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  1. I did this. As did my next door neighbour. It was fine and we slept well while others suffered lol
  2. Be sure to also check out NALP Canada
  3. Well this should be interesting...
  4. It's a professional degree and it's considered an undergraduate level of study since you can go on to get a masters and doctorate in law (llm and sjd).
  5. That's totally valid and I think most students would do themselves a huge service by relocating - at least temporarily - to be closer to work. Where it gets difficult is for students that have family responsibilities that don't allow them to pick up and go. Without outing myself too much, let's just say that once you start adding the "downtown tax" on childcare/parental care, an extra bedroom, etc it starts to get hairy. Someone's recommendation to look along the go line was a good one. Perhaps just a few stops away from union would be the sweet spot.
  6. Don't bother. The grades that got you deans list will speak for themselves. As mentioned, add it to your resume, sit back and watch the ocis roll in
  7. This is helpful. I know many students felt compelled to stay after most lawyers had gone, just out of fear of creating a poor impression (in the off chance someone walked by your office and you weren't there). I think half the challenge of articling will be "playing the game" or feeling like there is one to be played.
  8. How can one truly tell whether or not their firm requires face time? Mine says it's not required but I get a strong feeling that it is. Unfortunately as a student just can never really tell and articles is not the time to find out the hard way.
  9. I'm pretty sure the firm has a taxi policy - I never used it. I'm mostly worried about the toll a longer commute would take on me. I did a similar commute for summering and found it doable but exhausting. Even with a taxi I think I'd rather have that extra time to sleep or decompress. I'm trying to strike a balance between reasonable living expenses (since I live alone and don't have family help) and making myself available to the firm (read: optimizing chances of being hired back). It seems like a trivial thing but the length of time you take commutting really takes a toll.
  10. Hi All, I'll be articling at a full service firm next year and im wondering what your thoughts are on commuting 45-50 mins each way during articling. I did it while summering and didn't find that it was too terrible but I've been told that articling will be a different/more stressful beast. I was told that most people try to live close to the firm but financially that would be difficult for me. What are people's thoughts? Would moving closer make that much of a difference?
  11. Won't matter for law school admissions but it will make you more competitive for certain jobs. I'd get it if you can.
  12. I would recommend that you choose a keyboard/laptop that's very comfortable because you'll need to write your exams on them. To answer your question, most of your course books will have a PDF version available.
  13. The Wednesday was def a bad night. I strongly believed that I had landed a job, went out to celebrate with family, panicked at the realization that I was celebrating prematurely, nearly had a melt down. The entire dinner was spent reassuring me the firms would call. Lol. Don't do as I did folks
  14. This!!! The thank you emails were hands down the WORST part of the entire process. You get home absolutely drained then have to stay up til 2 am writing countless painful emails. I know some people pre-drafted emails before meeting with interviewers but this wouldn't have worked for me.
  15. Just wanted to point out that medical students also use a system. I think it's MS1-4 to denote their level of schooling. So... it's totally a thing