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  1. Still no articling job for 2018 - 2019. Anyone else?

  2. Deciding not to article?

    True point.
  3. Deciding not to article?

    Should I be insulted?
  4. Deciding not to article?

    I have a friend who wanted to skip articling and do government work and was told by someone who does the kind of work she wants to do that it would be a good idea to article and finish the process because apparently our generation has a reputation of not finishing what we start. That's not to say it can't work out as it's obviously anecdotal, but I suppose it's a case by case thing.
  5. Solicitor exam June 2018 - thoughts?

    I felt like the morning went well and then the afternoon was brutal for me. I guess we shall see. I just keep reminding myself that all I have to do is pass.
  6. Still no articling job for 2018 - 2019. Anyone else?

    Just wanted to check in and see how people were doing with their hunts. I just secured my position today.
  7. I guess all the universities outside Ontario count as 4th tier too because the rest of the country got no mention at all. I also went to a 4th tier university and was apparently a pity acceptance. We're so fortunate.
  8. Billable Hours v Actual Hours

    Hi everyone! I've recently been offered an articling position with a firm in the GTA. It's in the area of law I want to get into, but my only hesitation is that there is no base salary and pay is entirely based on a fee split (50/50) model. With this in mind I'm just wondering what a realistic amount of billable hours is as an articling student. How many hours does one usually work per billable hour? Obviously I realize that it will get easier over time and that the beginning will likely be really rough, but I'm just looking for some insight. My 2L summer job was salaried without any billable expectations (but unfortunately without the possibility of articling) so this is all kind of new to me.
  9. Still no articling job for 2018 - 2019. Anyone else?

    I'm in this boat as well. It's tough and no fun because, at least for me, I feel like I can't make any plans while almost all of my friends and classmates are starting to look for their new places and some are making travel plans. We just have to keep at the slog. Good luck.
  10. Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    In my experience by far the most common file type is landlord-tenant with the second most common probably being disability benefits files. As for babysitting a file, what that means can vary. Most likely it means there was no substantive work they got to do on the file - likely because the client disappeared off the radar/wasn't bringing them documents they needed/etc. Again, not necessarily the most common experience, but I have heard it from a few different people.
  11. Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    I'm a 3L at Queen's and I'd like to second basically what everyone else said. There's only a few things I'd like to add. 1. Volunteering with QLA can really be hit/miss depending on a lot of variables. Those variables include: the group you're assigned to, files distributed to said group, what files you actually end up with, and, of course your actual interests. QLA deals with a lot of different types of matters, but some of those types of matters are more common than others. You can express a preference to your group leader, but at the end of the day they can only do so much because it all depends on what walks in the door. Also, I know some people have had QLA experiences where they basically (and I quote) "babysat a file" all year and didn't get to do any substantive work. This is not to say that this is the norm, but just that it can happen. 2. Depending on your area of interest a PBSC project may be more valuable to you and your experience. There are PBSC projects available in a wider variety of areas - this year that included but was not limited to: immigration law, business/corporate law, family law, entertainment law, mental health law, and human rights. I did both QLA as a volunteer and PBSC and found the PBSC project much more useful to me personally. 3. Also, if you are interested in family law I know the family law clinic usually recruits a couple of 1Ls though it's generally quite competitive. Anyway, welcome to QL!
  12. I'm at Queen's and my understanding is that the numbers are a bit higher this year, but not too far out of range of business as usual here. We came into September with about 35% of the class being without articles and I believe it's down to about 15-20% of the class currently. Honestly, this depends on so many variables. How big the firm is, where it's located, areas of practice, etc. Good luck making your decision though and congratulations on being in the position you're in.
  13. Chances? cGPA 3.56/ 3.9 L2 / 3.83 B3 / LSAT 154 & ?

    I think you probably have a solid shot at Queen's for sure. That's an amazing L2 and a decent new LSAT (only a couple of points off of the average accepted at Queen's). I would suspect you also have a solid chance at Dal too, but I don't know as much about them.
  14. Undergrad Taking 4+ Years

    It took me 5 years to do my undergrad as well. As long as you can show at least some sort of possible reason for it I don't think law schools really care.
  15. Going into 4th year, advice on admissions/chances.

    I got into Queen's with a 3.36ish cGPA, a 3.5ish L2, and a 162 LSAT. Obviously individual years will be more or less competitive though. I heard from administration that last year was particularly competitive and if you ask my 1L Contracts prof he would likely say my year was full of dullards haha. So I guess what I'm saying is that as it stands you're probably somewhere in the borderlands and it will likely depend on the applicant pool as a whole (as it always does of course). Good luck! ETA: I also got into Western and did not apply to Dalhousie.