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  1. Ask them if they're single. You'll appear casual yet confident.
  2. Common homey do your research
  3. The firm is a Federal Crown Agent meaning they're contracted by the feds to prosecute offences stemming from federal statutes. It's common in rural areas.
  4. I took a job with a firm that does work in my interest area but I interviewed with a bunch of corporate firms just to see what was up. Maybe it's undiagnosed sociopathy or from experience playing late night Texas Holdem at the casino but I didn't find it too hard to appear interested. The interviewers aren't going interrogate you that hard just to find out that you're "meh" about Insurance Defence.
  5. Yeah I might have jumped the gun on that one
  6. 25$ an hour accross the board
  7. I heard on the news last night that MacDonald's is currently doing a national hiring campaign. Also I hear the Biodome pays well!
  8. There's a rumor going around that JohnsonWest got on to Bay Street thanks to his close resemblance to Henry Fonda
  9. That email is a little disheartening. I didn't realize the articling situation in the Maritimes was at that point.
  10. I actually wasn't able to find out what the average requirements are. I had an A average and it showed up on my academic record near the end of May if I remember right. My grades dropped a fair amount this year though so fingers crossed that it includes those with a B + average But in reality it likely it stops at A-....
  11. Lol they don't announce the prize. I found out through the professor of the class I got the medal in last year but I think students are also notified by the dean. You don't get much out of it tbh. Just something to add to your resume and short lived boost to your ego. *Edit: opps, to answer the original question it as mid June
  12. I almost feel worse now that I can't take both. But I have an extra timbit, I can chose to do both classes OR do a trial practice class. In your opinions, would taking tax and admin be preferable even given that I plan to do at least some criminal work?
  13. Due to some bad scheduling on my part I'll only be able to take taxation or administrative law next year. I'm articling with a firm that does general practice and I'm currently leaning towards towards wanting to do criminal, family and general litigation, but I have a business background (and have taken courses in tax accounting already) and I know my interests might change once I actually get out and start working. I'm curious whether anyone has advice on which of these courses is more useful/benecial take. Ie. If you could only take one, which would it be? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  14. Meh, there's summer, fall and winter semesters at the legal aid clinic so more like 30ish students get to participate. There's also a criminal clinic and court placements. But all of this information is easily accessible on the Dal website......
  15. I don't have a comment on your overall question but I'm curious where you found that placement data about UofA. Ive been asking around trying to find the information for my school but with no luck.