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  1. I had a conversation with an authority figure at LSO/LSUC who thought the Law Society was obliged to provide a domestic law school seat for anyone who would otherwise have to go abroad.
  2. A lot of people are eating off of Diamond's plate. If you wanted to do PI you could do a hell of a lot worse.
  3. The one thing missing from this thread is an explanation of why OP wants to go to law school.
  4. The only lawyers I know who have soliciting experience are litigators fwiw
  5. I second ASDThrowaway's caution. There is a lot of self-help advice itt from neurotypical people that is largely inapplicable to you without drastic modification. That kind of well meaning ignorance is a good preview of how expectations are going to be set for your behaviour by clients/peers/superiors.
  6. Why do you want to be a lawyer?
  7. Hours : Targets, Expectations and Consequences

    I don't see how this isn't fraud...
  8. Advice for seeking articles in April / May of 3L

    Your work for clients and your employer is in fact a professional obligation that doesn't end when your work hours are technically finished. Your attitude is actually the baseline of competence to avoid liability. Providence touched it all but I think your "dance card" is incoherent. You won't do plaintiff personal injury... but you will do insurance work, which is just defending personal injuries and launching counterclaims which will sound a whole lot like plaintiffs' claims. And you will also do plaintiff's employment and human rights work. You want to avoid poverty law, but are willing to practice in family law, where you as the lawyer will be absolutely instrumental in impoverishing your clients and their children. You want to do solicitor's work, but refuse to do real estate... which is where most wealth is concentrated and which most transactions touch, even if indirectly via security interest. If any of this came out in conversation I would just have so many questions about why you have so many seemingly arbitrary limitations.
  9. Advice for seeking articles in April / May of 3L

    At this stage, yes!
  10. It's not about disagreement. The current vogue in megaposting appears to be writing tangential, autobiographical screeds that have really nothing to do with providing accurate, helpful advice to the OP and everything to do with self-aggrandizement and tweaking of other megaposters.
  11. Is like kudzu. It would be 'useful' if there was like a shadowban where if you reply more than say three times to a thread then your posts can only be seen by people who have also replied >3 times.
  12. Ask a 3L!

    There are a ton of kids with lawyer parents. Very "the son also rises".
  13. High LSAT (173), abysmal gpa (2.0)

    I had a similar split though my cumulative GPA wasn't quite as low (though sub 3) and I was admitted broadly. I could also point to a couple of years of 3.5+ performance
  14. Is law school fun?

    This used to be called "sprezzatura". Pretending to not give a shit about positional goods that are actually your sole locus of control.