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  1. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    It should be.
  2. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    The two aren't mutually exclusive. I've enjoyed all the activities that I planned to do before applying and have met some great people along the way.
  3. Scotiabank LOC application process experience

    So where exactly does knowledge of Scotiabank's "internal workings" enter the fray?
  4. Scotiabank LOC application process experience

    I was responding specifically to the other poster's comment and not to any of yours. You were treated in an unprofessional manner which was unfortunate. What ticked me off was rebeccius' claim that knowing the right person to contact was impossible without knowing the "inner workings" of Scotiabank.
  5. Scotiabank LOC application process experience

    It's called doing your due diligence. That list is very clearly displayed on Scotiabank's PLSOC website. It's pretty hard to miss it. http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,628,00.html
  6. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    This is why it's so important to start planning your law school application from your first day of undergrad, or even the summer before you start uni. You need to have a list of what student leadership positions, internships, scholarships etc you need to have under your belt in three years time when you're ready to apply for law school.
  7. What are examples of "strong" ECs?

    To add to what Providence said, simply being a member of a club really doesn't add anything to your resume. If I were you, I'd only discuss club activity on the OLSAS application if you had an exec position. (a proper one, not something like VP logistics).
  8. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    I see. Thanks.
  9. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    I'm thinking over whether I should sell my printer or bring it with me. As a law student, is there a lot of printing you have to do?
  10. How did you feel after you accepted?

    I let out a loud scream at 5 AM in the morning and probably woke my roommate.
  11. Osgoode Housing Options

    The page with the Osgoode Chambers rent shows a different rate for regular and large 1 bedrooms, (http://studenthousing.info.yorku.ca/yorkapts/rates/) however, when I was submitting my application there was only the option for a 1 bedroom, without being able to choose whether it was regular or large. Will I be randomly assigned either of the two options or will housing services let me decide?
  12. U Alberta or Osgoode

    Did you have to fly out to Alberta or were these phone interviews?
  13. U Alberta or Osgoode

    That would explain why he was playing up Queen's so much.
  14. Waitlisted 2018

    Do you mind sharing the topic of your PS? It might be useful for future applicants to know what works and what doesn't.
  15. U Alberta or Osgoode

    I'm pretty sure canadians use the TN visa. The fact that you don't know that makes me me question everything in your post, no offence.