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  1. The curve is definitely frightening. Thanks so much for your input though. It's so reassuring. Seems like you and I had different experiences. The readings are pretty heavy at my school. I also had somewhat of a background in law before law school. So my concern is opposite to your situation when you were in 1L - it's about quantity for me, not novelty. But I think you're right - it gets better with experience. Don't get me wrong though. I wouldn't trade what I am doing for anything. I am happy to put in the work. I enjoy putting in the work - it's satisfying. I am very happy right now. But I was just saying I hope 2L/3L is different workload wise. Seems like it is, because of the developed experience. Thanks for your input
  2. Yes, I am very excited to be able to pick my own courses in upper years. Thanks so much for your help though Really appreciate it.
  3. So basically the stress still exists, but it exists within a different context. Yeah, I figured the stress would not evaporate. But in terms of workload and school/life balance, does it get better in 2L? Maybe you already answered this when you said it depends on the person. But I would appreciate any insight on the workload of 2L compared to 1L.
  4. Not to derail, but is this true? Does it actually get better after 1L? Dying over here.
  5. OLSAS GPA Calculated and Posted on OUAC

    Haha - that I cannot comment on. My undergrad was one of the few for which OLSAS did not make us pay to have our transcripts submitted. But for the other schools, I would imagine you have to pay again, yes.
  6. OLSAS GPA Calculated and Posted on OUAC

    Yes. Request to submit your fall transcript the same way you requested to have your transcript submitted when you initially applied.
  7. OLSAS GPA Calculated and Posted on OUAC

    You must submit your fall transcripts when all your fall semester's grades are in. The GPA will update shortly after OLSAS receives the transcript.
  8. Chances CGPA 3.5, L2 3.85, 161?

    Yes, you should get an offer. Probably sometime between January and March.
  9. Do Law Students Wear Backpacks?

    1. It depends. I personally don't have a locker. None of my friends do either. I bring the books I need for that day to school with me. 2. Not all use backpacks. But a good chunk do. It is common. On a typical day, I bring my laptop, notebooks, textbooks and my lunch. Each person is different. The backpack needs to be big enough to carry what you bring to school. That is an obvious answer, but no one can answer this question but you, since we don't know what you will be bringing to school.
  10. Status changed to "posted"?

    Same status appeared for me last year. It'll go away. It doesn't mean anything in particular, other than the system is experiencing a glitch.
  11. Should we expect early admission starting tomorrow?

    They do not speak with certainty. It could be true that offers start before the start of December.
  12. Oh man there is so much to say about 1L so far. I have been having a blast. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But I don't want to derail the thread. I am more than willing to chat through PM!
  13. I want to stay in Ottawa. I like the city and am comfortable here. I want to be a crown, though, so I am not opposed to moving if I get offered that kind of job elsewhere.
  14. I only applied to Ottawa. I lived in Ottawa before law school. I did not want to move away for school because I did not want to use a loan to pay for rent. It's risky applying to only one school, but I'm happy I got in Edit: I know this thread is for law applicants, and not law students, but I just wanted to chime in and give some perspective!
  15. "Under evaluation"?

    It does not mean you are actually under evaluation. It means they have received all components of your application.