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  1. Choices but strongly considering UofT

    If you're paying sticker at both the money will work out to $30k extra for U of T which is a huge difference. The reality of the job market is that you must be prepared to article for free and work post-Call for a true pittance if doing "social justice/indigenous rights" out of the gate is non negotiable. Especially given that you have aged out of the federal student jobs program which subsidizes a fair number of public interest articles. So that 30k may potentially hang around your neck for 5-10 years. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not know what the game is like right now. Random considerations since you probably won't be paying sticker: a) If your parents are still working and your wife is making money then U of T may not give you much at all. b) You should keep in mind that U of T frontloads their aid assessment to first year, it may be difficult to get a handle on what you will actually be paying. c) if you go to U of T you will qualify to live in family housing (which is really not bad) which will save you roughly $8000-12000 annually in housing costs assuming you'd be renting a 2 bedroom at market prices.
  2. My friend works in tech. No formal CS education, no school debt and 3 years of work experience. Just received equity worth about $1 million. Yes he pays $1500 to live in someone's living room but still.
  3. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    OP's boss sounds top decile for family law practitioners.
  4. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    I am sympathetic OP. If I had a choice between practicing family law and going slightly hungry (let's say 900 calories per day) I would choose to go hungry.
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I had some version of the "first choice" conversation with seven different lawyers from the same firm during two interviews and a dinner. I just danced around it, I guess because it was funny that they kept returning to it over and over again.
  6. I thought P/H/HH was a very sloppy attempt at falsely equivocating U of T to HYS.
  7. Good Character LSUC question

    it would be hilarious if you couldn't get licensed over a $45 fee
  8. Is the optional essay really optional?

    Then I would say that if you don't have a pressing access claim you should write 1 or 2...
  9. Is the optional essay really optional?

    When I wrote it the optional essay was not a chance to plead for "access". As I recall it was simply a couple of vaguely law related prompts. I looked at it as a few hundred words to show off your non-personal statement writing skills.
  10. Law school and exercise

    Law school was super easy/zero stress but maybe that's because I'm packing a fat hog and I have the receding hairline/lantern jaw/digit ratio that together scream "high T". YMMV if you are not a paragon of masculinity/hung like a fucking racehorse.
  11. TWU - The Big Show

    Jaggers is very concerned about the way teenage girls are dressing these days. He's spent a lot of time browsing some troubling tumblrs, believe him.
  12. TWU - The Big Show

    Yikes. Are libs truly this parochial?
  13. If they ask for academic then give academic.
  14. LSAT vs MCAT

    The LSAT is an IQ test. It rewards 'studying' in the same way that you can learn to brute force a raven's matrix - operationalizing the common parts of the tests, memorizing the most basic permutations so you can do them in seconds, etc.