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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I agree with what tokengoldboy said that most do (though i'm not an authority on this subject since I'm in 2L) but i just want to mention that this summer at the Gowlings open house they mentioned to us that they don't hire back all their summer students for articling, so not necessarily all big firms do. I also have a question for anyone who might have the info: i took a job with MAG, which means that i'll have to go through the articling recruit... during the articling recruit i'm probably going to cast my net pretty wide and apply to at least some of the firms that rejected me during OCIs... how does that work? will they be viewing this process completely separately? or if they didn't like me during OCIs will they still not like me during articling?
  2. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Also, to contribute constructively here, I also don't think that it really makes that much of a difference what school you go to wrt what grades you'll get. Like people above said, there's not necessarily a correlation between your undergrad performance and law school performance (for example i ended 1L with a b+ average after having only gotten into Western in May whereas one of my friends got in with a scholarship very early in the cycle and she ended with a b- average). But also, having transferred to osgoode in 2L, i actually have been thinking that it might be easier here to get higher grades than at western. they have a much bigger class size than western does (so this is osgoode specific, wouldn't necessarily apply to uoft) so that means there are more grades to go around. law grades are curved on a B average, so at western where there are 175 1L students only about 30% of those will get above a B average, and 30% of 175 is way smaller than 30% of 300 (which is the osgoode class size). Also, tbh, at osgoode at least, i don't think that the class is any more accomplished/competitive than the class at western. keep in mind that people choose to go to different schools for lots of different reasons (location, scholarship offers, school environment), and also, again this is very osgoode-specific, but osgoode admits students very holistically, so they place a lot of value on things like your background and experiences, so it's possible to have people with lower grades than they would've needed to get into western.
  3. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Lol shots fired. What did Western ever do to you?
  4. Transfer to UofT?

    I transferred from Western to Osgoode (also applied to UofT but didn't get accepted), so I can throw in my two cents. Also to give you an idea of stats I had a B+ average in 1L but they also still look at your undergrad grades and LSAT score, plus all your extra-curriculars and require 1 reference letter. I transferred because of family responsibilities so for me it was worth it since now I can help out a lot more at home. But if it wasn't for that I don't think that I would've transferred. First of all keep in mind that in 2L you can make your own schedule so you can definitely have a 3-day weekend or even a 4-day weekend if you really work your scheduling, and you can also end exams way earlier. In my personal experience it's been pretty hard to make new friends at osgoode (not impossible though, i've made some friends but not on the same level as at western) and osgoode doesn't have dennings or any big social events that you can really go to. It's also hard choosing your courses (you'll have last dibs so a lot will be full and plus you don't know any of the profs). Wrt OCI's i did end up with a job, but i think that transferring hurt me. At western a lot of friends i know who have similar or worse grades/experience than me got way more OCIs than I got at osgoode. basically my point is: transferring kind of sucks and for me my school and social experience is worse than it was at western but being in toronto is a really huge positive that it outweighs that so transferring was worth. i feel like if being in toronto is really valuable to you then it'll be worth it, but if it's just a mild positive then i don't think it's worth it. this is also just my own experience and other people's could be totally different so idk.
  5. Transitioning from Gov to Firm

    Thanks for your replies everyone, I really appreciate them. I guess that if I get the offer I'll be accepting it.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm a 2L student at Osgoode. The only in-firms I have are with MAG.. I would be happy to work there for the summer, but ideally I would've preferred to have some firm options, and I would like to work at a firm for articling and the start of my career (and maybe all of it). If I get an offer from a MAG office, do you think that accepting it and working there for 2L summer would negatively affect my chances at getting an articling position at a firm? (i.e. maybe they would think i'm not interested in working in the private sector or would be hesitant about my transferable skills). If I get an offer, would I be better off rejecting it to try to get a job at a mid-sized firm through the non-formal recruit? any insight would be very much appreciated thank you!
  7. Summer Student Salary @ Toronto Mid Size Firms

    Not sure what firms in particular you're referring to but as far as I know for summer student salaries it's the same ($1450/week) as at the big firms. I think most of them say it on their website so maybe just take a look at the individual websites of the firms you're looking into.
  8. Ask a 1L student

    i didn't get any interviews for clinics in 1L either and it definitely stung lol. BUT it doesn't have to be detrimental. i would definitely recommend signing up for a few moots and keeping an eye out for any other extra-curricular opportunities there are. in second semester there was a call to do research for the Canada-US Law Institute so I did that, and I also signed up as a 1L ambassador so my resume doesn't have 1L clinic experience but those two things plus moots were good enough to get me OCIs.
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    i can't confirm but i think they just call you on call day (oct 27) about scheduling in-firms, and i guess it's possible they would send you an intend to call email.
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    thank you!
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Does anyone know how it works for OCIs that I've been waitlisted for? I'm at Osgoode. Right now I don't have the option to accept or decline. Do I just keep checking back and if I'm of the waitlist I'll get the option?
  12. Transfer Students

    Just got an offer and will most ilkely accept. 76.7% avg in 1L (high B or low B+ depending if you want to round or not). 159 LSAT. Coming from Western.
  13. Prime plus 0%

    Last year I got Scotia to lower it from prime + 0.5% down to prime + 0%, and I signed with them.
  14. I took it there twice (Dec 2015 and Feb 2016) and it was good! It's the only place I've ever taken it so can't really compare. I just chose it because it was close to where I used to live. It's a high school so you're just sitting in a regular high school classroom at a desk taking it. Maybe 25 people in each room approx.
  15. Typical 1L Class Schedule (UofT, Oz, Western)

    Also want to add, on the topic of 1L schedule, that at Western you'll have 5 exams in december & 6 exams in april. not sure about december but i've heard that western is one of the only schools to have 6 exams in april (which will be a horrible time in your life), so if you're deciding between western & other schools i would take that into consideration (ish)