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  1. JD/MBA Dual Degree

    There's no set grade really, so I couldn't tell you. The person who would have a better idea is Graham Sue at Schulich. You could give him a call and he could give you an idea if you should write the GMAT or not.
  2. JD/MBA Dual Degree

    You don't need a 165 on the LSAT for them to waive the gmat. If your grades are fine, a 162 should suffice.
  3. I took civ pro this year, and although I used the most recent rule book, I used summaries from the previous two years and I had no issues. The changes are extremely minimal, so you should be fine with the 2016 edition
  4. I think a 1L student saying they excel at the practice of law would sound incredibly stupid.
  5. Dean's List Average

    You're right actually. First Year Distribution of Averages for 2014-2015 A+ = 0% A = 11% B+ = 35% B = 39% C+ = 13% C = 1% F = 1%
  6. Dean's List Average

    I believe the back of transcripts only shows the grade distributions for individual classes, not for overall GPAs. I've never seen anything that says X% of students have this overall average.
  7. Dean's List Average

    Where did you find this grade distribution chart?
  8. The response I usually get when inquiring about grades is all you need is a B+ average, so I take that to mean it'll leave you in a pretty good position with plenty of interviews, assuming the rest of your application is solid.
  9. Toronto 2016 2L Recruitment

    is the Ultra Vires report ever going to come out online?
  10. Osgoode Financial Statement

    I think you can still fill them out. I wanted to change something on mine and they let me fill it out again in March. I guess it was after I was accepted though so I'm not sure if that changes anything. Couldn't hurt to email them. And I also did end up getting a small scholarship and my stats were lower than that.
  11. 2016 applicants

    Never hurts to apply broadly. Just make sure all the schools you're applying to you would actually be happy with a degree from there.
  12. RBC LOC

    I think you should try speaking to someone else. Not sure if you have any other debt or anything that may have influenced this, but most LOCs from RBC are 80k prime +0.5. That's what mine is.
  13. UK or dual jd windsor?

    I said you can transfer out of the dual. You said not really. I know people who have transferred out, and you're saying you've transferred out. I'm saying its doable and that you can get around the policies. When I said it doesn't seem difficult to get around the policies, that wasn't implying that transferring in itself is easy. And perhaps it is difficult to get around the policies, but all I was saying was that transferring is a possibility
  14. UK or dual jd windsor?

    So you're saying you can transfer out of the dual. I know a few people who have successfully transferred out after first year, so if there are policies against it they're definitely not too difficult to get around
  15. 1L Summer Job Questions

    What kind of non law job? That's kind of broad, but depending on the job I would take it. Make some money, have an experience in a new city. Also depends on what you want to be doing when you graduate. If it's something related to what you would be doing at the clinic, then that might make more sense