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  1. Has Queen's Changed its Evaluation Criteria for Admission?

    I've noticed something similar with Western. Their latest brochure only states mean L2 and omits CGPA. I imagine this trend will be welcomed by many.
  2. GPA Calculation Question

    If your 60th credit ends in the middle of a semester, include the entire semester.
  3. Queen's CGPA or L2/B2 GPA?

    Look harder. They have a full class profile which includes CGPA.
  4. UAlberta Transcript timing

    I can continue to hope, then.
  5. UAlberta Transcript timing

    They got back to me and it looks like they actually do have the same policy as Calgary. If you're still a student when you apply, they won't review your application until they receive your term one grades. That really sucks because I was hoping for a morale boosting early offer.
  6. UAlberta Transcript timing

    I'm having the same issue. My application status was updated to say they've received my transcript but need to see my registration for both terms this year. I know Calgary says to only send transcripts after term 1 grades have been released, if you're still a student, however, there's nowhere on Alberta's website that states that. I've sent them an email with a letter of enrolment stating how many credits I'm taking in each semester this year and I'm hoping that's enough.
  7. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    I was merely playing devil's advocate.
  8. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Just to play devil's advocate, perhaps they'd like to maintain a respectable yield rate?
  9. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    If someone with a good GPA took 5 or 6 years to graduate, I don't think schools would care.
  10. Chances? cGPA 3.56/ 3.9 L2 / 3.83 B3 / LSAT 154 & ?

    In your case, I don't see the point in rewriting.
  11. Chances? cGPA 3.56/ 3.9 L2 / 3.83 B3 / LSAT 154 & ?

    Congratulations on the score improvement. You should receive a positive response from Queen's and Western sometime between January and March 2018. I also think you'll hear from Dal this December.
  12. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    Why would not working throughout your degree be a minus? To answer your question though, I'd say, assuming you write a decent personal statement, you're basically in at every school apart from U of T. You might hear back positively from U of T in late March though.
  13. How do I deal with a referee on sabbatical?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I was a bit hesitant to ask for a home address so I definitely won't be doing that now. I've emailed him to ask if electronic copies of the papers will be fine and I'm waiting for his reply.
  14. Towards the end of last semester, I spoke with three profs about my law school application and they agreed to write references for me. I later found out, though, that one of the profs is on sabbatical this year. The prof in question requested me to provide him with copies of all the papers I had written for him to aid in his reference letter. He obviously won't be on campus this year since he's on sabbatical. I was considering emailing him to ask for his home address to post the papers to him but I'm not sure if that would be too forward, plus I'm not even sure if he's in Vancouver at the moment, or what is travel schedule is like. I'm not really sure how to deal with this situation and was hoping to get advice from anyone who's dealt with similar circumstances or anyone in general who has a good idea of what to do. Thank you.
  15. Chances? 3.95 CGPA, LSAT 154/155

    Could you please elaborate? Schools seem to have put a significant degree of thought into the questions, especially Western's second essay this year.