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  1. Is law school fun?

  2. Does anyone regret going to law school?

    Jane's given name was James... Janes net-worth wasn't the only thing to change over the past ten years.
  3. Ask a 1L student

    I wouldn't live with an undergrad, they are uhh... undergraddy. I would get a law school roommate so you can commiserate together when assignments are due. Or at least someone who is in post-grad.
  4. Ask a 1L student

    The content is generally easier; it is concerned more with LSUC rules, and pretty much just giving us the life advice of don't defraud your clients, etc. I can't yet speak to the difficulty of the exam, but they have given us three different options for evaluation ( a) 100% exam, b) three short papers and a 70% exam, c) one major research paper and a 70% exam). Most upper years advised us to take ethics in first year though as it is an easier class overall than corporate. And given that fewer people take it in first the class size is smaller so the curve is a bit easier to manage. Hope that helps!
  5. Ask a 1L student

    It varies. This year 150 students opted for corporate because they have a superstar prof teaching. So there is 20 of us who chose ethics. But in past years it has been a more even split.
  6. Ask a 1L student

    Courses are the full year, with the exception of picking up either ethics or corporate in February. LRWA runs until the end of January. The majority of the courses are 30% midterm in December and the remainder being the final exam and some semblance of participation factored over the entire year (usually only 5-10%).
  7. What does silence mean?

    No news is good news. Hang in there, but expect the worst.
  8. Osgoode vs. Western

    I can speak a bit to the clinics at Western. There are rather varied opportunities available. There is Community Legal Services that takes on 24 first-year students (I am in this one specifically so if you any questions about legal aid, etc. feel free to contact me), the Business Law clinic that takes on 8 students, IP that takes on around 4 (may be off on that one). There are other opportunities that are revolving like the Pro-Bono project, where you more or less get picked to work on one project of varying length and difficulty. There are also other things like the Dispute Resolution Clinic, they take on a few first-year students, and the Family law project. There are a lot of students competing -- pretty much everyone goes out for a CLS position or a Biz law position. But there are tons of opportunities to get involved in some capacity with the clinics other than in an official first-year position. Hope this helps! Edit/add-in: The full-year courses seem onerous but are actually a god send. You get cut some slack with december exams being mid-terms weighted around 30%, so you can afford to mess up a bit and have the time to figure out what went wrong before final exams. Also, this means buying only one set of textbooks for the year (unless you take corporate in first year -- if you take ethics Goodmans pays for your book).
  9. Ask a 1L student

    Current 1L. . Kijiji seems to be the best, I looked at the off-campus housing and found it was a lot of the same ads that were on kijiji. I got my place in July before the academic year started, there were lots available before that, and lots available after. There is still lots of for rent signs around town. Just look for the place that best works for you and go for it. Any additional advice would be to get a place closer to campus, the commute seems like forever when you're in exam time. I would recommend staying away from the downtown area, it is nice and lively-- just a little too lively. There is a lot of housing north of campus that seems to be popular with older 1Ls (as in they enjoy quiet 1Ls). I made the mistake of living downtown and I regret it with all the constant noise from undergrads getting wild almost every night of the week Hope this helps and I look forward to meeting you next year! If you have any other questions let me know!
  10. Workload in law school

    This 100%. I know some people who do zero work and just rely on an upper year summary and class time and other people who get to the library at 8:00 am, and don't leave until 8:00-9:00 pm at night. It's more about doing the amount of work that you absolutely need and then any extra work you need to try and excel.
  11. I am dubious of this deadline. If you only accept an offer provisionally will that offer lapse after the April 1st deadline? Or am I just being paranoid? Thanks!
  12. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Does anyone know if there is an accepted 2017 fb group yet?
  13. Reference Letters

    Thanks this is super helpful!
  14. Reference Letters

    Hey Everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had any insight into the date for reference forms to be into OLSAS. Is it imperative that they be in by November 1st? Or is there some lee-way? I am a bit terrified my professor have not sent my reference letters yet and am going to ask them this week, but I fear it may be too late. Thanks!

    Creepy question here. You're not in Public International Law with Trevor Purvis are you?