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  1. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Haha, well can you give me a number or percentage? I’m curious to know because I’m starting articles at a big firm soon. Who knows, maybe we’re going to be colleagues (we’ll never know)
  2. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    At 45-55 hours, do you find that you’re hitting your billable target for the year? Oh, and what are the bonuses like if you hit them?
  3. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Those hours don’t seem to bad. How much of those 45-55 would you say are billable?
  4. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    Congrats! How many hours are working a day, on average? How would your billable target compare to those in Toronto or Calgary?
  5. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    So, I'm guessing its all of the nationals + the big regionals like Farris and Lawson Lundell. Anyways, I'm gonna try and force your hand into an AMA lol. What is your year of call, and did you start off as an articling student or 1st year associate at a downtown Van firm? Or did you lateral in from elsewhere?
  6. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    1. Please do that AMA 2. Any update on the firms who are adopting that scale? Doesn’t look like NALP has been updated. Only firm I see with a $101K first year associate salary is Stikeman
  7. Potential Vancouver Salary Bump?

    There’s data publically available for articling and first year salaries in Vancouver. Does anyone have any insight on what a typical salary scale for years 2 onwards look like at a large downtown Vancouver corporate firm?
  8. Fasken and Norton Rose Toronto raises

    Speaking of salary scales..anyone have any information on Vancouver? Not much info other than the fact that most firms start at ~$100K for first year associates
  9. TRU vs SASK

    There's so many reasons why. Really, a high number of reasons. The best reasons. People have investigated these reasons and you won't believe what they've been finding. Some very intelligent people have told me that the number of reasons for picking Sask are just tremendous, Truly remarkable stuff.
  10. TRU vs SASK

    From what I know, Sask has a strong presence in Alberta. Might be the better option if you're set on working in Alberta. I don't know much about TRU placement rates and stuff
  11. Waitlisted 2016

    its irrational optimism man lol. I'm 99.7% sure I'm not getting in. but at #10, you actually might have a real good shot.
  12. Waitlisted 2016

    Hope you get in for the sake of your wife and child lol. I've improved but I'm still a longshot. Mid 70s...
  13. Waitlisted 2016

    thanks! wonder if the waitlist ends up going pretty deep then because of people declining. I would imagine by that deadline that people already have their plans in place for September lol
  14. Waitlisted 2016

    For those of you who were offered what was your acceptance deadline?
  15. Waitlisted 2016

    Come on, get down to the 80s! lol