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  1. While the response to the recruitment special is generally very good, there is reason to believe that it skews towards people who participated in Toronto OCIs who are much more likely to have good grades than those who don't.
  2. A few tips to for academic success: 1) Take as detailed notes in class as your attention span will allow you. Even if you can get the main gist down from the textbook, the little nuances are often what separate an HH from an H. 2) Ask upper year's for maps and summaries. Most people are happy to share, having no further use for them. 3) Make your own summaries and maps and then cross check them against the ones you received from others. The process of making them is more important than the finished product and you should be able to go through the exam without consulting your notes more than once or twice. Time pressure on exams is very real. I probably finished most undergraduate exams with more than an hour to spare. In law school, I never finished early once. 4) Do practice exams and review them with others. I never found study groups to be overly useful (asides from a few tight friendships), but I definitely formed groups to go over past exams and discuss the issues we spotted. In 1L, I would also ask a 2L or 3L friend to look over a practice exam you wrote so that they can ensure you're getting the format right.
  3. How do you think the collective personality of the '18 class compares with the '17 and '19?
  4. I'm putting the little flag thinks where individual chapters begin. I think adding tabs would be too cumbersome.
  5. Does current mean class of 2017 or 2018?
  6. If anyone has practice exams that they are allowed to share, I would be grateful. I have exhausted the supply that I purchased / was given.
  7. 1) I don't recall when they come out, but it's usually sometime afterwards. I think towards the middle of July. 2) The prizes do come with money, but it's generally a laughably small amount. One of the course prizes that I won had a purse of around $80.
  8. At your interviews, remember that Davies is a full service firm.
  9. Is seeking prestige acceptable as a means of quieting your crushing inferiority complex? I'm asking for a friend.
  10. Speak on that.
  11. I have no idea how you would translate the U of T grading system into a GPA.
  12. Assuming that you had the opportunity to get an LLM from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or Yale in a discipline relevant to commercial practice. Would it be worthwhile to do so?
  13. Except scholarship eligibility, in some cases.
  14. I'll say this, if you intend to practice in the human rights field, I would place an extreme premium on graduating with as little debt as possible. It will give you the flexibility to accept positions you otherwise would not be able to.
  15. As the title suggests, I'm interested in learning when Bay St. firms generally tell summer students that they'll be back to article.