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  1. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    No, but those who criticized the benchers might, I think they missed the issue. I actually agree with your concern regarding gutting the limitations on section 1 in the administrative context of an increasingly administrative state.
  2. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    It would depend if the referendum question was crafted so as to cause minimal impairment and otherwise complied with s. 1. If it did comply, then I see no reason why the fact that the public body at large made the decision changes anything other than to ensure it was indeed the will of the organization.
  3. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I am concerned about language referring to the referendum as subjecting charter issues to the tyranny of the masses. The LSBC is a self governing institution and its members are its highest authority. It seems anti-democratic to me for the benchers to be deemed to have reneged on their responsibility by putting this issue to a vote.
  4. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    It doesn’t. Perhaps you’re assuming I don’t hold a religion.
  5. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Just because someone was brainwashed as a child doesn’t mean they have no choice as an adult, does it?
  6. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    And assuming the other woman knew you were married. Seems actionable to me. Of course it’s not but this just illustrates an inconsistency in our law because a similar offence to dignity such as disrespecting a religious garb could warrant damages.
  7. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Could you go to human rights tribunal for damages to your dignity caused by adultery on the basis of disregard for your family status?
  8. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    This is why religion should not be a protected ground. Or, if religion is a protected ground then family status should be as well, and there should be damages for harm caused by adultery. I don’t see how we can have it both ways.
  9. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Alright f it, where’s @maximumbob? get in here and eat some crow!
  10. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Oh I got confused and misread adrian’s post. I was siding with the majority here. But either way lol who cares is right.
  11. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    It’s almost worth going back and finding quotes to say I told you so. I won’t bother but I also took a lot of heat on here for sharing the same view.
  12. Small Firm IT Question (Paperless Management)

    Personally I’m glad we did not use Cleo or pro law for tney require full law firm integration and then it becomes more difficult to upgrade one aspect or another. For example, your form templates are different from your billing software which is different from your correspondence management. By using individual software for each aspect we have more control over time as new developments arise.
  13. Disillusioned?

    Shot of whiskey and some mouth wash in the morning?
  14. Lawyers dumping on Diamond are missing the point. They’re judging Diamond as a lawyer. Diamond is not a practicing lawyer, he is a marketing manager who obtained a law degree in order to meet the legal requirement that he be called to the bar in order to advertise and arrange referral fees. This says nothing about the quality of work performed by lawyers at Diamond and Diamond. If lawyers take issue with what Diamond is doing, suggest a change to the rules.
  15. I’ve seen this from applicants before and honestly I give them credit for leaving their previous work environment and would not hold it against them at all. Law is a mostly solitary practice and consequently every lawyer can be judged by their own individual work. You see exceptional lawyers in all areas of practice.