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  1. Student Average Hours/Week

    It really depends on group even within Davies or other shops with reputations. I know people at TO firms with that rep who don’t work the hours you’re thinking of. I’m at an NY firm reputed for bad hours and I know people with very reasonable lives. Even within M&A it depends on the partners you work for, etc. There are trends, but there is also significant variance.
  2. Very Anxious about Starting Law School

    With respect, I’d like to stress that I don’t even think this is the point. There is no book containing the secret code to an A from which one could rip pages. There is no way, literally, at all, for one 1L student to sabotage or cut-throat another 1L. It’s not merely a matter of people being no more mean than they are elsewhere; it’s that like in your other undergrad degree, there is simply no way in the normal course to fuck over other students. There is case law, upper year maps and lectures. Read the first two, listen to the third, and that’s pretty much the entire game. By upper years half your classmates are phoning it in anyway.
  3. Very Anxious about Starting Law School

    I didn’t go to Osgoode, but I can assure you that there is no meaningful sense in which people interactively compete in law school (other than moots). You are all writing the same exams and graded on curves, but that’s different. Except for a moot, you really never once have to look someone in the face in a competitive manner. There is, in other words, no actual way for someone to be cutthroat even if they want to be, and I’m firmly of the belief that law students/schools only have this reputation because they enjoy spreading it to make their experiences look more challenging than they were. There are jerks, but there are jerks everywhere. And I’m sure someone thought I was the jerk when I thought they were. In brief, it’s the same as everything else in life.
  4. Cambridge vs UofT

    Cambridge grads. The OP should talk to people from Cambridge. Not Canadian law students. It’s important, since one day you’ll practice, to know how to say, “I have no relevant or applicable knowledge or experience and you should seek people who do, because they exist and this is an important decision.” He or she should also talk to NY recruiters. They also know who can be recruited at their firm. Not you. You know there are professional lawyers, right? Like, at least dozens of them. Many of them will know each or some subset of those job markets better than you.
  5. Cambridge vs UofT

    By way of example, “rare enough” is not something that a firm would consider a positive. Grads from the top school in Berlin are rare in NY, but that does not mean they are desirable. OP, please take the advice of the practicing lawyers here and seek out people with specific knowledge.
  6. Cambridge vs UofT

    The above advice is wrong. There are people who know if Cambridge grads have a shot in NY. The obviously correct thing to do if you’re interested in keeping that path open is find them, not rely on Canadian law students with no experience. You wouldn’t ask @ludo to tell you which sandwich shop in Helsinki is best, you shouldn’t be relying on their advice for this either. And law students should know how to say ‘that’s not a question I can answer and there are people who can answer it’. Also, you don’t know the markets as well as anyone. Some of us work in them.
  7. Cambridge vs UofT

    The relevant point is that this is conjecture and no one should rely on it. I have not ever met a first year from Cambridge in NY and I have never heard a lawyer refer to those schools as prestigious or noteworthy. Whether that’s because none were interested, none were interested in my firm, or because we aren’t interested, I honestly don’t know. If OP thinks keeping NY open is important, they should talk to people who graduated from Cambridge to find out - they’ll be able to tell OP if anyone in their class did it. Do not talk to the school. Law schools tell you whatever you want to hear - they are salesmen and should be trusted to a commensurate degree, which is not at all.
  8. Cambridge vs UofT

    NY associate. I’ve never seen a 1st year from Cambridge. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but you should take a serious look into that on places other than the Canadian law school forum. OP should consider the JD/MBA at UT if it’s NY(/London)-or-bust. At least traditionally, they place better. It’s an extra year and an extra cost, but hey, you’re not going to be a magic circle trainee making un-London-able salary and sharing an office with a partner *shudder*.
  9. 1L "Black Letter" Courses

    Yeah, I've never heard any lawyer at my firm suggest that your crim mark is less important than your contracts mark. They're all just evidence of how well you perform against law school classmates. None of them serve as better or worse evidence of how well you'll execute corporate law tasks. I'm a mere plebe in the hiring process, but I do sit in (the rejects corner of) a room with people who matter and they've never mentioned that. If I heard one of our recruitment team say that, I would correct them. I don't think getting an A in contracts/C in crim means you'll be better at drafting than getting an A in crim/C in contracts. I think it means you're a B student.
  10. 1L "Black Letter" Courses

    Lawyers in recruitment said that? I have never heard anyone involved in hiring at my firm discuss grades as more or less important depending on the class. I do recall lots of 3Ls saying that, though.
  11. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    In other words, you missed the forest for the trees. The point isn't the PPP, the point is the nature of a significantly varied market that still maintains a more or less even associate payout. Focus on the business substance, not the shorthand, dude.
  12. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    Sure, but no one thinks the Vault 100 all take home the same amount. At all. So frame it another way - it's weird that the market currently compensates associates more or less like 100 law firms are equally profitable, when everyone in the market knows they aren't.
  13. 2017 Associate Salary Bump (Toronto)

    And, before we(/I) get all happy about NY law firms reasonably compensating their associates, let's just remember that 160k in 2007 terms = ~200k in 2018 terms. The post-crisis world is still a flat one for labor. Are partners in Toronto really struggling to keep up with inflation, or do they just think associates should?
  14. Job Satisfaction: Love and/or Money [spliced]

    I went through a Radiohead phase a month ago after not listening for a couple years. Remember the 90s? Remember Fight Club and American Beauty and grunge? Remember when the major life philosophy problem art confronted was, "sure I have a decent income, a job that leaves me free time, friends and interesting contemporaries, material stuff that I like and security...but is that really good?" What a weird decade.
  15. York Strike Problem

    Holy crow. Please don't say that again.