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  1. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Recruiters likely will tell candidates whether or not their firms do a lot of work in a given area but I think many (most?) students would be too afraid to ask. I would almost caution students against this. You don't want to accidentally appear less interested in a firm because you have your heart set on an area a firm doesnt practice. Chance are you have no idea of what working in that area of law actually entails and you're limiting yourself for no reason. How does someone with only 1 year of law school know that they absolutely MUST work in securities? or entertainment law? Look at my stupid user name. Do you think I practice healthlaw? LOL
  2. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Facing the lake or being chained to your desk? Doesnt matter - the answer is that both are common
  3. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Apart from asking people in the field, you can look at Chambers rankings for the area you're interested in. For example, if you were interested in management side Labour & Employment you'd be much better off working at Norton Rose, Faskens or a large boutique than working at any of the big 5.. BTW are we endorsing big 5? Is this a thing? Is it replacing the 7 sisters? Which arbitrary number of shiny prestigious firms should 0L strive towards?
  4. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    Good idea. There will only be a handful of students from each school who get a position. Being 1/15 from osgoode would narrow it down quite a bit lol
  5. No co-sign, no hope?

    Thank you! Co-signing a 6 figure loan is a huge favour to ask someone.
  6. No co-sign, no hope?

    I'm too lazy to read this whole thread, but the income contingent loan would be a fantastic option for OP... if you read the sentences after what HarveyS quoted, you'll see that your loans may be forgiven in part of in whole for each year of repayment depending on your income level. Granted OP, you would still have to cover food, living expenses etc. But if you live frugal enough OSAP would be able to cover books + cost of living and this program would cover tuition... I'm surprised to hear that more law schools don't have this.
  7. This setting doesn’t prevent the digest emails for some reason. And going into each threads setting is tedious. I may just have to block them through my email
  8. So I finally got annoyed enough to try to stop my daily/weekly ls.ca digest e-mails. Is going to EACH THREAD and turning off notifications really the only way to stop the emails? All my other email settings are turned off.
  9. Parkdale Intensive

    You have to indicate your interest when you first apply. If they were offering you a summer position it would have been in the same email as your clinic offer. Not everyone gets offered a summer position
  10. UK Law School

    I've actually seen a few articling position postings requesting Canadian JDs. Although I suppose this doesn't mean others are excluded from applying if they meet their NCA requirements. But I thought it was interesting that Canadian was specified
  11. Do employers look at your undergrad?

    I think having a Bcomm/BBA might make you a bit more appealing for business/corporate law... You can certainly leverage such a degree to demonstrate your interest in business law... but you're also not at a disadvantage if you don't have a business degree. Outside of that (and the STEM/IP law pairing) I can't think of any other undergrad degree that an employer would pay particular attention to. Actually, I do know that some public interest employers find social work degrees attractive, especially if you have co-op experience, which many BSWs tend to have
  12. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    Lol! I just noticed that the recruit threads for Toronto just say the year “2017 2L recruit”.. the ones for the other cities are always qualified with the city name. Damn special snowflakes torontonians!
  13. I'm a 3L, but as a 1L I struggled with exactly what you're describing. It's hard not to compare yourself to your peers because there aren't many other measures for you to determine how well you're doing in law school. On the one hand it can be a good thing, seeing everyone around you work hard may force you to kick it up a notch which cant hurt. But it can also create doubt and anxiety which obviously isnt helpful... anyway here is how I coped: 1. Studied at home. I found the library a little too intense for my liking so I stayed at home. This allowed me to focus on what I was doing without getting distracted (or anxious seeing everyone else in a study group while i studied solo.. turns out studying solo is what worked best for me) 2. Find your tribe. Find a group of friends that you can share your thoughts, feelings, anxieties, confusion, etc. with. It's helpful to find a group of people that you can discuss concepts and material with.. but you want to make sure these people don't create increased feelings of anxiety. 3. Limit your exposure to students who make you feel bad - I'm sure everyone small group has at least a few students who make it seem like they have all their sh*t together and they are just killing. This causes you to feel even worse because you're confused and they just "get it". First of all, they're frigin lying (lol). If there are people who brag about how well they're doing, how ahead they are, how many interviews for jobs/clinics they've booked etc. Just avoid them. 4. Talk to upper years - nothing makes 1Ls more anxious than other 1Ls.. I find that people just kind of repeat things (about jobs, important opportunities, etc) but its often not even accurate info... Its better to get advice from a 2 or 3L then a fellow confused 1L.