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  1. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    There’s data publically available for articling and first year salaries in Vancouver. Does anyone have any insight on what a typical salary scale for years 2 onwards look like at a large downtown Vancouver corporate firm?
  2. Fasken and Norton Rose Toronto raises

    Speaking of salary scales..anyone have any information on Vancouver? Not much info other than the fact that most firms start at ~$100K for first year associates
  3. TRU vs SASK

    There's so many reasons why. Really, a high number of reasons. The best reasons. People have investigated these reasons and you won't believe what they've been finding. Some very intelligent people have told me that the number of reasons for picking Sask are just tremendous, Truly remarkable stuff.
  4. TRU vs SASK

    From what I know, Sask has a strong presence in Alberta. Might be the better option if you're set on working in Alberta. I don't know much about TRU placement rates and stuff
  5. Waitlisted 2016

    its irrational optimism man lol. I'm 99.7% sure I'm not getting in. but at #10, you actually might have a real good shot.
  6. Waitlisted 2016

    Hope you get in for the sake of your wife and child lol. I've improved but I'm still a longshot. Mid 70s...
  7. Waitlisted 2016

    thanks! wonder if the waitlist ends up going pretty deep then because of people declining. I would imagine by that deadline that people already have their plans in place for September lol
  8. Waitlisted 2016

    For those of you who were offered what was your acceptance deadline?
  9. Waitlisted 2016

    Come on, get down to the 80s! lol
  10. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2017/2018

    Yo dawg, you really confusing me right now.
  11. Suits?

    But, I love you Mike, and I would do anything for you. *Sniffles and wipes away tear*
  12. Balancing Firm Life with Life

    Late to the party, but I'll share my personal experience. I live in the burbs and used to commute to a non-law job downtown Vancouver. I would often stay late at work, and so I had no time to work out and I really messed with me. Not only did I lose the health benefits of working out, but I also couldn't do something that I really loved. Anyways, I started working out the mornings at a gym downtown near my work. My routine was to get my lunch and work clothes ready the night before. I would get up at 5 AM, brush my teeth and wash my face, no shower. I would make and eat breakfast speedily, and be out the door at about 5:15-5:20 with my work suit in a garment bag. I would get to my downtown gym by 6 am (no traffic at that time- so glorious!!). The gym I went to had an empty weight room because all the patrons used the squash courts instead. Anyways, I would finish my workout by about 7:15, shower at the gym and get ready. I would step foot out of the gym by around 7:30, and I would have a protein shake and a light meal at that time. I would be in the office by around 8 on most days. I was always the most productive in the mornings because of my workout. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that its doable. But, you'll have to sacrifice. In my case, I sacrificed an extra hour of sleep and a lot of weeknight outings. The first 2 weeks of getting up at 5 were murder but it got easier as time went on. Preworkout wil become your new best friend.
  13. How did you all succeed in undergrad?

    I didn't hit my peak in undergrad until I started to genuinely enjoy school. I mean, it wasn't as fun as going out and getting hammered every weekend, but I still enjoyed going to class. The reason for this was because my confidence increased after I really made a conscious effort to understand material. Honestly, the biggest change I made to my study habits was that I after I read a chapter, I would jot down maybe 3-4 sentences describing the who, what, when, where, why, and how. Seriously, grade school stuff, but it worked. So my advice to you, similar to others, is to try and enjoy school. You will do better. Find something in the material that interests you. Find a friend who you enjoy discussing material with. Undergrad should be a fun time in your life, but you don't have to limit the fun to outside the classroom. Basically, be like me and become a nerd who loves school.
  14. Suits?

    Rachel, Jessica, and Donna make it worth watching though. Wouldn't you agree?
  15. Suits For Men

    I had a great experience so I have to share: For those of you who are willing to spend a little more money or your suit, I highly recommend Blair Shapiro in Vancouver. His made to measure and custom suiting not cheap by any means, but they are reasonably priced. You could probably get a made to measure from him cheaper than Harry Rosen/ Holt Renfrew. And the service is incredible. You can also ask him about his experiences suiting NBA and NHL players. Like I said, pricey but still reasonable. Highly recommended. http://www.blairshapera.com/index.php