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  1. When does an associate become partner?

    I think part of the attrition becomes voluntary as a pride thing too. If you're at the 6 year mark, you put yourself up for consideration every year, and then by 10 you're not a partner for whatever reason, having just the associate title and being a 10 year call might get awkward enough that someone leaves to somewhere that will make them partner.
  2. Clerkship 2016

    Reviving this thread for some fresh clerkship advice - people who applied to the SCC, did you deviate at all from the traditional cover letter? It just feels like the SCC is such a big deal that a normal cover letter isn't enough. I'm not talking about doing a video a la Elle Woods but did anyone switch it up from a "here's things about me" letter to like a more narrative, why is the law important type of thing?
  3. Super late but once a guy held an offer for literally 23 hours and 59 minutes and then called to accept, so the other candidate who hadn't gotten anything else, was told what was going on and was waiting for the offer to expire, then couldn't be made an offer. People still talk about it, years later. Such a dick move.
  4. Ask a 1L!

    You'll need one for Careers day in second semester. And the 1L recruit if you do that. And the hicks morley moot if you do that. all are in second semester, but I'd recommend getting a suit now when you have plenty of time to shop. and just in case you need it in first semester (not sure why but it's possible)
  5. What did you do in your pre-articling break?

    Not to mention there are other jurisdictions other than Ontario!!
  6. If you were fortunate enough to have a break between graduation and starting your articles, and a medium amount of cash to spend, what did you do and where did you go? Crowdsourcing the best possible pre-articling plan!
  7. If you're at an event that is specifically for recruitment, then people will be watching out for students, and will likely be asked to write up notes about who they saw and who the liked/didn't like. We're asked to keep track of who we like and whether we think they might fit. All data is important going into recruits.
  8. "Senior Call Pays" Rule

    I'd totally agree in private practice (and this has 100% been my experience there - and it's legit so cute when a first year call picks up the cheque and tells you to pay it forward when they were an articling student like 10 seconds ago), but in government it's not always like this. For coffee, for sure. But lunches in government, especially group/team lunches, in my experience, come with cash because everyone throws down cash to pay the bill and if you don't have any, you're in an awkward in-between because on one hand they're like, "Don't worry about it! You're a student!", but on the other hand they clearly didn't intend to take you specifically for lunch so do you have to bring them cash later? Which is really awkward. (And why people don't just do separate cheques in this scenario I'll never understand). So, I think the Senior Call Pays rule is awesome and you can be grateful when it happens but I would also caution that you should be prepared if you have to pay your own way, just in case.
  9. OCI Resume Questions: Awards + Interests Section

    I definitely wouldn't provide the letter. Just put it under your school section, like a bullet under whatever Faculty of Law you're at that says "(NAME OF PRIZE) Prize in Criminal/X Law" and then maybe an explanation "awarded for highest grade" etc.
  10. Living in Aylmer/Gatineau?

    To each their own but I found it almost impossible to get around in Gatineau without French. Everything from the SAQ to cab drivers was a struggle.
  11. Living in Aylmer/Gatineau?

    probably a bad idea then!
  12. Living in Aylmer/Gatineau?

    how's your french?
  13. 3L Dean's List, Pt 2

  14. Loans must be paid back!

    Having access to 100k in credit is different than having 100k in debt. For many it's a safety net when banks are willing to give you good rates. And it's usually far more competitive terms than a student loan.
  15. Please negotiate your LOC

    This is potentially a stupid question but can you negotiate your LOC once you have it? My LOC is set up so the interest comes out of my chequing account, but I would prefer if it did the Scotiabank thing and just added the interest to the principal on my LOC. But is it too late to have this conversation? I haven't put any money on my LOC yet but I have had it for a year.