with law students. They just added one more building to this condo complex so there will likely be plenty of rentals there.
  2. L90 GPA Calculation - Repeats?

    This is something you're only going to get an answer to by contacting the school directly.
  3. Your stats are not out of line with some students who have been accepted in the past. TRU is probably the only really holistic law school in that they take people with a variety of backgrounds and stats so unfortunately that makes it quite difficult to predict chances. They could accept plenty of students with your stats, but they may also have excellent LORs, a killer personal statement, and tons of ECs. I would recommend taking a look through old accepted threads to see how you measure up.
  4. I think they just want to know when you requested the letter. So if you spoke to your referee and requested the letter on Oct. 20, 2017 then you put that date. I don't think they're asking for the date you requested that the referee have it in to TRU by. That would just be the deadline. Not really sure why it's relevant, but if they're asking, there must be a reason.
  5. Confused..help!

    Don't forget to join the class of 2020 facebook group if you haven't already. There is an orientation week schedule posted there if you didn't already get one via email. You'll definitely want to participate in all the events! Welcome to TRU! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1876014446008409/
  6. Any event not marked with an asterisk (*) is technically mandatory (as per the scheduled just posted on the TRU Faculty of Law - Class of 2020 facebook group which should have been emailed to you also). However, they are not necessarily taking attendance throughout and there's no penalty for missing a "mandatory" event. If you're concerned about missing any information during the week, best thing would probably be to msg Brittney Sarah on Facebook as she is the student orientation coordinator. She should be able to make sure you have any missing info. She can also let your small group leader know about your absences so that no one will be looking for you aimlessly during group activities. As a side note, I would definitely encourage students to attend as many orientation events as possible. A lot of great information is shared during the week but more importantly, you'll get to know your fellow students in a more relaxed atmosphere before the real work begins
  7. There is a lot of contention regarding what women's business formal entails so unfortunately you're never really going to get a clear answer. The usual answer though is, wear a suit (meaning matchy matching bottoms to your blazer/jacket) -- either a pant suit or skirt suit . However, a business style dress with a blazer is also acceptable though a suit is generally recommended for job interviews. Nylons are also said to be more formal, so the recommendation is that you wear them for interviews too. However, if you're wondering about day to day work or events like the first day of orientation week, don't bother with the nylons unless they make you more comfortable. There are some things to avoid when it comes to business formal for women. Shoes with heels that are uncomfortably high, skirts that are too short, tops that are too low cut, etc. Fit is also a big thing. Don't wear an outfit that is clearly too big or too small as it doesn't look good and usually makes you uncomfortable. You will get more guidance once you're at school. They usually do a session with the 1Ls about how to dress in certain situations and there's generally an attempt at a visual guide. Anyway, hope this helps and doesn't just confuse you further. PS Welcome to TRU and make sure you join the facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1876014446008409/
  8. Confused..help!

    Also keep in mind the benefits of entering law school this fall as opposed to taking your chances in 2 years when it's possible you may not even be accepted. You'll be working as a lawyer at least 2 years earlier as well. And imho you probably aren't going to become a better legal researcher or writer until you start law school. The expectations and rules are so much different than other fields, even those related to law, and not that a masters wouldn't be a valuable experience, but it's not necessarily going to give you any advantage for law school. If you want to know what law school will be like, read through as many as the threads on this forum as possible. Though to be fair, there's really nothing that will fully prepare you before you arrive and actually start. If you're curious about TRU in general, have a look through my own past posts. I am a huge advocate for TRU if you couldn't already tell It's definitely a big decision especially coming from another province, but know that there will always be support for you from faculty and fellow students. If you're concerned about finding accommodations, join the TRU Law - Class of 2020 group on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1876014446008409/ There are still students looking for roommates and apartments so you're not alone there. Also, when it comes to tuition, the deadline is more what you'd call a guideline. The school knows it takes time to get loans and lines of credit in place. They usually don't start to hassle you about paying until mid-late September and even then, there's no late fees or penalties as long as you pay by semester end. Anyway, hope this helps! PS - please don't feel like TRU is just trying to fill seats at this point. the ad comm are very careful about who they accept despite what some people may say. the late acceptance could be for any number of reasons. if they've accepted you, it's because they believe there is something about your application that has value and that you will be successful. it's not because they don't have anyone else to take the spot.
  9. Kamloops to Vancouver

    While I can't attest to the conditions year round on the Coq as I've only done the trip once myself in October, there are plenty of students who travel between Van and Kamloops on most weekends. Classes for 1Ls are generally scheduled Monday to Friday so except for holidays, or if a prof cancels class, you won't get long weekends. As far as how much it will effect your schooling, well that depends on you. If you're able to budget your time wisely then going out of town on weekends shouldn't have much, if any, negative effects. I don't believe that any 1L classes have mandatory attendance per se, but there may be participation grades and in some classes you may be assigned "on-call" days where you and one or two other students are expected to heavily participate in class discussions and to even drive the conversation. So obviously you won't want to skip those classes where you're on-call. I am not aware of any profs who record their lectures and post them for students unless there is extenuating circumstances. Some will post lecture slides before class, but with missing information or answers so that you can fill it in during class. Others will only post lectures slides after class to deter students from skipping. And some don't use slides at all. It really depends on the preference of the prof. That being said, if you need to miss a class for whatever reason, you should be able to get notes from a classmate. It's never really been an issue with TRU law students to help out their classmates with this kind of stuff. Most students just play things by ear when it comes to their free time. First year involves a lot of meeting new people and friends, organized activities, and a steep learning curve for most. Depending on your personal study habits and requirements you may or may not have a lot of free time to spend in Van. Hope this helps!
  10. When to pay tuition?

