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  1. Merit based scholarships at UVic

    no clue about merit-based, but worth noting you cannot underplay how great the bursaries are at Uvic. Granted I came straight from undergrad, so no real savings and low income, but I have been blown away every year.
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    not op, but interested in the answer for the Vancouver process
  3. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Should I respond to the emails confirming the time of my infirm?
  4. Researching mobile app for law students

    Honestly, there is very little terminology to learn, and you never study terminology in law school.
  5. Glasses or not

    Snapchat spectacles, if it isn't in your story did you even interview? Good luck getting a job you did not interview for
  6. Interviews

    Still going through ocis myself, but the general feel I have gotten from this forum is that grades don't really matter once you are at the infirm stage. Putting in all the effort is worth it. Think about some of your classmates who didn't get any interviews, and what they would do to be in your spot, and now you are thinking maybe I shouldn't try very hard because I will fail? c'mon, you're better than that.
  7. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    From other threads sounds like anywhere from 4-10 students per job
  8. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Is it safe to say that what you have now is what you will get on Thursday (maybe plus one extra)?
  9. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    I'm not applying to Calgary, but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing the Calgary in firm are not as formal, and often are phrased like that, but it really means you should go. I would send you careers office an email or talk to an upper who went through the recruit.
  10. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    to the other readers, keep your chins up I just got my first ITC now
  11. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    In the same boat, seemed based on last years thread that some itc's went out in the afternoon, so we aren't out yet!
  12. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Time to see how often I can refresh my email now!
  13. Yup, my long summary is my reading and class notes combined together. Going into class it is just my reading notes, then after class I combine my class notes to it. also had a tip going into law school that worked for me, was to try and read your long summary before class/ once a week as it gets longer. Really helps you keep all the info fresh and helps you see the big picture.
  14. Start building your long summaries at the very beginning of the year. Then 2-3 weeks out from your exams/ once you are done all your readings start making your short outline that you will use for your exam. As a lawyer you you will need to work far longer than 8 hours a day, may as well start getting used to it now.