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  1. Practice Exams

    Hi, I bought the practice exams from Ontariolawexam. I am wondering where everyone else is getting their 2nd, 3rd practice exams? Are people really paying $150 for each set of practice exams? That seems like alot of money. If thats the case I will only be able to buy one additional set (but I hear some people spending 4 days on practice exams lol). Also what is the second best set of practice exams in your opinion (besides ontatiolawexam). I was looking at Bar exam crackers. Thanks
  2. Bar Exam Charts

    Hello, After doing some reading I see that many students seem to make use of some form of charts for the BAR EXAM? (Specifically for Barrister/Civil Procedure stuff I am assuming). Can anyone comment on this? What areas is this necessary for? Useful for Solicitors as well? I have not read any of the Barrister material yet but my current approach was to just know my index and TOC inside out and focus on getting my lookup recall down to a T. Are the Charts really necessary? What areas should I focus on? Also does anyone have charts from previous years I could use and update?? Thanks Another question... I have purchases index/exams from OntarioLaw Exam. Would you recommend getting another set of practice exams from another company? It seems that practice exams may be more useful than reading. If so which company would you recommend? Anyone have experience with BAR EXAM CRACKERS? (They include 50 page summaries as well! Note: If anyone had past charts of exams they would be willing to share would be much appreciated! Thanks
  3. Study time for Ontario Bar

    Just bringing this up again. I have confirmed my last exam is May 11th!. This gives me 5 1/2 weeks of combined study time. I think this should be doable for both tests in June. Any thoughts? I am planning on buying my indices from Ontario Law Exam
  4. Investing LOC

    haha I definitely won't be putting my student line of credit all into bitcoin, that I can say for sure. I also have few the missed opportunity tho, I remember seriously considering buying bitcoin when it was around $2,000. Didn't do it and now its at $11,000. Oh well, one day it will crash. For now I have a small stock holding in my TFSA (Around 10,000) and am looking at housing opportunities. If nothing arises, I am happy to put it into a mutual fund within the TFSA. I am also thinking of pulling out of the stock market soon as I see a crash happening in 2018.
  5. Big firm reputations?

    I get the impression, at least from the Calgary and Toronto market, (which I am familiar with) that the massive international firms are a tier below alot of the Canadian national firms. That is in terms of "quality" work. That is, if you were to break down the firms in these cities in tiers... the Blakes/Oslers/Stikemans would be above the Dentons/Norton Rose/DLA (In GENERAL).
  6. Investing LOC

    Is there somewhere to go to do more research on different mutual funds? I have looked into Mawer a bit and have a good idea about it. I am assuming you (Abii) have done lots of research on different funds? And Mawer were the ones that looked best to you?
  7. Investing LOC

    Also, why not get an ETF instead of a mutual fund. As I understand it the expenses are much cheaper. Are these more risky? Additionally, I am aware that the markets are at all time highs and have been steadily increasing for years. Any concern over a 2008 repeat?
  8. Investing LOC

    So would Scotia have a problem with me coming in and saying I want to invest the loan they gave me for school and invest it in a outside fund in a TFSA with them? I did have a meeting with them once about using my loan to buy a house. They said they can't actively encourage it but if they don't know where the moneys going then its fine (something to that effect) Also, I would be looking at a house in the Alberta market. Most likely Edmonton.
  9. Investing LOC

    I should have mentioned that if I do the mortgage.investment property option, I would probably go half in with my parents. If not that, then they would likely cosign for me. Also, I will be articling at a large Toronto firm in August so I will have income coming in at that point. Perhaps I would wait until I had income coming in. (I also would not be buying a house in toronto, would be buying in a smaller market out West, likely a newer multilevel where I can rent out the top and bottom floors separately. I have done the math on some of these and rental income can be close to 2700 - 3000 a month and monthly payments from 1500 - 1800 if renting out both floors Abii: Thanks for the insight that was really helpful. I definitely should contact Scotia and find out about the increasing interest rate. And to be clear, you are recommending putting mutual funds into my TFSA? I kind of forgot about TFSA, but I see this could have great tax advantages. So I think it comes down to maxing out my TFSA (with likely mutual funds, stocks are too risky especially since market is at all time high). Or Invest in a investment property with backing from my parents (Assuming interest rate does not go up after 5 years. Thanks
  10. Investing LOC

    I am in my final year of law school and thus have only used around $20,000 of my $100,000 line of credit. I received it at 3.2%. Now, it is starting to hit me that I only have access to this line of credit at this ridiculously low rate for another year. I feel like all law students have been given a gift in terms of access to capital (with no track record, other assets). I am thinking that the smartest play now would be to take out as much money as possible on the LOC and invest it elsewhere. Whatever returns I receive would likely cover the interest on the loan. Note that I have spoken to Bank reps about this (Specifically buying a house), and they said while they cannot directly encourage such behaviour, they note that a lot of students max out their lines of credit before they finish school for investment opportunities. Has anyone had experience with this or want to comment on this? I see a few options. 1. Buy a house... Most solid investment and safest I would say (long term). However if I was to do this I would be buying an investment property (to rent out) because I am articling in a different city that I would intend to buy in (familiarity). 2. Stock Market - Obviously risky. I do have experience with this however and would stick to safe investments. 3. Mutual Funds... Max out RRSPs??? Not much experience here... Anyone want to comment? Is it a good idea to invest in mutual funds on your own without going to an advisor? Thanks
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Hmm... I guess so, just basing it off my experience and what I've heard from others. In my case, I was brought back on Wed and it seemed like more of a formality than anything. Just to let me know that I was still receiving an offer. I only had a half hour chat with one senior lawyer about basically the same stuff I had talked about earlier and reiterating mutual intention, then I was on my way.
  12. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Im pretty sure if a firm is serious about giving an offer, they will want you back on Wed.
  13. Summer Student Salary @ Toronto Mid Size Firms

    I am fairly sure it is the same or almost the same as the big national firms. At least in the early years it is, I think the salary discrepancy gets bigger as the years go on. I got hired at a mid sized full service bay street firm and got 1450/week, and my first year associate salary (if hired back), will be the same as big firms (or marginally less).
  14. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I am from out of province and didn't do OCI's. I received two calls on call day morning (for interviews), I think also that only one firm sent an ITC email about a few weeks before.
  15. Study time for Ontario Bar

    I will probably not have to start on May 25th. My exam period goes from May 3-25th. However the exam schedule has not been released so it is a toss up. I could potentially be done mid May. Additionally, during regular exam period I put in 7 days a week 10-12 hour days without much sweat so I think I can hopefully manage. The one thing that I hope doesn't cause to much problems is the difference in the law between inter province. I have taken a lot of the cookie cutter courses in law school however not in Ontario. Thanks for the input everyone this this gives me a good idea. Edit: I also found out that I cannot write in March 2018, I have to write both in June.