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  1. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    PILS Week = single (windsor) JD only. If you're referring to the summer courses after 1L but before 2L, its about a month after April exams, runs for about two months, and then you have August off.
  2. FYI: PC Financial Services Articling Student – PC Financial Reports to: Director, Legal Counsel Place of work address: 25 York St., Toronto, ON Overview: President’s Choice Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited and was established to promote President’s Choice Financial services offered by strategic partners in all regions of Canada. President’s Choice Financial has grown to over 2.8 million customers while saving these customers millions in bank fees and earning them millions in better interest rates, free groceries and other rewards. It operates in the following segments: MasterCard-The President’s Choice Financial MasterCard is offered and operated by President’s Choice Bank. Core Banking-Through a venture with CIBC, complete banking services to individuals is offered through 200 in store pavilions, internet and telephone banking. Insurance-Home and auto insurance, travel and pet insurance are offered through relationships with several insurance companies. PC Points-All PCF customers have the opportunity to earn PC Points that can be redeemed in all LCL stores. PCF’s vision is to provide superior value financial products to consumers. The business strategy is to treat each customer as a unique individual, meeting their needs with end-to-end solutions, and engaging and energizing employees to serve them, while maximizing overall profitability. PCF offers consumers meaningful advantages in product value, product selection and a loyalty program, all of which advance objectives of enhancing its business model, gaining market share and improving profitability. PCF is an important business unit within LCL that manages and develops the products and service programs in order to improve the customer experience, maximize value, and provide a platform to enhance customer insights and relationships. PCF is responsible for building market competitive, differentiated and innovative financial services products and services designed to build deeper customer relationships by meeting customer needs and supporting our key enterprise strategies. About the Role: We are looking for a bright, curious and insightful individual to do their articles at PC Financial & Services. Working in a fast paced, driven, digitally focused environment, the articling student will work with a team of legal professionals to provide analytical insight on a variety of projects and initiatives. We are passionate about our business and the work we do to support it. In addition to seeking top-notch legal skills, we are looking for colleagues who live and work in a manner that exemplifies our culture of building trusting relationships, collaboration, respect and entrepreneurial spirit. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume, cover letter & transcripts [email protected] Job Qualifications: • Strong written and spoken communication skills; • Strong legal drafting skills; • Strong organizational and time management skills; • Ability to work independently; • Solution oriented; • Strong interpersonal skills; • Computer proficiency; • Business/Financial related experience/education would be asset • Bilingual skills would be an asset
  3. Parking

    Yes they do fill up quite quickly, good call on that. Didn't realize they've moved over to a month-by-month system, when I purchased my pass it was semester/year rate.
  4. Parking

    There's a couple of Uwindsor parking options I believe, but the more popular one among law students is the one on University Ave just east of the building (pretty sure it's the Canterbury lot but I can't remember).
  5. Parking

    The garage is great because you don't have to worry about clearing out the snow after class from your car, and they only sell as many passes as there are spots so you'll always have a spot. Downside is that it's about a 5-10 min walk to the law building (other side of campus) which isn't fun on those cold winter days. The other alternatives are closer to the law building, cheaper, but they sell out almost instantly and there's no guarantee that you'll even find a spot. Definitely get a pass (I'd say non-garage), just try and get there a bit earlier so you have time to find a spot. Good luck!
  6. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    Kijiji always has tons of postings, I would start keeping an eye out. Sooner the better so you don't have to scramble. A lot of graduating students are moving out now, because they stayed in Windsor to study for the bar which just wrapped, so there's probably some new postings.
  7. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    There's tons of legal positions in Alberta's Oil Industry, which recruit law students (summer & articling) each year. I would keep your eyes open for those positions, as well as do some research into the companies you're interested and see if they have summer/articling positions. While you're in Windsor/Detroit, be sure to take advantage of some of the clinics like the IP Clinic, which will make you a more compelling candidate come recruitment. Good luck!
  8. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    The student centre (CAW Building) has a pool table, nothing really in the law building. House of Pong is a popular bar where you can play ping pong. Don't worry, there' loads to do outside of school.
  9. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    Included in your 1L tuition, you don't have to pay anything extra.
  10. Current 1L Dual. Ask me (almost) anything.

