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  1. Is law school fun?

    Well done. P.S. Get back to work, you’re not done.
  2. U of T vs Osgoode - Tax Law /CPA related question

    You know what, a correction, I do know of instance of that kind of nepotism. One big firm, which shall go unnamed (but might not surprise) had an infamous incident where their staff inadvertently send a copy of one senior person's rather frank assessments of their associates, broken down into good, fired, and "deadweight, but protected" to the entire firm (or some such categories). The awkwardness arose from the fact that (a) no one had told the "fired" people the news yet, and (b) the "deadweight, but protected" were (as I heard it) the kids of major clients. Needless to say, that message was recalled with express threats of instant dismisal if printed or forwarded - they apparently sent IT around to delete emails and wipe blackberries. The success of that initiative is suspect, given that I learned of the story. So, yes, to providence point, I'm aware of one firm that engages (or engaged) in that sort of practice.
  3. U of T vs Osgoode - Tax Law /CPA related question

    I've never seen that. I've seen a few people hired who were kids of "friends of the firm", but in all honesty they were hired on their merits - they were very strong candidates. (And I've seen more than a few "friends of the firm" get the old heave-ho because they were loser - including one fellow I interviewed who was related (by marriage) to one of the star partners, one of the more spectacular interview faceplants I'd ever seen). I don't want to be too categorical - different firms have different cultures - but certainly at the bigger ones there's little patience for that kinda stuff.
  4. Is law school fun?

  5. Is law school fun?

    Actually, it completely contradicts your argument, because it asserts that someone who gets a C average is less likely to be a top candidate than someone who is an A student. Which is what everyone but you is saying - this is why employers hire the A students rather than the C students, because grades are a good proxy for ability.
  6. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    I agree with that. My take on ECs is that they are things that you would do anyhow, even if they didn't help you get into law school or land a job. In my undergrad days, I was involved in politics, some campus clubs, and had a couple of nice little part time gigs, none of that was done with a view to getting into law school (since that thought hadn't crossed my mind) it was stuff that I enjoyed doing and was passionate about (and, in the case of work, brought in a few extra bucks).
  7. U of T vs Osgoode - Tax Law /CPA related question

    Certainly one firm - you know of which I speak - has a hard and fast rule. I don't know if all firms are as categorical, but certainly they discourage the practice.
  8. Is law school fun?

    You're probably not going to be comforted by my "Canadian prisons aren't that bad" suggestion.
  9. Is law school fun?

    True, in today's interest rate environment, you may be able to rely on the doctrine of De Minimis Non Curat Lex.
  10. Is law school fun?

    That's OK, Canadian prisons aren't that bad!
  11. Is law school fun?

    Well, there's a trusting fellow. I wouldn't trust the CRA (or my financial institutions) to get the data right.
  12. Is law school fun?

    "I work from home, and I made $8563 a day, and you can too" OMG, its a sentient internet spam.
  13. Is law school fun?

    Since when do investment bankers not care about grades? "Dear Barkleys, I'm a solid C student from the University of Fenpit Falls who wants to be responsible for billion dollar portfolios. Please hire me." As with biglaw, they don't look exclusively at grades, but they do use them to weed out people without good grades. Good grades are table stakes. Um. How do you get a better mark than an A average? My law school only went up to A. In any event, that's not the argument you're making. The argument you're making is that someone with a B average, who didn't work hard, is a better candidate than someone with an A average who did. You're wrong.
  14. Is law school fun?

    "You should hire me because I'm really talented. I mean, it's not reflected in any actual record of accomplishment, but take my word for it, I'm a very talented person."
  15. Is law school fun?

    They'd probably prefer it if the arguments were good.