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  1. Articling Advice

    I told my 2L firm I didn't wasn't going to article there when they asked. I had another job lined up. It's early in your 2L summer and you shouldn't expect an articling offer yet, or even the "so what are your plans" conversation. You should think carefully before leaving because the plan you've outlined is naive. You can't credibly maintain that you'd be happy to article for your current firm but also want to actively try not to article for them. Your current firm will start looking for a replacement if you tell them you're looking for a new job. Do you think they want to be a fallback in a buyer's market? If you leave outright--and preferably for a non-competitor--they'll be professional and probably write a reference, but don't expect them to be interested in helping you hedge your bets. The risk isn't staying where you are, it's getting nothing. If you want my general advice, the shot at a handful of Bay spots isn't worth it. Stick with this firm and work with people you like. Ask to try working for the solicitors in your office. See where articles take you.
  2. Suits For Men

    100% this for building a quick foundation. I own a few of their ties--no frills, but they hold up fine, aren't polyester, and the price can't be beat.
  3. Suits For Men

    Since you don't mind nitpicky, can you describe the pattern more specifically please? If we're talking herringbone, houndstooth, or a small check in the same colour, you're probably fine.
  4. Suits For Men

    Depends. Most offices will be heavily air conditioned. A solid shirt rotation should keep you plenty fresh. A student in court every day might find the air conditioning less effective there. I'm thinking of the Toronto provincial courts in particular. If someone sweats a bit more heavily, another suit would be good. But ceteris paribus I think two should be fine.
  5. Suits For Men

    Buy that grey suit, don't wear the black one unless you're at a funeral, and rock two suits this summer.
  6. Suits For Men

    Glad to hear it! Off the rack probably is the best place to start--my first custom order had one shirt that fit and one that...well, really didn't. The staff were quite good about it though.
  7. Suits For Men

    Spier and Mackay has a custom shirt program that I've been really happy with. They have a location in downtown Toronto now and--last I checked--a discount for orders of 3+.
  8. Does anyone regret going to law school?

    Gonna third these as a 3L at U of T, MikeRoss2. It's hard to get the Bay Street blinders off--and the Faculty/CDO definitely don't help with that--but there's a lot of interesting work out there and opportunity is going to keep knocking for a few more months at least. I've heard nothing but good things about the articling recruit from friends who did it. Bay Street firms do sometimes hire, though I'd encourage you to think outside the box. Persevere! To answer OP's question, I don't regret going to law school. Sometimes I get frustrated or have a bad day. Sometimes I think about what might have been if I chose another path. But most of the time I like my work, I like my colleagues, and I'm excited to practice!
  9. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    "Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God. It even has a watermark." More seriously, I think the support and attention--regardless of the content of the advice--in this thread is very heartening, especially for those of us who are just starting our careers.
  10. Value of Clerking at a Lower Court?

    I shouldn't have said "usually," but it was just 2L for the cycle recently past. The people I asked about it said that applications had once been open to 3Ls, but that some policy had changed in recent years. Not sure how far back that institutional memory stretches. It could change again, but until this year's contest is formally announced I'd assume the same policy will continue.
  11. Value of Clerking at a Lower Court?

    I think that the ONSC clerkships only hire articling students from the 2L pool. The competition is usually closed to 3L students. If you're looking to go back to Bay Street, this means that the clerk's work most closely connected to those jobs (ONSC Commercial List) won't be available.
  12. Thanks for volunteering your experiences! Here's a question I have. You mentioned work in professional discipline, which sounds like an interesting field. But what kind of law is that, really? I'm assuming administrative with a flavour of tort, but what has your experience been?
  13. Clerkships 2017

    ONSC offers started, or perhaps still ongoing, today.
  14. U of T or Western?

    Hey folks, I took a look through the forum and couldn't find this specific comparison since at least 2012. I've received offers from both schools and a major scholarship offer from Western as well. Western looks like a really good school, but were it not for the money I'd be going to U of T without question. I like the culture in Toronto better (grew up in southern Ontario and spent a little time in London, did my undergrad at Toronto), my network and friends are there, and it's where I'd like to practice one day, too. Should I be giving much weight to these considerations? At the moment I don't have a legal specialty or ideal type of firm that I'm really interested in; I intend to develop those interests through 1L, but are there academic or career factors which I should be thinking about too? Any thoughts you have would be very welcome!
  15. I'm a master's student in the UK (not in law) and I know plenty of law students here. I had something long typed up, but in retrospect I think everyone else has said more or less what I wanted to. So a brief summary instead: Legal education in the UK is not a fast track to North American law--the system exists to train lawyers for practice in the UK. Legal education in the US is the best idea if you want to work in NYC. You should not be planning to take an MBA as a terminal degree on your way to law. That's not what it's for.