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  1. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    It's been updated in the last two hours. All my documents are in and I'm officially "under evaluation".
  2. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    It's bloody frustrating. Why is OLSAS so incompetent that they need more than a month after the deadline they gave us to forward all our documents to the schools? People are already being accepted and I haven't even gotten confirmation emails from all my Ontario schools.
  3. Accepted 2018

  4. Confirmation of Application: Western and Osgoode

    I haven't heard from any of those schools either.
  5. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    I still only have my LSAT marked as received.
  6. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    Your theory holds water.
  7. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    Never mind, I've seen. Alberta hasn't even asked for my LSAT yet and I applied there in July. Strange.
  8. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    You can check that? How?
  9. I just checked my status and it says my application is incomplete and documents required for analysis are missing. Only my LSAT score is marked as received. I don't understand because I applied and submitted all my documents to OLSAS very early in October. Does anyone else have this issue?
  10. GPA on OLSAS

    The website states that GPA will be posted in mid-December. In the meantime, however, you can calculate it yourself using the conversion table they've kindly provided.
  11. Damn, that's really early. Congratulations.
  12. Confirmation of Application

    No idea, maybe they're releasing the acknowledgements in waves?
  13. Confirmation of Application

    You can calculate it yourself with the conversion table they provide.