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  1. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    Obnoxious in what way? (You're very vague lol). But making inappropriate/offensive comments? Being generally unprofessional? I think it depends on what they're doing
  2. Summer before Lawschool?

    For the love of god don’t any of you dare read a case or try to “learn the law”. Savour these sweet precious moments where you get all the glory of being able to say you’re “in law school” without any of the pressures and stresses that go with it
  3. Top 25-30% of your class, interesting ECs, not super socially awkward/not a troll —> should get you were you want to go. Obviously nothing is guaranteed and great students fail to land jobs/ trolls get the jobs.. but these are averages
  4. Random and Insignificant Questions

    That’s the most common but a number of firms are also doing may 14 - aug 10 this year. Last year when I summered it was the same. It seems like most firms opt for the earlier start and end date
  5. Random and Insignificant Questions

    1. Used books are fine but wait for the syllabus. Sometimes profs will even tell you that the changes in the newer edition aren’t worth forking over the extra cash. I would wait until my first day of class before buying books 3. Summers are generally 12 weeks (either first week of May to first week of August or second week of May to second week of August depending on the firm) 4. If you do the jd/mba you can’t apply for the formal recruit during your very first summer. You would apply during your second summer (so assuming you did 1L and then your mba year you would apply during your mba year). You can still do RA and other type of positions though
  6. Low Odds, What Should I Do? (2.98)

    OP was a little ... optomistic but I don’t know if their post earned them a diplock awakening
  7. Suits For Men

    Depends on the context. Larger firm I would say everyday Monday-Thursday with a nice business causal look for Fridays. Legal clinic: likely only for court appearances, tribunals etc.
  8. Low Odds, What Should I Do? (2.98)

    With a 153 diagnostic (which isn’t terrible at all) you’re likely not going to break a 170 lsat. But even with a mid 160s lsat and 3.1 you still have a chance at some schools assuming your last two years of undergrad show strong grades. You have too many uncertain variables to accurately predict your chances. What should you do? Get the highest grades possible during your last year and study like heck for the lsat. There’s not much else anyone can tell you. No amount of volunteering, etc can overcome poor stats
  9. pay in gov vs pay in private firm

    Well I assume op is talking about big law in Toronto vs MAG since they quoted the Bay Street summer rate.. op you can find MAG lawyers’ salaries online because it’s public sector (anyone earning 6 figures). Granted you won’t know how long it took them to get to that salary but it’s a start
  10. Law school enrollment

    Ahhh see I assumed the Humber program was similar to collaborative program where you do 2 years at community college, do the final two in university and graduate with a degree. I have friends in law school who graduated from such programs and obviously had no issues getting into law school. Not sure how the applied bachelors would work. Thanks for clarifying
  11. Law school enrollment

    Hey there. I think you should be fine.. the degree portion is what matters. The schools you apply to may only consider the credits from your degree and not your diploma (depending on how they transfer). I would call osgoode to inquire further but I think it’s fine. Best of luck in you studies!
  12. Notifying schools of acceptances

    Yeah OP I didn’t think that’s going to work. Law school admissions aren’t like other graduate programs where you can leverage an acceptance from one school to improve/get an offer from another school. I know In the past, students with scholarships to other law schools have called admissions offices to inquire about their status because they had deadlines to accept their scholarships but that’s not the situation you’re in
  13. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    WHAT!?!!!!!!! I’m so mad that I’m learning about this in my last week of 3L. I’m actually mad lol. That hurts
  14. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    I use a coloured printer for my summaries because I use different colours to indicate different things. Ie: cases might be one colour, legislation might be another. I’m sure you could get away with black and white. I wouldn’t advise attempting to print large coloured documents at school though as it would be really costly. Alternatively you could get away with printing your notes in black and white and just use highlighters and pens to colour code things. That would be more than fine and would likely save you the extra money
  15. "Performance based courses"?

    I would assume they are taking about clinic based courses/placements etc which are performance based and not typically graded.... I could be wrong