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  1. 2018/2019 Ottawa Articling Recruitment

    Ah, such is life, I suppose.
  2. How important is a school reputation?

    I'm just happy people remembered Moncton exists.
  3. 2018/2019 Ottawa Articling Recruitment

    I would absolutely love an update re: Ottawa DOJ. Any word?
  4. Tax vs Administrative Law

    Can confirm. Am taking it now. I like Wildeman. She's a nice lady, and absolutely brilliant. It doesn't translate into clear teaching. Edit: As to the topic of this thread, I would probably say admin, and I'm one of tax's biggest proponents. I love tax. Tax is the shit. Admin is honestly probably harder to learn than anything you'll cover in an intro tax course.
  5. Class and Gender on Bay Street?

    Ahh that would do it. None of the schools I've attended have (To my knowledge) a peer mentorship program explicitly for first generation students.
  6. Class and Gender on Bay Street?

    Who would write 'peer-tutor for first generation university students'? And how does that signal lower class?
  7. Heenan collapse

    "Why! Why was I programmed to feel pain!"
  8. Heenan collapse

    Beep boop?
  9. Can a lawyer be part of a Union

    While the rest of the post was interesting and useful, I'm just happy to see my favourite musical with Christian Bale in it referenced!
  10. I worked on a boat! It was really fun, I really loved it until I couldn't stop vomitting. In short, don't work on a boat.
  11. What if I bill Diplock for the wasted time showing Hegdis around my firm?! BRILLIANT!
  12. Why am I doing this again?

    Hey, my civ pro is doing the same thing yours did but with Pokemon Go! Can confirm, is awesome. We even did a negotiation exercise.
  13. Guys I just had an awesome idea about how to get free Tim's cards.
  14. I have a friend with similar stats who is in. However I suspect your chances depend largely on the competitiveness of your cohort. I would say you're in with those stats as a Maritimer.