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  1. If they ask for academic then give academic.
  2. LSAT vs MCAT

    The LSAT is an IQ test. It rewards 'studying' in the same way that you can learn to brute force a raven's matrix - operationalizing the common parts of the tests, memorizing the most basic permutations so you can do them in seconds, etc.
  3. Looking for some guidance

    Yikes. You need therapy. Google the phrase "external locus of control." If you'd had an epiphany and decided to get trained as a trauma nurse and spend the rest of your life helping people in refugee camps, or you were going to take a vow of poverty and donate your money to people who needed it more that would be laudable and understandable. The stuff in your post is small minded and pathological.
  4. Articling Jobs 2018

    I think you will be ok. I imagine that the solos willing to offer articles are not equipped to recruit a year in advance
  5. Your problem is just that you're kind of stupid.
  6. Going forward you need to have sharper instincts. Splitting hairs and willful blindness isn't cute. People are not exaggerating when they tell you that selective disclosure can keep you from being Called.
  7. Articling Exemption/Abridgment

    Just write the law society a letter explaining that you don't have any knowledge of how to close a real estate transaction/refinancing but would like to practice in that area without supervision.
  8. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Yes this seems to have been lifted from the U of T guide.
  9. Hired but snooping around

    You missed the boat to make $100k right out of articling as a lawyer. You could still start a paving business, do real estate sales, give special massages, whatever. Given that there is a bimodal salary distribution in the US that is essentially big law 160k+ / everyone else ~50-60k, I am also really skeptical that you found two lawyers in Michigan willing to pay a middling Canadian $100k out of the gate.
  10. Generally people do not need a cosigner full stop. Issues arise if you have significant non-student debt.
  11. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

  12. Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Every year people get calls bigly even though they got few/no ITCs.