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  1. Calgary Pay Bump

    Just wondering if anyone has heard more news about a salary increase in Calgary over the past few months?
  2. Montreal Salary Bump

    Anyone have details on what the 1st year salary was at these firms previously?
  3. U. of C v. U. of A v. Dal

    Clearly Dal is at the bottom of your list given your criteria. That being said, as a current student at Dal who is from out West, I will note that my peers seemed to have no problems with Vancouver recruitment this year; a number of students (some with zero ties to Vancouver) ended up at medium and large firms, as well as MAG. The same was also true for Toronto, and even more so for Calgary. Given your criteria you can't go wrong with U of A or U of C. Really it just comes down to what city you would prefer to be in for 3 years. If you are interested in corporate and not opposed to living/practicing in Calgary, then U of C becomes a little more of an obvious choice, if for no other reason than networking opportunities. But again, if Vancouver is the priority, then you can't really go wrong with Edmonton or Calgary. Hope this helps!
  4. Very likely in if you are non-maritime; definitely in if you are maritime. My stats were: CGPA: ~3.5, L2: ~3.65, LSAT: 165, and I was accepted in mid January.
  5. Style of Firm Dinners

    Gnocchi is also a safe pick.
  6. Nothing in O-Week is mandatory. There were a lot of people who didn't attend last year, for various reasons. Don't worry about it OP, life happens.
  7. Dal also has the generous Bursary/Scholarship program; the average student last year received ~ $5000 IIRC.
  8. https://www.nalpcanada.com/Page.cfm?PageID=33 NALP also has a good breakdown of numbers in each practice area at different firms (as long as the firms provide the info).
  9. U of A versus Dalhousie (Schulich)

    1L at Dal who had the same choice last year. I think the CDO reputation at Dal is a few years old - they have a number of new people (and a new office) this year, and from my experience they have been awesome (if anything they are actually organizing too many events/workshops). Obviously yes, you are not in Alberta and that can hamper some networking opportunities and be an added cost for travel, but all of the big firms come here for OCI's in 2L, and a number sent people out for the career fair back in January. Dal does really well in Calgary in particular - and as mentioned, the strong alumni network is a real asset. I took part in 1L recruit in February, and every interview started w/ discussion about how awesome Dal/Halifax is - its a real ice breaker. On top of that, Dal has a much less competitive vibe because you aren't competing w/ basically all of your class - there are maybe 30-40 people in 1L from out West, and maybe only 15-20 looking to end up in Calgary/Edmonton. Contrast this to U of A or U of C, where basically everyone is looking to remain in those markets. Outside of that, if you are from western Canada and confident in your abilities, I think it is definitely worth experiencing a different city and part of the country for a few years. All things equal, then yes, the obvious advice is to study where you want to work - but by no means is choosing to study elsewhere for a few years fatal, and in my experience, its been incredibly valuable.
  10. Finding housing

    Current 1L. Dal does not have a law student residence, but there are several undergrad ones. I don't know anyone in law school that lives in rez though, and I can't imagine that it would be conducive to studying. You are much better off finding a place in the South End. Everything in Halifax is walkable, so take that into account. The school will provide you with some info, but its pretty basic stuff. Kijiji is the best place to look, and bear in mind that most people have to let their landlords know by May if they are returning for the fall - this is when you will start to see more ads. The other thing I would mention is that be wary of the old Victorian homes. Obviously this is budget dependent for students, but there are a lot of multi bedroom houses that are cheap but not worth the hassle. On top of that, Halifornia is going through a bit of a construction boom right now, so there are a lot of brand new apartments right in the heart of the city for marginally more.
  11. June 2015 was in CCIS. They split us alphabetically into 2 rooms on the basement level with the big tables, NOT the theater seats (like 1-430), so don't worry about space or left/right hand. Good luck!
  12. Chances at Admission [3.45, 158]

    I had somewhat similar GPA numbers but a 165 LSAT, and I got into 4/6 schools I applied to. Take the test again and get over 160 and you'll be fine. Good luck!
  13. Rejected 2016

    OLSAS CGPA: 3.43 L2: 3.6 LSAT: 165
  14. Accepted 2016

    I emailed to ask for an update yesterday, and Aimee replied this morning saying that I have been accepted. OLSAS CGPA: 3.43 L2: 3.6 LSAT: 165 Will be declining for Dal. Best of luck to everyone!