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    The 1L books will be bundled in packages at the Osgoode bookstore by sections (A to D). They may come with digital copies but you’ll also have the option to rent a locker for yourself located near the bookstore.
  2. DA2

    O week Guests

    The gala for O-Week is for Osgoode incoming 1Ls because it is meant to be an event for soon to be classmates to get to know one another. The gala for 1Ls at the end of the 1L year however, allows +1s.
  3. DA2

    O week Guests

    As far as I remember, certain O-Week events such as the boat cruise and gala are only for Oz 1Ls to participate and as students you also have to pay the said fees to participate - you’ll get a wristband for the week. I highly recommend it, I had an amazing time!
  4. I was going to do the online module but a couple of friends of mine suggested I should sit in the course and as dry as it was I’m happy that I took it because as it was stated earlier, it looks good on your transcript and it can help broaden your legal job prospects. On the other hand, lots of my friends didn’t regret doing the module either. Certainly depends also on the legal field you’d like to pursue.
  5. This is for the winter term and you’ll be given instructions on when and how to choose your perspective option once classes start.
  6. DA2

    Schedules Posted

    It’s on the schedule so that no classes are scheduled then, in order to leave the time open for their meetings. You only attend if you’re part of it. If you’re not part of it, that time is free for lunch, etc.
  7. I have taken Trial Ad and I absolutely loved it, as did my friends! It’s an amazing course to get practical trial experience. This course however is in very high demand and you must make it your “A” choice to have a chance at getting in. The other course I was taking but had to drop because of scheduling conflicts was law and psychiatry and I also loved it. Hope this helps 😊. Enjoy.
  8. DA2

    Grads: Email Account

    Thank you!
  9. DA2

    Question about Welcome Day

    It’s just a mix and mingle and intro to Oz.
  10. DA2

    Grads: Email Account

    I wonder the same...
  11. I brought my family! It’s very common and a wonderful experience for all
  12. Trial Ad for sure! But you must make it your “A” choice because this course has very high demand. Depending on your area of interest, if you like crim law, Evidence and Proof is also amazing but has very high demand too and must be an “A” choice also. Have fun!
  13. DA2

    Winter term grades 1L

    Typically, the grades should be released any time now. I doubt the strike will affect the timeline.
  14. Yes there were interviews this cycle (usually are every year) and the notification is by OASIS.
  15. DA2


    Passy Lot is your best bet for now but it books up so getting a spot early is best. In the meantime you could also put yourself on the Nelson Lot waitlist which has a saying that you’ll get a spot for 3L and that is exactly what happened to me. I put myself on the Nelson Lot wait list (I called parking services for that back in June of 2015 and got the spot for 3L in summer 2017), but even earlier is best when the waitlist opens up. Good luck and congrats on getting into Oz!