    Sandee is going to register all of the 1Ls so you don't need to worry about doing it yourself. Once you're registered, the amount owing will show up on myTru and you will be able to apply for scholarships/bursaries. The deadline for these applications is some time in September so you've still got lots of time. Also, there will be a technical deadline for paying tuition, but given that most law students are waiting on loans, there is no penalty for waiting for your loans to pay for tuition. You can always let Sandee know you're waiting on your money if you're worried though. You should be receiving a package in the mail shortly with your tentative schedule and a bit more information on tuition, orientation schedules, important dates, etc. However, some of this information is already available online. https://www.tru.ca/__shared/assets/Law_Important_Dates26362.pdf http://www.tru.ca/law/students/registration.html The 1L class is split into 2 sections and you won't know which one you're in until you get your personal schedule with your package, but the timetable will give you a rough idea of when your classes may be. Hope this helps and see you in September! PS, if you haven't joined the facebook group you should! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1876014446008409/?ref=bookmarks
  11. I would caution that you don't get too attached to the current schedule on myTru.ca or the one they send you in the mail in August. It's very possible and likely that you'll get half a dozen emails between now and September with timetable changes while they confirm professor availability. Especially this year given that several profs have gone on leave resulting in some shuffling of courses to accommodate other prof's availabilities. You'll get your final timetable during orientation week. This unfortunately doesn't help much for those trying to figure their lives out around their schedule, but it is what it is.
  12. 2L Courses

    There are usually a few courses that are in higher demand than others. Basic tax, advanced advocacy, wills & estates, etc. They always give 3Ls priority for registration so there will be classes that only a few 2Ls will get into, but then those 2Ls will obviously will get first dibs the following year. It's hard to recommend classes ahead of time especially since everyone has different interests and also the options can change each year (including which semester they're offered). Students may also make choices for 3L courses based on recommendations from employers if they're lucky enough to have secured articles early so you may end up in a course you would have never chosen for yourself. Honestly, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing courses and there will be plenty of time to think it through. For myself, I literally chose based on my determination to only have classes Monday-Wednesday. To each their own
  13. TRU has been known for its collegiality despite the different dynamics between students in each incoming class. Students are generally competitive and strive to do their best, but the difference is that they don't do it to the detriment of their peers. You hear rumors of law students at other schools struggling to get notes from a missed class because no one wants to share or where students give out incorrect information to people who've missed classes. That's not something you're going to come across at TRU, unless there's a sudden and striking change in the student population. Missing class isn't such a stress because you'll always be able to get them from someone. Also, all 1Ls will be assigned an upper year mentor and they've always been volunteers who are more than happy to help out with notes, CANs, advice, etc. I can't speak for everyone's experience at TRU, but I think it's a great place to be.
  14. I did not, but I did a semester abroad a while back. I spent 2 years in Edmonton though before I started my undergraduate degree and there's plenty there to recommend the city (as you can see from my post) if UofA is a option for you once applications/acceptances roll out for next year. Still easier to get a job in any province as a Canadian law school grad than a UK one as far as I understand. And if you're looking to get a European experience, there are opportunities to do a semester abroad once you're in law school.
  15. For those of you who are resisting Facebook, here is a list of the summer socials taking place later this month. Sorry if your town/city is not listed. These are student-run and usually take place in larger centres. However, don't fret as there will be tons of orientation events in September for you all to meet each other and plenty of upper years! TRU Law Student Summer Socials Meet up with TRU Law Students in your city! These events are for all TRU Law students. These casual events are student organized, thank you to these dedicated students and the TRU SLS (Society of Law Students)! Calgary Thursday, July 20, 2017 6:00 pm Hudsons (Downtown) – 1201 5 St SW Hosted by Johnny Faul Vancouver Wednesday, July 26, 2017 6:00 pm Mahoney and Sons Burrard Landing – Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, 1055 Canada Place #36 Hosted by Humza Sayed and Laura Jochimski Edmonton Wednesday, July 26, 2017 6:30 pm Black Dog Freehouse - 10425 82 Ave Hosted by Erik Holmstrom Kamloops Wednesday, July 26, 2017 7:00 pm Red Collar Brewing – 355 Lansdowne St Hosted by Emily Smeaton Victoria Thursday, July 27, 2017 7:00 pm CANOE Brewpub – 450 Swift St Hosted by Brittany Buna Toronto Thursday, July 27, 2017 7:00 pm Union Social – 21 St. Clair Ave W Hosted by Liz Cunningham