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  1. Elite Extracurriculars

    There’s something objectively endearing about an applicant who obviously doesn’t like hockey or golf, but studied them to fit in. Partly because golf-talk is realllly boring (edit: except for that time Tiger Woods was trying to sleep with every Scandinavian woman who’d ever lived - that made golf interesting for a few hours).
  2. My story and questions on intelligence and the practice of law

    Many people can be awful. And shit at predictions.
  3. Joining small firm after articling on Bay St: Career impact?

    Some people are just really impressed by size, I guess. ... firm size, that is. Law firms, I mean. I'll go now.
  4. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    No one should feel forced to buy Canada Goose against their will.
  5. Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    Finally, some recognition! I always knew it Choke on my beauty, SJWs.
  6. Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    I'm a leftie. Not always, but pretty consistently. I have no problem with Conservative ideas in class. In fact, Dal's on the Liberal side of the political spectrum, so having someone make opposing arguments is helpful and interesting. Engaging in groupthink for three years gets dull. But, like Bob said, try to be intelligent about it. Engage with the facts and law in each case. If your positions are always just defer to the legislature, floodgates, and judges are unelected, then you're probably not adding much to the discussion. Those positions will be outlined by profs and the case law early in 1L. Also, like Jaggers said, it depends upon which Conservative positions you hold. Parroting Rebel nonsense just won't sound intelligent to anyone. Also, quality over quantity. Don't hammer every point home. Don't respond to every counterargument. When others disagree with things you say, ask yourself if you really need to rebut. Class isn't about you and it's not about winning arguments. It's about engaging with the material, so that you can understand it for the exam and for legal practice (but not really the latter, to be honest). Minority view holders often grate on people, but not because of their views, but because they feel the need to assert their positions ad nauseam. At a certain point, you'll become a distraction to yourself and an irritant to others. That doesn't mean you should necessarily hide your positions. Just exercise some restraint.
  7. Ban chances threads

    That depends. Were you vice-president of a fundraising society at any point? Do you have “excellent LOR?” Those seem to be the threshold requirements for posting chances threads. At least based on past practice.
  8. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    When I entered the word "prestige" into the search bar, it came back with 2281 results. We can discuss the value of prestige, but trust me, we won't break any new ground. For the sake of older posters' sanity, I'd ask people to read the existing arguments on the subject before starting new ones. Edit for example:
  9. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    The question doesn't annoy me. The rankings and applicants' reliance upon them do. Manitoba charges $11,327 in tuition and fees. U of T charges $36,440. This isn't to say people shouldn't attend U of T. But they shouldn't pay $25,113 more per year, just because U of T students get slightly more SCC clerkships and their faculty are cited in more journals. For most, those factors are extremely unlikely to impact either quality of legal education or eventual careers. The sticker price will. The rankings are based upon factors that don't matter that much. Applicants should decide based upon things that will actually matter to them.
  10. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    Here are mine: University of Windsor, Faculty of Law University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law University of Manitoba, Robson Hall Faculty of Law University of Victoria, Faculty of Law University of Toronto, Faculty of Law University of Saskatchewan, College of Law University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Law University of Calgary, Faculty of Law University of British Columbia, Peter A. Allard School of Law University of Alberta, Faculty of Law Université Laval, Faculté de droit Université du Québec à Montréal, Faculté de science politique et de droit Université de Sherbrooke, Faculté de droit Université de Montréal, Faculté de droit Université de Moncton, École de droit Thompson Rivers University, Faculty of Law Queen's University, Faculty of Law McGill University, Faculty of Law Lakehead University, Bora Laskin Faculty of Law Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law As you can see, Windsor and Western are in pretty close competition based upon how close "wi" and "we" are to the end of our English / ISO basic Latin alphabet. And, while it's not methodologically consistent, Manitoba got bumped up to third because Winnipeg is slightly underrated as a city and everyone knows that the West Coast is nice.
  11. Well maybe I'm naive. But I think I just tried to present arguments that deployed the available theoretical tools and empirical data in the most persuasive manner. I didn't necessarily know my professors' political leanings. Although in one course, the prof had argued in a book that game theory didn't effectively explain the formation of a multilateral international institution. I took the complete opposite position. I think that was the highest mark I ever got on a paper. It sounds like we had different experiences.
  12. I guess, but my interests changed throughout law school. Sounds like a pretty unpleasant education - I usually avoided profs that were like this. More power to you, though.
  13. Working hours and lifestyle

    Fiance -- best wishes!
  14. Working hours and lifestyle

    Yeah, I've been somewhere that staying late was generally discouraged. But I was learning and wanted to contribute. I got kinda resentful when people told me to go home and not come in on weekends. They're were trying to help, but mostly made me feel rushed and stressed. I don't work well from home and don't want files in public places.

    This capitalization is a lot.