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  1. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    anyone have info on the size of bonus a lawyer can expect on top of their salary at the Vancouver firms?
  2. People will always pay for a perceived shortcut. Then confirmation bias will lead them to think the course was a good deal.
  3. I dont disagree that the programs can be useful, something can be useful and still be a waste of money. I more disagree that the student who takes a course has enough of an advantage over the student who cant take the course at to create a barrier to admission for the student who couldnt take the course.
  4. havent heard of the term blind review before, but a quick google suggests that it is basically exactly how I suggest studying.
  5. 10 more..... quadruple that number. Don't worry about doing all 4 sections in a row, nothing wrong with doing 1 or 2 at a time, but dont move past a test until you understand why you got every single wrong answer wrong.
  6. but you can get all that same knowledge from a little bit of time on google, so I find hard to believe it gives anyone a serious (or even a noticeable) edge.
  7. Is there any evidence that taking those expensive prep course actually offers any real advantage? They seemed like a complete waste of money to me.
  8. Is law school fun?

    I think enjoyable is better way to describe law school than fun. I would not describe law school as fun, but would describe it as enjoyable.
  9. Suits For Men

    12 ounce would still put you below 1% body fat, so I wouldnt worry too much About the suit at least, please see a doctor immediately about you body composition issue though, that you really need to worry about
  10. 0L Savings

    depends where you are going to school, slightly, but I would travel I went to law school with no savings, have been loc the whole way, and used that loc to travel for 3 weeks in my 1l summer, would do it again in an instance. go travel
  11. Med School is harder /end thread
  12. I bought Peterson's book last weekend, even more excited to start it now
  13. This is your answer
  14. Thanks for the reply I could ballot for law center during 3L as well, no guarantee I would get it, but I believe my chances would be fairly high. My concern with this would just be that, rather bluntly, the experience wouldn't be on my resume during the main article recruit. I pretty much bombed the OCI's, the only in firms I got was through the cancellation of other students. In hindsight i'm pretty sure I just didn't open up enough in the process, was too mechanical, and didn't appreciate how conversational the interview was meant to be. So nothing in particular that makes me undesirable for job openings, just didn't interview well. For practical experience, I was referring to law experience and professional experience more generally. I went direct from undergrad to law school. I did work both in highschool and my undergrad, but only in restaurants as a busser and waiter, no nine to five style jobs. I wasnt concerned about my past job experience during the oci process, but I do feel it is a gap on my resume and have heard law experience is more important during the articling recruit. Full transparency, I have for now accepted the spot, but I still can drop out. Edit: To add on, my final reason for accepting was simply that while I may be able to get a better opportunity elsewhere if I refrain, the advantage of a better opportunity seems fairly small, whereas if I refrain and end up failing to get another opportunity for legal work, the disadvantage is very high. So, on a risk reward basis, it only made sense. I have also gotten far more excited about the opportunity after thinking about it, which definitely weighed in favor.
  15. So I have failed to get a 2l summer job so far, but have just found out I have been accepted to UVIC's Law Center for the summer term. Law Centre is UVIC's clinical term, it counts as a full course load, you get temporary articles during the term, and handle many files. If I accept the offer, I would take it over the summer term, and be eligible to graduate after the fall semester. Graduating early would be nice, but not really a top priority. My main reason for considering the option is the practical experience it will put on my resume (which I feel I severely lack) and there is no guarantee that I will be able to find a 2l summer job to get practical experience if I say no. My apprehension is that firms will be put off by an early graduation or not consider the experience very highly. My goal is to get a big law job at Vancouver through the articling recruit. My grades were strong enough to get a healthy amount of OCI's and remained the same first term in 2l. How do you think accepting this would affect my chances of getting an articling job through the formal recruit, would graduating early been seen as a problem? Would firms accommodate an early PLTC or start date, or would I just end up spending 4 months twiddling my thumbs waiting to start? Conversely, if I strike out at the formal articling recruit, how would this affect my chances of getting articles elsewhere? Any other thoughts or consideration?