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  1. I will be articling in Toronto and writing the bar exam this June. However I am from Alberta and attending school in Alberta currently. I am wondering if there is any way to write the Ontario Bar outside of Ontario (i.e. Alberta). As flying to Toronto in June to write two exams three weeks apart and then flying back to Alberta would be most inconvenient (Articling does not start until August). Thanks, I looked on The Law Society of Upper Canada and it only indicated that there are three testing locations (In Ontario for the Ontario Bar).
  2. 2L Bay Street positions

    having secured an articling position at a Bay Street firm (and being from outside of Ontario)... I can comment. I applied to Bay street firms and only received two interviews. I also had slightly better grades than you... (a few A's). I can also comment that I got pretty lucky and that the chances of receivingg an offer after the initial interview is extremely less than the chances of getting the interview. You really have to knock their socks off and show genuine interest in the firm. Nonetheless, apply to all the firms you want and see how many interviews you get. From what I've been told (even from recruiter at my firm)... they look at grades first, have a cut off, and select people to interview based on how impressive their resumes are. However, if you get your foot in the door with that interview... if you play your cards right and commit to a firm that shows interest back.. .you could land a position.
  3. I will be commencing my articles in Ontario in September 2018. I am in law school in Alberta but intend to practice in Ontario as that's where I am summering. So this all applies to me then? Also, the last requirement is in effect starting 2018-2019... This would still apply to my articling term? So basically, I will have 1 more month of vacation time (9 month article), and have to complete the exam the summer before I start articling?
  4. How Law School Destroyed Me

    ^^^ Why would you think that he wants to delete it or should delete it? Very inconsiderate. I would say to the OP that I would bet money that you are in the same position as a large "minority" or law students. The best thing you can do is just focus on you and trying not to worry about any outside influences or pressures. Don't feel obligated to form relationships in law school. Do what makes you happy in law school and don't worry about appearances. All that stuff doesn't matter following school anyways and you may find the firm you practice at has a much less toxic environment and actually fosters you.
  5. I will be working in Ontario. Similar materials are not offered for other provinces then?
  6. ***Also, is there anything one can do to prepare for a summer/articling in corporate/real estate? Ex: Say I don't take Commercial Real Estate Class due to an exchange.... Some basic research I can do to prepare myself on a base level for the work I will be doing? Or should I not worry about this and just walk in blind and learn as I go?
  7. Did you find that taking classes directly relevant to the area you are practicing very helpful? Or do most classes largely not help you when you are starting out (Like most people seem to say)? I am currently a second year. I will be practicing corporate/real estate law this summer and once I start articling. There are alot of classes still that I want to take that directly relate to commercial/real estate law. However I also really want to do an exchange next year. It seems that the classes you take on exchange are largely irrelevant as they will have nothing to do with Canadian law/practice. Right now the only think keeping me from doing an exchange is I want to take relevant classes that truly help me and lighten the learning curve when starting out. I would have to forgot some relevant classes in order to do the exchange. Any Input? Thanks
  8. Does UofA still have a Supp form?

    I'm a 2L and had to do it when I applied. Not sure about now
  9. Do you find any classes in particular very helpful when you started out? Particularily I was wondering about the following classes that are offered by my school: Personal Property Security Law Commercial Real Estate and Financing Trusts Thanks, I would like to have the best head start going into the summer and articling. However I know I have heard many classes do not really relate to practice.
  10. Wow, thanks KOMODO, very insightful. So would you say real estate generally have less hours as well as a more predictable schedule (and less pressure) than corporate? Also you mentioned Real Estate Law is very complex (which I have heard before), although to Law students it does not seem like it can be that complex. Do you think it is more complex and more of a learning curve than corporate? Also if you have any knowledge of securities in relation to this discussion I would love some brief comments. I am thinking however after this that I might choose Real Estate for my summer and then do my articling rotation in all departments. Probably easier to try real estate now then to start in corporate and make a decision to switch to Real Estate. Thanks again very helpful!
  11. I should clarify for my firm: The Business Law department: Corporate/Commercial, tax wills, estates The Real Estate department: Real Estate, banking, financial services Securities is seperate. I think you rotate through all departments during articling but the summer you pick one. I did have an initial interest in Real Estate, and I know it may be more of a silo practice area. I am wondering how different the deal closing/work in each are different? Real Estate seems like it would be very cut and dry and not as theoretical or research based. (Theres the proper way to arrive at the solution and once completed its done... put it to the side and on to the next)... Which in some ways I like the idea of completing something and putting a check mark and putting it in a box. This is one reason why I don't think I would like litigation as much as you can have lawsuits ongoing for years. I also think the practical knowledge would be invaluable (I guess you could say the same about corporate/commercial however). Any insight into summer student work differences and also long term work differences?
  12. I will be summering at a large firm this coming May and have the option of working in one of these departments. I am interested in both however obviously as a law student I still know a limited amount about what day to day practice would entail in either one. I am wondering if anyone has any insight into what kinds of things you would be doing on a day to day basis in both. Is one more/less intellectually stimulating than the other?... What kind of personalities vibe better with a real estate practice vs a corporate/commercial one? Also what career paths look like down the road and how interesting the work is. (Not that I will be bound to stick to these paths obviously). Thanks
  13. What was your OCI to In-Firm success rate?

    0 OCI, 2 In Firm, 1 Offer
  14. market modifiers

    does this mean that tuition will go back to being 11k a year for incoming students this year?
  15. Anyone made the switch from accounting to law?

    Anyone want to comment on the opportunities that may arise in the legal field? I am under the impression that almost everyone starts articling at a law firm and then once articles are done thee are other options?