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  1. no idea, didn't dig too deep. giving up hope on the ones i haven't heard from and focusing on the ones i have heard from seems to be the best thing to do at this point...
  2. I know someone who's gotten a call from the City of Calgary. No idea about DOJ.
  3. Miller started yesterday afternoon. Any word on DLA Calgary or Shea Nerland?
  4. Field Edmonton has started
  5. nope I'm still holding out for both. Also, in no way am I suggesting with my posts that I've received interviews at all those places.
  6. gettin' close to the wire folks! McLeod Law and Field Calgary have started.
  7. Our CDO sent out an email yesterday saying the "reviewed" flag on viLawPortal has been buggy. FWIW, Field reviewed my app on the 18th or 19th.
  8. anyone hear from Lawson Lundell, DLA, Shea Nerland?
  9. Silence so far from everyone I know of.
  10. Anyone heard from Bishop Mackenzie or Parlee?
  11. Carbert Waite has started. Haven't heard about Miller.
  12. Bennett Jones has gone out. Also, c'mon people, these aren't trade secrets we're sharing.
  13. I've heard from/about: BLG, Fasken Martineau, Weir Bowen, Miles Davison, McLennan Ross Calgary, Nickerson Roberts. I'm guessing they're done.
  14. any word from Shea Nerland or Miles Davison? I've grapevine heard that Carscallen has started making calls. Also, Bryan & Co Edmonton has started.
  15. It may or may not be a bit early, but has anyone gotten any callbacks yet for interviews?