    What Bleedblue said^. Scotiabank Windsor (contact info http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf) will essentially almost automatically approves Duals for a $150,000 loc ($50,000/year), and OSAP will provide you about $14,000/year. Once you've secured articling in 3L, Scotiabank can provide you with an extra $10,000. Scotia does NOT require a co-signor which is nice. Scotiabank will be charging you interest only on the amount of money that you actually use, and the minute you start borrowing it. I.e. say you're approved for $150,000 now but don't' start using it until September, so it's in September that you start accruing interest, and if by the end of the program you've used say $140,000 and not the full $150,000, you only have to pay points on the $140,000 and not the full $150,000. It's only what you actually use, and the minute you actually use it. In addition, you're not required to actually start making payments for 1 or 2 years after graduation (confirm that with them) but again they will be charging you interest (about prime and a half). OSAP doesn't charge interest during school but will require you to start making payments within 5-6 months post-graduation. They usually will also provide you with some grants which automatically goes towards your OSAP debt, so if you borrow $14,000/year as an example so $42,000, the amt you'd have to pay back would be less. On another note, this is a frightening amount of $$ to be in debt. Windsor and UDM both have a ton of annual scholarships and grants (I'd say more so Windsor). You don't have to be "top 5" though for a lot of them, for instance on the Windsor side they have grants specific to Duals/recipients of OSAP. That's the only requirement, and most people who apply for them get about ~$4,000. In August, log on to you "myuwindsor," under Financial Matters click Search for Awards. Make sure you check off "I have or will make every effort to obtain funding through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)." You'll see many many bursaries, including ones exclusive to Dual students. Make sure you apply for that one as well as the "In Course Bursary" which is an umbrella application for a multitude of other smaller grants except you just apply the one time to the "In Course Bursary." There are other smaller grants/scholarships where you need to be top of your class as well, but these ones aren't too grade heavy.
  11. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    Yup I used the time sheet but I still found myself hitting 2-3 minutes per question by the time I found the right info in the materials. Some questions I could figure out without the materials, but for most I had to go back and check. Perhaps for solicitors I'll have to be more strict with the 1:45 limit.
  12. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    For me the hardest part was the timing. Even with 3.5 hours it wasn't enough personally. Also I heard a rumour that about 10 of the questions are "experimental" like the LSAT.
  13. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    Good luck everyone! Check out this really legit cover if you need an uplifting pump up tune
  14. 1L Grade Feedback

    Thanks! I was trying to ballpark more so to the Single JD Program alone, but good call.
  15. 1L Grade Feedback

    You raise valid points, some I agree with, and some I'll have to disagree with (obviously I'm biased here as it's my school). As Windsor Law's student body is much smaller than other schools (~120-130 compared to U of T for example at ~200), not to mention the program is newer compared to others (I believe the law school only opened around 1965), I'm not sure if you can compare the absolute numbers, as there may simply be more U of T/McGill applicants due to the larger student body (or even larger group of interested students). I also wonder how the bilingual & Common Law/Civil Law certification from McGill may boost acceptances for SCC clerkships from McGill students (if at all) as another poster commented. But of course, I certainly recognise that U of T is a top ranked law school not just in Canada but really around the world. That being said, however, when our applicants are consistently landing positions on Bay Street and in top US firms, when our students are being selected for and excelling in coveted moot court competitions like the Oxford IP Moot, NationalLaw Meet, Hicks Morley, OTLA , and other such opportunities, I will have to respectfully disagree that there is any real "Windsor discount." Statistically, yes the entrance requirements to Windsor Law are lower, and perhaps that's a symptom of a new school opening and trying to attract new students, but to be honest, I find it troubling that the stats are lower and would like to see it raised comparable to say Western and Queens. I agree though that the school has room for improvement, as does any program, and I'm not arguing that Lowry>Lebron, but I respectfully disagree that there's a "discount" or any "stigma" from Windsor students. So as the "little guy" I'd argue that sending students three years in a row (as per the article) to the SCC, not to mention building an LLM Program, JD/MBA, JD/MSW, and consistently placing students in highly coveted summer/articling/and associate level positions indicates that we're doing quite fine. Ultimately though we'll agree to disagree - I'll leave you with the last word. To the original poster of this thread, I'd like to reiterate congratulations on your fantastic grades, I'm positive you will do just fine come OCI time. Please google the firms you're interested in and reach out to the Windsor students there, they'll be able to paint you a more accurate picture regarding the recruitment process.