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  1. RBC's "A & B List Law Schools" Bias

    I know U of T actually negotiates with the banks. Is there any chance the "A" list schools are just ones that worked out deals? I find it very odd that Western and Queens are in separate tiers.
  2. To be clear - I am only hearing this secondhand. I do not work at a TO boutique and cannot speak to any of them from personal experience.
  3. The benefit of getting called to the bar is that you can practice as a lawyer. You don't want to practice as a lawyer...
  4. I imagine this probably isn't the epxerience at other lit boutiques. Some are actually notorious for throwing juniors in the deep end.
  5. Deciphering UofT grades for the 1L recruit

    Don't be discouraged if you strike out. The 1L recruit, although its grown in recent years, is still very limited. An H average should land you 20+ OCI's and almost certainly a Bay street job, if that's what you're after. So focus on nailing those winter semester courses!
  6. Clerkship 2018

    I've got nothing either way. Haven't heard from anyone else.
  7. Big or fancy doesn't really matter. But filled with typos / not maintained is, imo, not exactly what you want to see from your lawyer.
  8. I've never understood this. My grandfather was looking for a law firm to manage an estate issue. He rejected 3 because they had shitty websites (typos, broken links, etc.). If you take in new clients from the general public, not having a good website is throwing away money.
  9. Clerkship 2018

    Any news on the second round interview for BC courts?
  10. Ask a U of T student!

    The question will always be whether enough front and back end support can be provided. U of T has a solid debt forgiveness program for people in lower paying positions. That works fine as long as enough U of T students are landing high paying jobs.
  11. Ask a U of T student!

    I'm not sure if I agree with the view that U of T is analogous to the t30 if your goal is NY. I would rather be in the top 20% at U of T gunning for NY than in the top 20% of the University of Alabama or Arizona State. The Toronto students who do go to New York seem to only go to the very top firms, especially Sullivan. I know several people with less impressive marks / resume who have landed jobs at NY firms that pay market (i.e. 180k starting). From reading the TLS forums, that's not as easy from a t30 school.
  12. Small firm lawyer, AMA

    How much do you make? If you're not comfortable answering that, could you vaguely compare to say, a fifth year working at a large firm (since you seem to do similar hours).
  13. legal research outside canada

    Warning: neither of these are nearly as good as canlii. Cornell's coverage is quite limited. Bailii's search features are appalling. My preferred strategy (in the absence of a WL subscription) is to research the subject on Hein. Find academic articles which mention loads of cases. Then google those cases. You can usually find copies on cornell, justicia, firm websites etc. Of course, depending on the degree to which your subject has received academic scrutiny, ymmv.
  14. Ottawa vs Windsor

    Care needs to be taken with these numbers. I would speculate that a much larger percentage of Ottawa students do not participate in the recruit because they are, well, from Ottawa. Not sure the same can be said for Windsor students.
  15. Hire-back offer

    As a heads up OP, I'm guessing that "[articling salary], just got an offer, [first year salary], the location you provided, and "litigation heavy" are probably enough to do some serious damage to anonymity. Might be prudent to edit.