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  1. But the thing is, there hasn't been any waves since April right (with the exception of a few people that got in after interviews/discretionary applicants)? Shouldn't the class still be nearly 1/3 empty
  2. My LSAT is also 166. Lower gpa though
  3. Got the same email, I took the Feb lsat
  4. Thanks! UofT would be the dream but guess that's out of the question
  5. Chances with new LSAT score? Cgpa: 3.35 (Olsas confirmed) B3: 3.51 L2: 3.6 Highest LSAT: 166 Applied to all schools in Ontario
  6. Similar to the above posters, I am also curious as to what factors of Dal you disliked since I am also considering the school
  7. Out of curiosity, what would you guys do if you email asking for a reference and they don't respond within a few days?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Part B only for diversity/people with other circumstances that might have affect their performance? I was under the impression that for a lot of us, we technically aren't supposed to fill out part b.
  9. I'm interested in this as well. Is there a possibility if say, someone is working at an international biglaw firm and get transferred to an office in another country? I know that this is a possibility with a lot of big multinational firms (not law) but not sure if this is likely for a law firm considering the fact that every country has different laws etc.
  10. Are you planning to call OLSAS about it?
  11. You should definitely follow up since that sounds like a potentially huge mistake on their end!
  12. I just posted this on another thread but did any of yours come out lower than expected? I recalculated mine a few times (using both school conversion scales and ryn's website) and the olsas one still came out lower.
  13. Did anyone have a different OLSAS cgpa than what they calculated themselves? I just recalculated my gpa using both my school gpa calculator and the gpa calculator posted by ryn on lawstudents and my calculation still came up as higher than the one OLSAS has for me on file.
  14. Congrads!! I have very, very similar stats to you and was told I was only borderline so this gives me hope.
  15. Actually? People were saying that I had a chance at Western/Queens and "maybe" Oz since it is holistic with even lower stats than the OP (3.42 cgpa and 163, albeit higher L2). If anything I think that a 167 LSAT will get the OP in somewhere in Ontario.