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  1. First Year - Course Withdrawals

    I also had a couple of W's and I got in.
  2. UBC vs Dalhousie

    UBC has Sauder School of Business, I think it is good. But I agree with Conge, most lawyers in the corporate or in house positions do not have MBAs. During my recruit, a couple classmates of mine who had an MBAs did not do well in the Vancouver and Toronto recruit. So there are a lot of factors that play a role in the recruitment process. Ultimately, if you want to work in Vancouver I would go to UBC.
  3. UBC vs Dalhousie

    I would pick UBC. I am a current UBC student and I was able to secure a position in Toronto for the Summer. Most of my friends will be working in Vancouver. It seems like the Vancouver Market is doing well since it seems like most firms are quite busy.
  4. legal podcasts

    I really like lawyered by Husein Panju, its a Canadian Podcast.
  5. Queens vs Windsor

    Go to Queens, some firms (Davies, Torys) don't do OCIs in Windsor.
  6. How to Best Prepare for Law School

    Make sure you are a fast typer.
  7. U of T vs UBC

    If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. U of T vs UBC

    I am at UBC and I was able to secure a summer position on Bay Street. I know out of the 20 people that applied about 8 or 9 of us secured a summer position on Bay Street. So you can still find employment in Ontario by attending UBC.
  9. Opinions on my massive debt...

    Yes I can, but the rent is very expensive.
  10. Any Vancouver firms currently hiring summer students for 2018?

    Speculative. I heard someone had originally accepted the position but decided to take another path.
  11. Any Vancouver firms currently hiring summer students for 2018?

    I heard Dentons might be looking.
  12. I am also very interested in this.
  13. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Do you know when offers went out?