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  1. Legal Clinics

    At the legal aid clinic where I worked as part of a student placement, I prepared for and ran multiple trials under the supervision of counsel, as did all of my student colleagues.
  2. Awards

    Discretionary awards have been announced, not sure about course prizes...
  3. Awards

    Ohh. That could be a real possibility. Thanks for the update.
  4. Awards

    Graduation, course, discretionary etc.
  5. Does anyone know if awards have been announced yet? Thx.
  6. For reference, here are some additional criminal practices in Toronto that are known for their skill and focus on appellate work. They are small shops, usually a principal and one or two juniors (if that). Reach out for a coffee? http://presserlaw.ca http://www.edlaw.ca http://www.dawedineen.com https://www.bdlaw.ca http://www.kapoorbarristers.com http://www.fentonlaw.ca http://www.addario.ca As referenced in an earlier reply, I think that the best place to gain experience in criminal appeals, as a law student looking at summer and articling opportunities, is the Crown Law Office - Criminal. Securing a summer or articling position on the defence or Crown side in an appellate-oriented practice requires strong academic achievement in criminal law. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to chat, I summered and will be articling at places that focus on criminal appeals.
  7. Does anyone have a summary that they would be willing to share for Collective Bargaining with Slinn from this term?
  8. Braille Criminal Code?

    Try contacting David Lepofsky, he is vision impaired and currently visiting at Osgoode, e-mail address will be public on their faculty page. Very helpful, formerly senior counsel at Crown Law Office - Criminal in Ontario. If something exists, he'll know.
  9. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    3L here. My feeling is that most students are not (outwardly) competitive, but those who are, really are. Nearly everyone is hardworking though, but I think that is different from being competitive. The sooner you realize being a good lawyer is not about where you rank on the pecking order, the better. Re: community, I think two things are important: (1) try to connect with a group of people in your section and (2) join clubs, organizations etc. That is how I made most of my friends in 1L.
  10. Bar Registration Dilemma

    It appears the rule is different for a June writing. See the second paragraph: Can I apply to the Licensing Process even if I don’t have my law transcript/National Committee on Accreditation Certificate of Qualification? Yes, you can apply but unless otherwise indicated by the Licensing Process, your official final transcript or NCA Certificate of Qualification must be on file by no later than 30 business days prior to the date of your first Licensing Examination. You do not qualify to write a Licensing Examination or start the Experiential Training program until and unless the official transcript or the Certificate of Qualification have been received and approved by the Law Society. Please note that candidates writing a licensing examination in June for the first time and graduating from law school in May/June of the same year may have their institution send the transcript to the Law Society by the August transcript deadline.
  11. TWU - The Big Show

    I mean Marlys Edwardh is representing OUTlaws, I'm pretty sure she knows how to make a good case for an intervenor. I doubt it'd be of questionable quality.
  12. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    I submitted 11 applications and received/accepted 8 interviews.
  13. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Didn't know Alan Gold was hiring. What was the procedure to apply?
  14. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    ITC from Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein.
  15. I'm the OP, and my question was simply for information. My interest in criminal law is based on my passion for the field and I've never suggested that I'm not considering a range of firms or options. The firm category I referenced did not make their salary information publicly available, that is why I asked the question. Nothing wrong with wanting to know the salaries offered at places where you apply to work.