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  1. What are law school offers conditional upon?

    I don't think it's your current GPA. I had friends who had conditional offers that said they had to maintain a 70% (much lower than their GPA).
  2. Ontario Chances? (cGPA 3.61, L2 3.84, 157)

    I see your posts around here every so often so I wanted to chime in to say good luck this cycle! I'll be watching for your name in the accepted threads!
  3. Chances 3.72 OLSAS GPA, 151 LSAT.

    It is possible. It has been done before. But people squeezing in with your stats appear to be the anomaly rather than the norm. If you do get in, it would probably be off the waitlist. Save yourself the gruelling summer of waiting and rewrite in December for a better score. You still have time to study for a write in December, like the poster above me said. Even a 155 would put you in a much, much better position. 157+ is pretty much a lock with your GPA. Good luck!
  4. Such a moving story. Good luck to you.
  5. Question for uOttawa Admission

    People rewrite the LSAT all the time. Rewriting is not an indicator you are not fully committed to a particular school. It is an indicator you are trying to make your application as strong as possible. Ottawa will not infer you are not committed to them because you are retaking the LSAT.
  6. LSAT rewrite and admissions timeline

    Two things can happen if a school assesses you while you are waiting for your December result: 1. they accept you; 2. they don't make a decision because they know you are waiting for your December score. The flip side, of course, is that they don't get to your file while you are waiting for your December result. This means they will end up reviewing you after you have your December result comes in. In previous years, no-one has been accepted rejected before the end of January (around the time the scores should come out). So no, a particular school will not reject you before you get your LSAT score. In my opinion, and if paying for the LSAT is not a problem, there is no issue in writing in December.
  7. Personal Statements?

    Refer to this link: UofT also has sample statements online.
  8. They probably thought the judges have secret powers enabling them to change how old they look as they please
  9. HELP! Rolling admissions 2018?

    https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ Use that to convert your GPA. Find your school's number below the chart. Then refer to that number on the chart. Convert each of your grades according to the associated GPA value on the chart. Add the numbers up and then divide by how many courses you took.
  10. Sketch- Verifiers

    I would still personally add someone as a verifier, even if OLSAS lets you proceed without adding one. Looks kinda sketchy to not have one. Good luck this cycle!
  11. Sketch- Verifiers

    I don't think you can add an entry without associating a verifier with that activity. Did you have a partner for the mock trial? I imagine you can use your partner as a verifier if you had one. I honestly don't see the harm in using anyone involved in that mock trial as a verifier. A verifier does not need to strictly be from someone who managed the mock trial event. It could even be someone who was on the opposing team.
  12. Sorry, I thought you saying you want to apply for November 2018 meant you are applying this cycle for entry in September 2018. But you are applying in 2018, for entry in 2019. You can write in June then. You also have unlimited writes, as someone alluded to earlier.
  13. You must not only write in June if you are applying this cycle. The latest LSAT accepted is the Feb administration. Some schools don't even accept this administration.
  14. Transcript disappeared from OLSAS

    I think calling the authority itself (whether it’s OLSAS or the admissions office or anything else) will almost always be a good choice
  15. Looking for some guidance

    Why not write the December LSAT and submit your applications by the November 1st deadline? You may not be a shoe-in, like MB said. But you never know what can happen. You are obviously not the same person you were 20+ years ago in undergrad, something I think the schools would consider. Having apps submitted seems better than not having apps submitted, even if you want to prepare and think about plan B (the NCA route) while you are waiting for a decision from the schools.