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  1. Right. Makes sense. So basically there's a rough, informal ranking system they've internally created.
  2. So, just to clarify, do you mean those within the first batch of people added to the waitlist are those that are likely to get high ranks and numbers?
  3. Do people ever get accepted from the waitlist before the numbers and ranks are released?
  4. Just checked uoZone and I'm on the waitlist. No idea what to think! It says it's an unnumbered waitlist. GPA: 3.83 LSAT: 154 My LSAT is definitely the culprit. Praying for a good number though!
  5. I spoke with admissions a while back as well, and they told me the same thing. They review files up until the end of May. I think they only release the waitlist once all files have been reviewed. Could be wrong on this, but I am just connecting things together since I read somewhere else on this board that someone said admissions told them the waitlist will be out around the end of May. It brings me some peace knowing this will only be going on for about another month
  6. The wait is just killing me. I just want to hear something. I've (we've) been waiting for about five months now. I've been having to deal with telling my family members and friends basically daily now that I haven't gotten in. It just stings. I'm praying for the best, but preparing for the worst. I've found some pretty cool government job postings that I am going to apply to now that I have graduated. Hopefully I'll get it and hopefully it'll make the pill easier to swallow lol
  7. I didn't apply to Queen's, but I can definitely sympathize with what you're feeling. I haven't been accepted to the only school I applied to, even though many people have reported acceptances (on many occasions) with lower stats than me. At any rate, and if you don't get in this cycle, you should re-apply because your stats def seem good enough. It seems like half the battle is just getting someone to read your app before the class gets full. I think the process is more the culprit than are your stats. So hopefully, and if it comes to reapplying, the process would have treated you better next time. I'm hoping for an acceptance for you this cycle though!
  8. Being under evaluation does not mean you are on a waitlist. Being under evaluation means they have not made a decision on your file/have not reviewed you yet.
  9. Were the acceptances we saw on the weekend considered the wave we anticipated after the deadline, or should we be expecting more this week?
  10. Wouldn't your scenario fall within the 'very few circumstances' outlined by the poster?
  11. You can most likely get into any school in Canada with that 175.
  12. Just preparing you lol. I'm not saying it will happen, but it is good to be aware. I'm in the same boat as you, so I feel what you're going through.
  13. Could go on past June. You could be put on the waitlist, but won't know if you're accepted until past June.
  14. Like I said, I personally think you can get accepted to at least one Ontario school with a 165+, especially if your L2 is 3.7+. Ontario law schools appear to love those LSATs.
  15. People get into law school all the time with GPAs around yours. I'd argue the LSAT matters more, from trends on these boards, than does one's GPA. People rarely get into law school with shitty LSATs (yes, the odd ones do, but it's rare), but frequently get in with lower GPAs. Mind you, they have great LSATs. My point is that your GPA is not a complete, absolute detriment, assuming you at least score 165+.