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  1. Ask a 1L student

    1. I don't have a good answer since I wasn't part of this, sorry! 2. It will depend on you. I was interested in the area, so getting a chance to learn about it early on helped cement that yeah, this is what I like. It's also professor-dependant. By taking it in 1L, I had a better prof then the one who taught when I was in 2L. But if you're not interested in it and trying to get it out of the way? I don't think it matters.
  2. Ask a 1L student

    There are also lots of committees looking for 1L members - check the SLS Daily. In previous years there has been a sort of Western Law club/committee fair, so if they do that again, there are usually opportunities presented at that event.
  3. Summary for Sinel Torts

    Try posting in the 2L or 3L class groups on Facebook - someone should be able to help you out.
  4. OTLATLS course questions

    The OTLATLS memo isn't worth 5%, but it's basically practice for your 5% LRWA memo (which probably hasn't been assigned yet).
  5. Ask a 1L student

    I drove with all-seasons, and with all-weathers. I don't have straight snow tires, but I did notice a difference with the all-weathers. For those telling you London is some kind of snowpocalypse...they're wrong. Yeah, it snows. More than Vancouver or Toronto. But the crazy snowstorms have been fairly infrequent during my time in London. Get some snow boots, and a warm jacket, and you will be fine. It's not a frozen wasteland for 6 months of the year. And it really, truly doesn't snow that much.
  6. Western JD/MBA Start Date

    This is a question for either Western Law admissions (but Law starts in September), or more likely Ivey admissions. I'd send them an email to clarify.
  7. Ask a 1L student

    I mean, there are a lot of people who like to drink. But you don't have to go to the Dennings, and there are many who don't. If that's not your scene (it's not mine!), there are lots of other fun things to do. You could also go and not drink - most of the others will be too drunk to notice/care. Huron College lot. Really close to the law building, and has never been full in the two years I've been at Western.
  8. Ask a 1L student

    Join "UWO Law Text Book Sale Hub" (on FB) for books. For furniture, try "I Want This Gone!" or "Free & For Sale" (both on FB). If you need links to any of these, let me know.
  9. Huron parking lot. Not as close as the graduate lots, but a lot closer than the other undergrad lots.
  10. QMUL (Queen Mary UoL) vs. Western Law

    Western has a number of international internships (including one in London, UK), so that's always an option. As is an exchange, if you want an international experience but a Canadian law degree.
  11. Queen's vs Western

    I've never had an issue getting into courses I want - that's the joy of the bidding system. I spent less than half of my bid points last year, and got into every class I wanted (mostly corporate classes). If anyone is concerned about getting into classes, especially corporate ones - I wouldn't be.
  12. 1L Housing??

    I would suggest off, but that's my personal preference.
  13. 1L Housing??

    There are not many law students living on campus, but I know some who live in Bayfield or London Hall. If you decide you want some quieter off-campus suggestions, feel free to send me a message!
  14. Possibly unique transcripts.

    I believe USask takes your best 2 full years - they don't have to be your last 2.
  15. Ask a 1L student

    520 Talbot, 544 Talbot, 675 Richmond, 695 Richmond, 205 Oxford, 180 Mill St.