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  1. Health Insurance Plan

    as far as i know we at osgoode have the same plan as the york undergraduate students. york graduate students have a different (and i think better) plan than us but i don't think we have the option of enrolling in it. as far as i know the only option is the york undergraduate plan (or you can opt out of it and get your own insurance elsewhere). i feel like the link you posted is our plan but idk for sure. the link i use (which i'm also not 100% sure is our plan lol) is this one: http://www.yfs.ca/health-and-dental/.
  2. How are grades not out????

    sorry to post again but also where do we see our number GPA? like the 1-10 or w.e. it is scale?
  3. How are grades not out????

    ok thanks for the feedback. haha I mean before this grade I thought maybe I would but wasn't too set either way, now I won't be pursuing it though. I am planning to apply to the full-service/mid-size firms that participate in the articling recruit but I guess I just won't try to do a rotation in securities.
  4. How are grades not out????

    can I get your guys' feedback? I got 3 As and a C+ (securities).... before this semester all of my grades were B/B+ (with a low B+ average). do you think the C+ is a big deal for the articling recruit? does it take away from the other good grades? kinda disappointed. I knew I shouldn't have taken securities lol.
  5. How are grades not out????

    did you guys see the grades that were briefly up on MyJD? not sure how much stock I should put into those but that's all that's like mildly holding me over right now
  6. Credits

    I think it just has to do with the number of hours the course goes for each week. like a 3 credit course is normally only once per week for 3 hours, whereas a four credit course is twice a week for 2 hours each time (so 4 hours total). it doesn't really matter which you take as long as your total amount of credits is enough. iirc you need 60 credits over 2L and 3L, and you can distribute that however you want (but I think 15 credits per term is what is "recommended").
  7. Winter term grades 1L

    i've heard they're going to be released "late may" from the admin... so hopefully by wednesday :/. i'm also getting pretty anxious
  8. Disclosure of Health Issues

    i'm going into 3L this year. i have some mental health conditions as well (ocd, anxiety, etc) and haven't heard about any possible issues with regard to being called to the bar. i know other people in law school with similar mental health concerns and i don't think think it should be an impediment. as was said above i feel like it would be pretty discriminatory if it was. i don't really know anything concretely but just my two cents.
  9. Articling Timeline 2019/2020 - Toronto

    not sure where to ask so i'll ask it here: just made my profile on vilaw for the articling recruit and in the profile it asks me to put if i'm a 1L, 2L, 3L, etc. i just finished 2L.... so do i put 2L? or 3L? thanks!!
  10. Strike Update

    i don't really know too much about the differences but i was told that during the 2015 strike osgoode was only closed for 9 days because they went to the administration or whoever of the university and said that since osgoode is a professional school with bar requirements and deadlines etc they needed to be opened and so they were able to open way earlier than the rest of the school. i feel like this time there's no real difference in the strike itself, it's just that the university/administration is handling it differently and has different policies etc.
  11. Articling Timeline 2019/2020 - Toronto

    thanks so much everyone. I hadn't noticed the dates on the virecruitportal homepage.
  12. Hey everyone... I noticed on videsktop the Toronto articling postings aren't up yet. Does anyone know when they'll be posted? Or are they already up and it's just a problem with my computer? Thanks!!
  13. Loan Repayment

    for osap, are you still considered a student while you're articling? or does loan repayment begin once you finish 3L?
  14. New York State Bar Exam

    pretty sure it's the first one but can't confirm
  15. pay in gov vs pay in private firm

    also - would you all say that working in-house is more/less/same lucrative than working in gov? my general impression is: big firms pay the most, then mid-size firms, then gov/in-house are same, then smaller firms, then legal aid clinic, in terms of pay. is that accurate?