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  1. Choices but strongly considering UofT

    ^^^ I've never heard this of UofT students either. There are reputations about most schools but I don't think any is known for having asshole students. Competitive? Sure. Assholes? Nah
  2. It never gets easy (IMO), but it certainly gets better. You'll be able to start taking classes you enjoy, you're more likely to be tested in ways that work better for you (ie: if you love papers but hate tests you can take more seminars), and you'll be more confident in your abilities. I think the hardest part of 1L (for me) was just the fear that I wouldn't be able to keep up with my peers/fear of the curve. It's also nerve wrecking to write your first set of exams. After 1L you know what the tests are like and you kind of know what to expect so it takes some of the pressure off. Plus there is more pressure to do well in 1L because you need those grades for various forms of recruitment.. that pressure is lessened in 2 and 3L
  3. Choices but strongly considering UofT

    I’m constantly confused by the advice to attend Osgoode over u of t as a cost saving measure. Our tuition at oz this year is $27,000 , u of t’s is $31-32,000? There is a difference but it’s nothing to write about.
  4. Its weird to quote myself but anyway... I made this comment in defence of Binnie because she started off by saying that she didnt want to argue the merit of prestige and was simply being honest about why she applied to the schools she did. I can respect someone who stands by their opinion no matter how unpopular. .. its funny that I also predicted that comment would turn this thread into ... this. Now look at where we are So predictable ls.ca
  5. I think Binnie has the right to feel however he or she wants to feel. This site gets so bent out of shape when someone admits that they value prestige and want to attend a school THAT THEY FEEL (and I guess those in their immediate circle feel) is prestigious. It may or not matter in the legal community but if someone derives some benefit from attending a school they feel good about what does it matter?
  6. I can see why. Plenty of Osgoode students go to NY every single year. The additional cost wouldn't have been justified at all
  7. When does an associate become partner?

    This is something I’ve wondered a lot about. @Uriel please chime in. Once you’re at the 3-5 year mark would a firm typically start grooming you for partnership or giving you warnings to improve on the things you lack? Or do they gently slide you the pink slip and a reference letter to go in-house one day? My concern (assuming I’m hired back of course) is that I think I’m doing a swell job and then on my 3rd anniversary I’m told to hit the road
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I don’t lack empathy nor do I think the process is perfect.. I just think peoples opinions and motivations for responding will be heavily influenced by their outcomes so UV should be read with a grain of salt. I probably could have stated that better..
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I also think an important thing to keep in mind is that the students most motivated to write lengthy responses are the ones that came out empty handed/with an offer but not from firm of choice... grain of salt people
  10. Opinions on my massive debt...

    It is a frightening amount of debt but I think it still makes sense because of the increased earning capacity. I think you have a very realistic sense of what income you can expect post law school. Based on that income, do you think you could live comfortably while repaying the debt? If not, how long would you have to live uncomfortably in order to pay that debt back aggressively? (and is this something you and you wife are okay with?) I think it also helps to think about whether you could accept the worst case scenario (ie: struggle to find summer employment/articles.. obtaining very low paying/no paying articles... struggle to find decent employment post call). I'll be in a similar position post graduation (~ 80K thanks to Osgoode's hefty tuition and Toronto's abusive rent prices). It's terrifying.. and if students (who are paying their own way) aren't terrified.. they fucking should be
  11. UBC v. Oz/Van v. TO

    This is so accurate it hurts! I actually love winter, but I wish we got the true, "children can frolic and make snow angels" type of snow instead of the wet, freezing rain/slushy crap we get because of our mild(ish) winters
  12. UBC v. Oz/Van v. TO

    Osgoode grading for lecture classes: A's - 15% B's - 60's (with 1/3rd being a B+) C's - 20% - 25% D/F - 5-0% (though people do get Ds)
  13. Chances, 3.86 cGPA 160 LSAT

    I got in in Jan with identical stats ... you’re in...
  14. [Split] Re discouraging advice on chances

    This! When you're efforts have almost always paid off (in some way) it's hard to contemplate situations where this is NOT the case.
  15. Chances 3.4 gpa, 168 LSAT

    What’s your L2? I say in later in the cycle (assuming a decent L2).... I can see you being a shoe in for Western