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  1. Is law school fun?

    God bless
  2. Is law school fun?

    Pre or post Charlie Sheen?
  3. Ask a 1L at Dal

    I was in the same boat a few years ago. I have no experience with the classes you mentioned but one thing to consider is where you want to practice. First, regarding the class size thing, in first year at Dal you'll be in 5 classes with 50-60 students and one class with 10-13. I never found it hard to get to know any of the profs with those numbers but I guess the slightly smaller class size of UNB (I think it might be 30-35 per class) could make a difference, maybe not. Secondly, I'd think about where you want to practice. If your'e cool with anywhere in the Maritimes or specifically New Brunswick then UNB's lower cost could be better. If you want to work in/around Halifax or at any of the regional Nova Scotian firms then I'd recommend Dal. Same goes for if you want to work outside of the Maritimes. I guess for me it would come down to the reduced cost (something like $7000ish) per year in tuition vs. the pros/cons regarding hiring that each school presents in terms of the different regions you might want to work in.
  4. How did you feel after you accepted?

    I stand by my earlier comment.
  5. How did you feel after you accepted?

    I got drunk and went to a strip club in Montreal. That night changed EVERYTHING.
  6. 2L Summer Employment Dilemma

    I Well about the NDP................... https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4578161
  7. 2L Summer Employment Dilemma

    Sounds like your former employer is a twat. I'd message every firm in the region you think might be hiring and who you might be interested in. Don't sweat your former employer and do you. Know your worth.
  8. Junior associate $20 an hour???

    Yo pdaddy what kinda scrilla you pulling in?
  9. Does anyone regret going to law school?

    I don't like law school as a whole but I've enjoyed every practical aspect of it (whether it be moots, ECs, clinics or working summer legal jobs). So I don't regret going to law school but I do regret that it takes 3 years to complete instead of 2 which in my opinion would be doable.
  10. Some Articling Advice needed

    It seems like a fair amount of our class are still looking (20-25ish), but I have heard that a few positions usually pop up in NS between April - June. If you're set on NS, I've heard mixed results of people posting "Seeking Articling" ads on the NSBS website, but it has worked for some people. Small and rural firms that you might not have thought to contact may nonetheless see your post on the NSBS site (that's assuming you'd be okay with going rural/small) so it could be worth doing up a nicely worded ad and sending it in. I think people are turned of from posting there because they don't want to adverstise to everyone that they are looking for articles, but just use a non specific email and no one will know who it is.
  11. Yeah common man narrow this stuff down.
  12. Employment Prospects for Foreign Students

  13. Halifax salaries?

    Just out of curiosity, how do the work expectations at the bigger Maritime firms translate into hours per week on average?
  14. Exchange versus taking more "relevant" courses

    Is your firm even gonna ask you for a transcript now that you're hired?
  15. Law School Survival Guide Recommendations

    I'm in the process of developing a short youtube series similar to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide but in a law school context. Production is currently stalled as we're still trying to find an actor to play a law school version of Coconut Head but I'll let know once we wrap filming.