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  1. Accepted 2015

    I just received my admission letter. GPA: 3.78 (Honours history from McGill), 4.0 (Master's in History at the University of Toronto) No LSAT LORs: Two McGill profs, so I guess they're good. ECs: average, got some volunteering and a student exec position I got 3 scholarships worth a lot of money for my MA, which I think helped a lot.
  2. UdeM Fall 2015

    Well we have to accept and pay the 200$ before the 4th(1st fo April for the 200$ I think), so if we get accepted by McGill after that and accept we lose that 200$. Easy way for them to make money lol
  3. UdeM Fall 2015

    I'm officially in as well. I'm still waiting for a response from McGill, it's a shame that they only give me until April 4th to accept or decline but oh well. Glad to be in!
  4. UdeM Fall 2015

    If you did your Cegep in French (therefore passed L'épreuve uniforme de Français), then no.
  5. UdeM Fall 2015

    I have a 200.00$ deposit here, hopefully that means I'm in. 3.78/4.0 (90 credits), History, McGill. I did my Cegep in French so I don't need to do a French test.
  6. UdeM Fall 2015

    4/4.3 = 5-10% des étudiants? Wow, a McGill, où j'ai fais mon bac, le top 10% est à environ 3.73/4.0.
  7. I don’t react well to stress

    You should become a notary.
  8. UdeM Fall 2015

    J'ai aussi envoyé mes documents le 23 janvier (par courrier recommandé) et ils ont actualisé mon dossier mardi passé (le 2). J'imagine qu'ils vont actualiser ton dossier dans les jours qui viennent, ils ont un système assez bizarre.
  9. UdeM Fall 2015

    C'est un forum anglophone alors bon
  10. UdeM Fall 2015

    4.0/(4.0), 12 credits (Master's) at the University of Toronto. 3.78/(4.0), 90 credits from McGill University in History. From what I've heard I should get in, hopefully it's going to be the case.
  11. Even though my major is in a "soft subject"? I was unsure because I heard that for civil law schools they rate "hard subjects" much more. Ah well then, thanks a lot!
  12. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of applying to UdeM for 2015 and I was wondering if I had a decent chance of getting in with my GPA considering that it is in a "soft subject" (history). University: McGill CGPA (90 credits, degree completed): 3.78 (out of 4.0) Subject: History (major), Classics (minor) Thoughts? Thanks.