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  1. Why wait? I applied and got accepted during my third year. I took a heavy course load that spring and summer, finishing my degree before starting law school. Only applied to two schools, one looked at my fall marks when they came out, the other told me I had to wait till I also had my spring marks before they would look, so it depends. Just email the school and ask. While I have no regrets about the path I took, I will admit there really is no rush. Make sure you are fine with leaving university life behind. I would also recommend getting your ug degree if you take this path, even though you technically can go without.
  2. Suits For Men

    well that is what I was wondering, is there any risk? You seem to think there still is some, so barrel cuffs it is
  3. Suits For Men

    Thoughts on wearing French cuffs (simple metal ones, not gimmicky ones) during an interview? I love French cuffs, but have heard some people consider them a bit "douchey" on someone who is just starting, at least for day to day work. Would an interview (oci specifically) be formal enough that I don't need to worry about this, or should I play it safe and keep them at home?
  4. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Depends on the market, most vancouver firms do not contact you to confirm oci's or send rejections, at least this year. I only heard from two firms before getting my schedule and had applied to 20 or so firms. I know it is hard, as earlier today I was also stressing, but try not to worry about it, it's out of your hands now.
  5. Vancouver OCI Grades?

    Somebody else posted their result for future reference, seemed like a good idea. I got 10 ocis, my year at uvic is larger than their average class size by 10-20 students, future students can take that as they will.
  6. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    just heard back from Osler Vancouver for an oci (uvic). Through the grapevine I heard others got pfo's last week.
  7. Thoughts on 1L Grades for OCI

    Oh that makes more sense
  8. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Lawson Lundell Vancouver, uvic - pfo
  9. Thoughts on 1L Grades for OCI

    What does the 8/24 represent, in firm/ oci?
  10. you shouldn't just look at scholarship amount, look at tuition as well. A 10,000 scholarship to UofT would still mean paying over 10,000 more than a student with no scholarship at uvic (30,000+ tuition at uoft vs 10,000 at uvic) Also where you want to practice and live is far more important than scholarship amount or total cost, at least to me. Just to note as well, family income usually isnt considered anymore, your assets and income are what matter
  11. Bay Street Bonuses

    That would actually be a perfect answer for me. The gist i am getting though is "no, dont ask". Which is what I will do.
  12. Would a course prize be significant enough to justify sending an updated resume? The oci application deadline is not till september 6th, but I had already applied when I found out.
  13. Bay Street Bonuses

    is it taboo to ask about bonuses during the oci process? I know you shouldn't pick a firm based solely on compensation, but the difference between a potential 10 or 30% bonus doesn't seem irrelevant.
  14. "Senior Call Pays" Rule

    must be great to be a solicitor at your firm

    Some employers require students to submit their gpa on VIportal when applying. My percentage average is a B+ while my gpa is below a B+. Would it be beneficial to report my percentage average instead of my gpa?