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  1. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    Either 1) Go the US route but maybe without the obscene tuition, make the true barrier a challenging bar exam, and then let the free market do its thing, which means no LPP. or 2) Keep the current system, which involves young lawyers basically insuring their cohorts with the LPP program, the barrier being law school admissions. But I'm not happy about this middle ground. I don't want to pay to qualify people who had bad credentials to start with.
  2. Not sure where you clerked, but just want to ad for future observers that the value of french speaking for clerkships depends on where you want to clerk. It's incredibly important for the SCC, valuable for the federal courts and the OCA, and maybe the Superior Court in the East as well, though I don't know for sure. Out West? Probably not important.
  3. I've never heard of it being a major asset in Toronto, though I don't work at a Toronto firm. It is helpful for government jobs in Ottawa and for clerking.
  4. If I was interested in evaluating a student's writing ability, I would ask them for a writing sample, not look at some thing they scrawled after an exhausting test.
  5. My biggest worry for OP is that she might screw himself by writing the December LSAT. Schools have trended towards looking average LSAT scores rather than best. I'm not sure if that applies to Windsor / Western. Either way, gaining 15 points in less than a month is unrealistic. OP, is it possible to defer your December LSAT to February or June? I would consider that option. Also, any chance you are indigenous? I assume you are not because it hasn't come up, but admissions are a bit of a different game in that case.
  6. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    It is not a single report. It is an overview of a number of studies. Also, I can confirm that, at U of T, one's LSAT score also correlates with academic performance (we know this because we factor that into admissions). So does undergraduate GPA. Interestingly, LSAT correlates more strongly with exam performance, while GPA correlates more strongly with paper performance. GPA also correlates more strongly with upper year performance (even when controlling for the fact that more papers are written in upper year).
  7. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    There are dozens. https://www.lsac.org/docs/default-source/research-(lsac-resources)/tr-16-01.pdf
  8. So that's why I never got an in-firm with your place. I've since learned my lesson.
  9. I'm going to guess that he's not ridiculous enough to associate someone's attendance at a top law school with racism issues that exist in the community around it.
  10. Articling and Reception Duties

    I'm surprised to hear this - is it not worthwhile to have it done by a copy / print store?
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    They have historically, but as I recall it's usually done after every OCI is done, not just your school's. And this is old information.
  12. Transfer from UBC to UofT?

    As a U of T student, frankly, the corporate and securities instruction is crap. Anand is the only decent professor and she doesn't always teach biz org, Fadel and Mac are both reviled by students. I'm sort of meh on them personally but everyone else can't stand them. Transferring to U of T / Oz might marginally help you by showing a desire to be in Ontario, but that's usually not much of an issue anyways. I would plan on getting strong 1L grades and applying to the big Toronto M&A firms.
  13. 2L Bay Street positions

    A school that truly curves to a B has to have the mean or the median grade at a B. Anyways, this is derailing OP's thread. Happy to continue by PM. OP, it's gonna be tough, depending on what you mean by Bay Street, and what school you go to (every school outside ontario is not equal in this regard). I think you stand a chance of hitting some interviews with some of the corporate law firms that do OCI's, but it's probably going to be more regional Ontario firms, not the super big national ones that generally speaking are more selective.
  14. Note that most of these are outside of Vancouver. You could live very comfortably on 68k in PoCo.
  15. 2L Bay Street positions

    Or a B-? If a school truly curves to a B, then they have to. Granted, if a school gave B's to all but their truly poor performers, like U of T does with P's, then they are equivalent.