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  1. I don't come from a rich family by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I have lived in a single parent home since I was a child, with money having always been tight. I managed to maintain a 3.85 during university while working part time to support myself. I had no other choice but to persevere and make the best of my situation. It was my only option. I agree with the other posters in saying it is unfair to make the assumption only those who get good grades have done so as a result of their privileged background.
  2. I'll leave this here so you can connect the dots
  3. Yeah lol I don't know what to say buddy
  4. I'm sure Ottawa has a rough idea of the rankings for everyone by this point. My best guess for why we saw people get accepted from the waitlist is because spots opened up, so they referred to the people who were ranked, though informally ranked, at the top of the waitlist. Admitting from the waitlist before ranks are released seems to be somewhat of a trend now, since the same thing happened last year too.
  5. I was reading the waitlist thread and I thought you got accepted as number 13?
  6. Good point. I never really thought of people on the waitlist having firm accepted elsewhere, forcing Ottawa to take them off the waitlist and sending an offer to the person next in line. That's more of a reason of why the waitlist moves after the July deadline. It could also be true that Ottawa sent an offer to someone on the waitlist who rejected that offer for personal reasons, for instance, such as not having enough time to move (if they aren't from Ottawa), having gotten a job, ditched the idea of going to law school, etc. This would then again force Ottawa to move to the next person in line
  7. The bulk of the waitlist movement last year was actually in the weeks after the July deadline. Someone on Ottawa's waitlist thread last year posted, on July 22nd, that the admissions committee admitted the 100th person on the waitlist. This seems to make sense, I guess, only if assuming lots of people provisionally accepted but didn't let that provisional turn into a firm acceptance before the deadline, leaving plenty of space in the class for Ottawa to fill from the waitlist. I was more so curious about why and how people get accepted off the waitlist in late August and early September, but jdhopeful is probably right - unforeseen circumstances forcing them to withdraw.
  8. I'm slightly confused. It seems like when someone firm accepts their offer, they are unable to rescind their response, forcing them to attend that school. This means the core class will basically be established at particular schools after the July 4th deadline. But how do waitlist offers play into this? If the core class is set, why would people get accepted off the waitlist after the July 4th deadline? The top 100 people on Ottawa's waitlist got admitted last year, but that seems like a massive number to me. Edit: I understand how waitlist offers would be made in the weeks after the July 4th deadline. It makes sense for some spots to be empty just after the deadline because of people firm accepting at the first choice school, leaving their second or third choice to have empty seats. But Ottawa has accepted people off the waitlist in August and even the first week of September. Why would this happen? Sorry for somewhat derailing the thread, but it seems relevant since it's about offers, the July 4th deadline and Ontario schools.
  9. Sigh... read this whole thread. I don't even want to comment because I don't like getting involved in these shit show threads, but OP you need a major attitude check buddy. You are way too defensive in an immature way
  10. Thanks for the advice folks It's kind of a shame my LSAT is so low given my GPA, so it might be a blessing in disguise if I don't make it off the waitlist because then I could rewrite. I think if I can score 4 points higher, which doesn't seem unrealistic at all, then I would have way more options next cycle
  11. Yeah, I have definitely studied past waitlist threads. Last cycle the top 100 people got in, as you mentioned. It's just so hard predicting what my rank will be. Someone with a 3.8/152 was ranked #13, and someone with a 3.86 (I think - or maybe a 3.88) with a 156 was ranked #11. I'm just not sure how useful those stats are in predicting, because I don't know if this cycle was more competitive than last. The only reason I even wrote my last post is because I don't know if I should start studying now for the sept administration. I know I am getting the rank in about two weeks, but those two weeks are critical for studying purposes, especially since the sept administration is coming up quick.
  12. Hi everyone, So, update: got rejected from the hiring process. It really sucks, I know. I'll get rid of all the suspense and mysterious vibes to say it was with CSIS. You were right, PerisoeusCanadensis! But of course I couldn't have admitted that before I was cautious of revealing it because, firstly, they specifically told me to not discuss my applications with anyone and, secondly, because, depending on how far I would have gotten in the hiring process, they would have started to monitor my posts on this board, since this board is considered an "open source" - and they investigate all open sources as part of the top security clearance process. I would have gotten into lots of shit if they found out I disclosed on this public board. I'm not that uptight to have not admitted what the agency was on my own will - I was only secretive about it because I didn't wanna get in shit by them. So it truly had nothing to do with any of you folks. But yeah, I'm not letting the rejection get to me because I think it had something to do with my age. I am only 23, so I think they may have thought I am too young to work there. That's just my own speculation, though, because I honestly felt like the interview went well. C'est la vie I guess At any rate, I'm back at square one - waiting on Ottawa's waitlist lol. Does anyone want to provide some sort of assessment on what my chances are? Does anyone want to take a guess of a rough rank I'll be given? My GPA is 3.83, but, with the marks from the semester that just passed, it jumps to a 3.85 (not sure if Ottawa will use the 3.85 though) and my LSAT is 154 (I know). I would normally be fine with just waiting for my rank instead of asking for an evaluation, but I am trying to reasonably speculate my chances because I am trying to figure out whether I should start studying now for the sept LSAT administration. I also want to highlight that I generally have thick skin - so please please don't be hesitant about providing negative feedback. I much prefer straight up, blunt answers. Thanks everyone!! Edit: @kiamia I was right all along! They did ask if I had any other applications pending, at which point I said I am on the waitlist at law school. Maybe that played a role in the rejection, but who knows
  13. Won't influence your application insofar as you won't be receiving early admission. That's really all that would be affected. You will also have to indicate on your OLSAS app that you will be writing the Dec administration.
  14. I think that's what LSAC wants. Seems like a money grab to me
  15. The amount of administrations per year has been increased to now include writes in January, March and November starting in 2018