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  1. Going forward you need to have sharper instincts. Splitting hairs and willful blindness isn't cute. People are not exaggerating when they tell you that selective disclosure can keep you from being Called.
  2. Just write the law society a letter explaining that you don't have any knowledge of how to close a real estate transaction/refinancing but would like to practice in that area without supervision.
  3. Yes this seems to have been lifted from the U of T guide.
  4. You missed the boat to make $100k right out of articling as a lawyer. You could still start a paving business, do real estate sales, give special massages, whatever. Given that there is a bimodal salary distribution in the US that is essentially big law 160k+ / everyone else ~50-60k, I am also really skeptical that you found two lawyers in Michigan willing to pay a middling Canadian $100k out of the gate.
  5. Generally people do not need a cosigner full stop. Issues arise if you have significant non-student debt.
  6. MAG CRIA?
  7. Every year people get calls bigly even though they got few/no ITCs.
  8. Usually I start the session by handing over cash in an unmarked envelope.
  9. Just say thanks. Same way you should take a compliment.
  10. Law Job Exchange
  11. Your kid would go through life with an unsquished brain though
  12. This was not my experience doing English at U of T. There were postdocs and sessionals, yes, but they were very strong (and I was certainly sympathetic to their situation.) And regardless you could easily fill your courseload with smaller classes taught exclusively by tenured/tenure track profs and quasi-tenured instructors if you wanted. I thought the instruction and evaluation provided by all faculty was generally challenging and thoughtful, though the department was slacking on figuring out how to get English undergrads to hit at their weight in the job market.
  13. Downtown Legal Services (U of T's student legal aid clinic) is doing employment law now. They very well may read your contract for you since you qualify for their services as a U of T grad student. If DLS doesn't help you then I would start with , an up to date plain language guide to non-unionized employees' rights in Ontario.