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  1. Get a load of little Eichmann
  2. PSLOC declined

  3. Grades and being a Lawyer

    I think for some people the validation of grades becomes an end in itself. Once school is over they seek to simulate that external locus of control through hypergraphia on the forum. Query why these same people are apparently underutilized at home/work.
  4. Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    This thread is a good illustration of how 'prestige' makes people mentally ill even at a second degree remove. You have people deep into their professional lives, with families at home, who are spending their precious free time woulda coulda shoulda'ing
  5. I don't think the status quo in law serves students. My experience in the recruit was that employers were indifferent to my HHs in navel gazing and the law but were very interested in anything practice oriented - clinical work, summer jobs, practice skills courses. I don't think the status quo serves vulnerable clients, whose lawyers most likely got churned out of or never selected into the big firm training system. The only constituency that benefits is the professoriate. I think you've disingenuously misread my analogy to med school and it's not worthwhile to spend more time on you.
  6. I mean can you imagine if the med schools said "hey we are tired of having med students spend two years on pre-residency clerkship, it costs a lot of money and time. actually we are just going to fire any practicing physician who's on the faculty and instead hire a bunch of useless tits to teach vanity classes and charge a fortune for it."
  7. Nonresponsive to my post. You can treat this as an invitation to write 6 paragraphs about how no one ever gave you anything on a silver platter but you persevered in spite of hardship and now you're at the tippy top.
  8. Kind of nuts that students in a 3 year second entry professional program with nominal tuition of 100k (+ the goverment subsidy) is that they will teach themselves how to actually practice.
  9. I had a conversation with an authority figure at LSO/LSUC who thought the Law Society was obliged to provide a domestic law school seat for anyone who would otherwise have to go abroad.
  10. A lot of people are eating off of Diamond's plate. If you wanted to do PI you could do a hell of a lot worse.
  11. The one thing missing from this thread is an explanation of why OP wants to go to law school.
  12. The only lawyers I know who have soliciting experience are litigators fwiw
  13. I second ASDThrowaway's caution. There is a lot of self-help advice itt from neurotypical people that is largely inapplicable to you without drastic modification. That kind of well meaning ignorance is a good preview of how expectations are going to be set for your behaviour by clients/peers/superiors.