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  1. any word from Shea Nerland or Miles Davison? I've grapevine heard that Carscallen has started making calls. Also, Bryan & Co Edmonton has started.
  2. It may or may not be a bit early, but has anyone gotten any callbacks yet for interviews?
  3. there is another bike rack (covered) by the side entrance next to student services.
  4. "sacrifice" is contextual based on the individual. I don't know whether the person I'm referring to thinks they "sacrificed" anything, since it was their ultimate goal to transfer and they did everything possible to ensure it happened (which it did). I say that they "arguably" sacrificed some of the 1L experience in general terms because they may or may not have participated in ECs, or maybe they didn't go out often, or didn't try all that hard to make friends because they knew they would be leaving, etc. Again, what you want out of the 1L experience is gonna depend on you and your own goals. The only thing I wanted to suggest with my post is this: ride out your 1L year and don't close yourself off to opportunities in front of you, unless you are so hell-bent on transferring that nothing was going to stop you anyway.
  5. as someone who considered transferring after 1L but decided against it, I can tell you this: don't underestimate how much things can change in one year. I know of a couple of people who transferred from my school to one in their home province, and they had strong reasons for doing so, e.g. a serious relationship, or health issues. But they arguably sacrificed a lot of their 1L experience because transferring (and doing whatever was necessary to ensure it would be successful) was the only thing on their minds. In other words, unless you have a reason for transferring other than "I want to return to X city", no one is going to be able to tell you what your 1L experience will be like, which may play a big role in whether you decide to transfer or not.
  6. whatever you do, don't rent from Boardwalk.
  7. cliques forming is just part of law school in general, I think it applies everywhere. You'll naturally tend to bond more with people in your cohort since you spend 5-6 hours a day with them, but my friend group spans different cohorts and years. Really depends on how you make friends. Some friends will come and go, some will stick around. You might pick up an EC that you really get into and lose touch with people you thought were friends but were really more acquaintances. that schedule is how it's been the past couple of years, not sure if they're looking to shake things up. Mon-Thurs class from roughly 8/9am - 3ish pm, 1-1.5 hour breaks between classes. Friday is LRW + a small group section.
  8. There is one more call day scheduled for tomorrow. From what I gathered doing it last year, the calls are supposed to a) let people know and b) do some pre-scouting to see if other offers have been accepted so more acceptances can be sent out. but don't quote me on that.
  9. this may or may not be true, current 1Ls might be better informed than me though. My % average was converted directly to the 4.0 scale (I'm a current 2L).
  10. it depends on the profs, i had 1 failsafe and 1 midterm that dropped down to 10% if we did better on the final. besides, 10-25% midterms don't mean all that much if you improve a bunch on the final. I am also a BC'er who was surprised by Edmonton.
  11. if those are truly your numbers, you're good.
  12. based on the L2 they used to admit you.
  13. there are a ton of upper years in there.
  14. I think it depends on the school. My % from UBC was directly converted to the UofA 4.0 scale.