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  1. Law School Chances - What should I do?? Help

    That's Chief Justice Dickson, actually.
  2. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Congrats all! I'm a current 1L. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/queries about Ottawa.
  3. any thoughts on Windsor vs Victoria?

    This could be true. But I am simply saying the Red Wings do not provide awesome sporting events. https://www.nhl.com/standings/2017/league
  4. any thoughts on Windsor vs Victoria?

    Never claimed Ottawa was a host to awesome sporting events.
  5. any thoughts on Windsor vs Victoria?

    I hope you’re not talking about the Red Wings because they definitely do not provide awesome sporting events - unless you consider watching them lose all the time to be an awesome sporting event?
  6. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    I can definitely attest to your statement. Thanks for the encouragement
  7. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    Yeah, I agree. Maybe using the word horrible was a bit extreme. I should be more humble about this stuff. Thanks for your input
  8. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    Thanks for the message. You are correct. I am applying at my law school's legal clinic. It is a paid position. Students basically work on files with review counsel. I was already viewing the crown summer positions for 1Ls and 2Ls, but there were no positions in the city I live in. I don't know how feasible it would have been to move during the summer to work. Plus, I only came across I think only 1L position. The rest were 2L positions. At any rate, I decided against applying because I figured I could apply to my school to work at the legal clinic. I am in the process of making my resume and cover letter And @lioness - thank you for the post. However, I have been told that that my grades are not necessarily 'bad'. This confusion was the reason why I initially posted in this thread. I thought a B average was horrible. I am not sure if you read what my average was elsewhere, but if you did, is a B actually bad? (if you read this maximumbob - I am sorry. I know you said a B average is average, but this post reignited my fear).
  9. Under Evaluation since November 17th

    Don't worry. This it not uncommon. January is considered early in the cycle. You have a good chance of getting in. It is simply a waiting game at this point.
  10. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    Hi, Sorry for the delay. And again, thank you for all these detailed posts. I just want to bring up three points. First, I think I am more interested in the Crown side. How, if at all, does this change your advice? Second, let's just assume that the couple of C+s that I got on my midterms were final grades. I do believe I can raise my average to higher than a B, where it currently stands, by the end of law school. How badly will those C+s come back to haunt me? I know you said the C in torts (which was actually a C+ lol ) doesn't matter, but I am not sure if you are giving that advice on the basis of it being a final, or a midterm grade. Third, I am applying to the Legal Clinic at school for 1L summer. I have the following questions about cover letters: What do you suggest I put in my cover letter? Should I try to "explain away" the couple of C+s? You mentioned service earlier. I have some retail experience from before law school. I also have some pro bono experience from before law school as well. Are these the kinds of experiences you are referring to? Should I even bring this up in my cover letter? If there is one thing I absolutely must, must, must include, what would it be? Thanks Hegdis
  11. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    These posts were amazing. Really. They were absolutely fantastic. Thank you SO much. Just wanted to quickly post and say I am going to respond to all of this tomorrow Just didn't want you thinking I was leaving you high and dry! Again, thank you so, so much.
  12. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    That is so reassuring haha. Profs at my school also said if your average is B or higher then you are doing well. But I just didn’t know how true that is. Profs say the same thing in undergrad, even though a B in undergrad isn’t that good. But it seems like it’s actually true for law school.
  13. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    You're not being mean. I came to this board because I like honesty. So thank you for that. You are right though. I had straight As in undergrad so the grades I am getting now are a bit of a shock. It will take some getting used to. I guess I just needed reassurance that I should not think I am absolutely screwed with a B average. I just wanted reassurance that I can still work in criminal law. And I think it seems like I can. So again thank you. Thank you Hegdis. That means a lot. If you're still up to it, I would like to hear anything else you have to say. It's always satisfying to read your posts and advice. I will never turn down being spoken to by you I was worried that my grades, even though not final grades, might close some criminal law doors. I am interested in defence or Crown work. And to everyone else who chimed in, thank you very much. Reading the posts was reassuring. I won't lie, I told myself I should just drop out now to save myself the time and money (I know, that is probably very dramatic). But I won't anymore. So really, thank you.
  14. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    You mentioned average grades. Is a B average with a couple C+s considered average? I’m not interested in Bay Street. I’m interested in criminal law. Let’s just say I maintain these exact grades. Will they close the door to criminal law work? One midterm I got the C+ on was worth 60%. However, if I do better on the final in April, it will be worth 60% and the midterm from fall will be worth 40%. And like I mentioned above the other midterm I got the C+ on is for a fail safe course.
  15. D+ average in 1L: Feel Broken

    They are all midterm grades. One course I got the C+ in is fail safe. If I get a higher mark on the final in April it is worth 100%. What I meant about not being sure of what’s good and what’s not good is within the context of landing a job. I am not sure what grades employers generally look for. I am not sure what if any doors my current grades will close if I do not raise them next term. Yes, the other C+ was in torts. The only other evaluation for that course is a final in April.