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  1. Exchange versus taking more "relevant" courses

    Is your firm even gonna ask you for a transcript now that you're hired?
  2. Law School Survival Guide Recommendations

    I'm in the process of developing a short youtube series similar to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide but in a law school context. Production is currently stalled as we're still trying to find an actor to play a law school version of Coconut Head but I'll let know once we wrap filming.
  3. Solicitor Solo AMA

    How long did it take you to get the hang of doing real estate? Do you think it's possible to focus mainly on other areas of law (like criminal/civil litigation) but to occasionally (and competently) take on real estate files?
  4. Is it important to apply to 1L recruit?

    But how can you know this if you didn't end up going on that long, debauched vacation?!?!
  5. Is it important to apply to 1L recruit?

    I worked a 2L legal job then took 3 weeks off at the end of summer to do just this. From the experience of myself and friends, most employers will give you the 2-3 weeks at the end of the summer if it's not an unreasonably busy period. Now you've got me missing day drinking. #1pmsangrias
  6. How to Best Prepare for Law School

    Lol no. Probably not necessary.
  7. On Dealing with Local Prejudices

    I love this post ahaha. I spent a few years in Fredericton during undergrad and I don't remember seeing anyone wearing fur. I don't know why Fredericton in particular was singled out by your friend as being strongly anti-fur. A lot of my buddies in New Brunswick love to hunt and so I feel they'd be sympathetic to your furry desires. In all honesty though, I think your problem would more so be that people would think you're a little bouji if you're rolling around campus sporting one luxurious fur coat after another. Maybe try to mix things up every few days by repping some fine Italian leather.
  8. I agree with most of what you said, however I think there's a difference between the hours you put in to get an A as opposed to a B (at least for some students). In that case this question would be pretty relevant. Say you put a crazy amount of hours in 1st year in order to get A's and then in 2nd/3rd year once you've secured a articling gig you tone it back because you're alright with B's and don't want to be in the library from open to close. In that case I think it'd be important for students in 1st year who've secured jobs to know just how important 2nd and 3rd year grades can be so they'll know if its alright to take their foot off the gas pedal a bit.
  9. Should you go to law school?

    Just out of curiosity op, did you know you didn't like practicing family before your started articling with that firm? I agree with some of your points (I'm constantly surprised by how many of my friends/classmates have dad/mom's who are lawyers) however I dont think you need to know what area of law you want to go into that soon. By 2nd year ideally but even if you don't know by then there are plenty of firms you can article with that practice in a variety of practice areas. Get in with one of those firms and you'll at least be able to get some practical experience summering/articling which will help guide you into whichever area of law you find you prefer.
  10. Screwups and Faceplants

    Somewhat minor but last summer I was tasked with preparing an exhibit of photos for evidence. I was pretty rushed but I did up 4 (one for the judge, one for the crown, one for the defence and one for the witness). The testimony went something like this: Defence: "I'll refer you to exhibit one, page 5, who's car is that?" Witness: "I'm on page 5 and there's no car in this picture" Judge: "There's a car on page 5 of my exhibit". Crown: "I don't see a car in my exhibit". And on it went..... I somehow mixed up the order of the pictures when quickly preparing the exhibits. My boss didn't throw me under the bus too bad: "I'm sorry your Honour I left the preparation of the exhibits to my student.....he's somewhat new at this".
  11. Grades matter. Likely more if you're aiming for business law. People on here usually say that a science background can help you with IP Law. About the "competitiveness" of law school, try to block it out and focus on you. But make sure to stand up for yourself and call things for what they are.
  12. 1L Summer Firm Salaries

    Unless you still owe ALOT of people money for having bet BIG on the Atlanta Falcons back in February
  13. Probably dumb question

    No offense but these comments are just rediculous. Don't let these upity tryhards get in the way of you and your friend/family member's obviously close and heartfelt relationship. Get in there and hug it out (or I will)
  14. I'm happy it's over so people stop asking me if I'm a 1L. I'm a 2L people! I just look young.
  15. Probably dumb question

    I'm going to go against the general consensus here and tell you to go for it. The way I see it, if the firm doesnt appreciate you hugging someone you know who works there and you have a prior relationship, is it really a firm you want to work for?