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  1. 2L vs Articling Recruit

    Interested in this for Vancouver as well
  2. Very Low Paid Articling Position

    You also don't even seem to be disagreeing with me, just stating a different proposition. Obviously as a professional you are worth something in monetary terms (represented by salary and net worth). What I was saying is that what you are worth in monetary terms is not tied to your intrinsic self worth.
  3. Very Low Paid Articling Position

    Kylie Jenner is worth 900 million and is on track to be the youngest billionaire ever. Do you believe she is intrinsically worth any more as a person as a result?
  4. Very Low Paid Articling Position

    How much you make does not reflect your worth as a person and how much some one pays you does not reflect how much they value you as a person. Using net worth as a proxy for self worth is a bad idea.
  5. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Firms don't call till Friday at 8. What have been been sent out are emails indicating if a firm intends to call you on Friday. Not all firms send out these emails, some just call. If you have not received an email from one of the firms listed in this thread, you likely won't get a call on Friday (still might given cancellations etc). If you have not received an email from a firm not listed in this thread, it is possible that they are simply not sending out itc emails. Which means you still might hear from them on friday.
  6. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Sure a firm may or can interview the same number of students, but are you aware of they actually do? I struggle to see any utility in interviewing 50 students for one spot
  7. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    My guess is that it is the same as firms likely offer a similar amount of interviews per spot
  8. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    To answer my own question, you can still receive itcs from firms listed above
  9. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Do firms typically send out all the itc's in one big batch or is there still potential to hear from some of the firms listed above?
  10. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Legacy tax has gone out
  11. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Through the grapevine, Blakes and Harper Grey have sent out itcs
  12. Despite what any of the rules say, it is pretty obvious that there is a chance that some firms will start reviewing applications upon receiving them and a student who submitted earlier may get a slight advantage over a student who submitted later. You can either whine about this, not worry about the slight potential disadvantage, or just submit your application early 2 of those options are sound ways to proceed
  13. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/49384-vancouver-20182019-articling-recruit/ link to last years thread, seems like lots of firms sent itcs last year depending how today goes, I may hope that last year was an outlier
  14. Bay Street Bonuses

    No, it would misleading to suggest that wasn't the case
  15. Bay Street Bonuses

    Not when they still get a cut of the profit the person gets from using that title haha