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  1. I drove with all-seasons, and with all-weathers. I don't have straight snow tires, but I did notice a difference with the all-weathers. For those telling you London is some kind of snowpocalypse...they're wrong. Yeah, it snows. More than Vancouver or Toronto. But the crazy snowstorms have been fairly infrequent during my time in London. Get some snow boots, and a warm jacket, and you will be fine. It's not a frozen wasteland for 6 months of the year. And it really, truly doesn't snow that much.
  2. This is a question for either Western Law admissions (but Law starts in September), or more likely Ivey admissions. I'd send them an email to clarify.
  3. I mean, there are a lot of people who like to drink. But you don't have to go to the Dennings, and there are many who don't. If that's not your scene (it's not mine!), there are lots of other fun things to do. You could also go and not drink - most of the others will be too drunk to notice/care. Huron College lot. Really close to the law building, and has never been full in the two years I've been at Western.
  4. Join "UWO Law Text Book Sale Hub" (on FB) for books. For furniture, try "I Want This Gone!" or "Free & For Sale" (both on FB). If you need links to any of these, let me know.
  5. Huron parking lot. Not as close as the graduate lots, but a lot closer than the other undergrad lots.
  6. Western has a number of international internships (including one in London, UK), so that's always an option. As is an exchange, if you want an international experience but a Canadian law degree.
  7. I've never had an issue getting into courses I want - that's the joy of the bidding system. I spent less than half of my bid points last year, and got into every class I wanted (mostly corporate classes). If anyone is concerned about getting into classes, especially corporate ones - I wouldn't be.
  8. I would suggest off, but that's my personal preference.
  9. There are not many law students living on campus, but I know some who live in Bayfield or London Hall. If you decide you want some quieter off-campus suggestions, feel free to send me a message!
  10. I believe USask takes your best 2 full years - they don't have to be your last 2.
  11. 520 Talbot, 544 Talbot, 675 Richmond, 695 Richmond, 205 Oxford, 180 Mill St.
  12. Western still has lots of networking events & classes taught by lawyers from Toronto. I wouldn't be overly concerned about that.
  13. I can only answer for Western: 1) There are quite a few options - some classes in health law, lots of great international law classes, some litigation & criminal classes, and some general practice type classes (family, wills, real estate). I don't think you'd be in trouble if you switched focus - out of my friends, I am the only one interested in business law. 2) Depends on who you are friends with. If you aren't interested in partying, you won't be the only one, and can find like-minded friends. 3) Really? Maybe Weldon (huge library for the entire campus), which is a depressing block of concrete favoured by undergrads. But the law library is nice and quiet, and you have access to all the other ones on campus (I have heard Ivey has a nice one, but haven't been over there). Plus, there are study rooms outside the library that are law student only. 4) There are seedy parts of London, for sure (Richmond & Dundas), but nothing that has made me feel particularly unsafe. The main part of downtown (where you would be frequenting) is fine. Lots of people around, lots of students, lots going on. I think the people who say London is "boring" are the people who never go anywhere except Richmond (main street downtown) and campus - there are fun things to do if you are willing to leave the "Western bubble".
  14. It's tough to answer these, because the streams are fairly new. But I can take a stab at it: 1) Do most students adhere to one of the streams? Does it come up in conversation much? The only one I have heard a fair bit about is the IPIT stream. It has never come up in conversation for me. 2) Apart from guidance on course selection, what is the benefit of streams? I think that is the main benefit, and possibly the transcript notation. It helps demonstrate interest in an area, and for some streams, helps admin when they are looking at what courses to offer. 3) What is the capstone course? Is it essentially a more interactive version of a regular law course? I haven't been able to find much information on this. This year (this semester, actually) is the first time these have been offered. I'm not in one, so can't comment. 4) For the business law are concentration, I know you get that notated on your transcript (not sure about the other areas). Is this relevant at all? Do firms take this into consideration when hiring? There's no real way to say, because nobody would have graduated yet with this on their transcript. It's so new that I don't think it has been relevant yet.
  15. I went to part-time (3 courses) my last semester of undergrad, and got into a number of schools (including some ON schools). I had taken 4 classes per semester for my last 2 years, due to taking some summer classes early in my degree.