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  1. Bursary Timeline?

    I always received my information after school started in September.
  2. Social events for law students?

    In my experience, all (or the vast majority) of organized law school event centre around drinking. You can always find people who are less interested in that scene to do things with, but you'll have to arrange it on your own.
  3. Suits for Women

    I have some Clarks pumps - they aren't super fashionable, but are a decent plain black pump. They are the comfiest pair of heels I have ever owned! I'm a fan of a bun for a quick polished look!
  4. Just a note - U of S looks at your BEST 2, not necessarily your Last 2. If your B2/L2 are the same, then yes. But if your B2 are 1st year and 3rd year, they will look at those two years. From their admissions page:
  5. Ask a 1L student

    I only ever bought new books where I had to. In 1L, I was pickier about having current editions, so I had to purchase a few books. There's a good resale market, and I try to buy used wherever possible. In upper years, my book-buying declined every year. I'm in 3L now, and I think I bought one book all year.
  6. Ask a 1L student

    123 Corporate, 66 Ethics two years ago. You really can't go wrong with choosing to take Corporate or Ethics in 1L!
  7. For those at Western taking Ethics, you get provided the book for free, so there is no need to purchase.
  8. Ask a 1L student

    It's going to depend on you/your interviewers. In my interviews, we talked about my clinic experience, and other extra-curriculars I was involved in. We also talked a lot about my prior work experience (I worked before law school). But for my friends who had never really worked before law school, they tended to talk more about ECs and things they did at school.
  9. OLSAS GPA vs other provinces

    Yeah, Nabbo covered it. Each school out of province calculates your GPA in their own way - some drop courses (the number varies), some look at certain years (last 2, best 2, etc). You didn't find a concise answer because the answer is that it depends based on the school.
  10. Ask a 1L student

    There's typically 2 orders a year - one in the Fall, one in the Spring. IMO, the stuff the committee comes up with is way nicer then the generic sweater from the Bookstore. To some extent, yes, especially to get an OCI interview. The firms need some way to distinguish the mountain of applications they get, so most tend to have a grades cut-off. After that (and at your OCI/In-firm interviews), I found that it became more about you/your experiences versus your grades. But the grades get you in the door.
  11. Ask a 1L student

    1. I don't have a good answer since I wasn't part of this, sorry! 2. It will depend on you. I was interested in the area, so getting a chance to learn about it early on helped cement that yeah, this is what I like. It's also professor-dependant. By taking it in 1L, I had a better prof then the one who taught when I was in 2L. But if you're not interested in it and trying to get it out of the way? I don't think it matters.
  12. Ask a 1L student

    There are also lots of committees looking for 1L members - check the SLS Daily. In previous years there has been a sort of Western Law club/committee fair, so if they do that again, there are usually opportunities presented at that event.
  13. Summary for Sinel Torts

    Try posting in the 2L or 3L class groups on Facebook - someone should be able to help you out.
  14. OTLATLS course questions

    The OTLATLS memo isn't worth 5%, but it's basically practice for your 5% LRWA memo (which probably hasn't been assigned yet).
  15. Ask a 1L student

    I drove with all-seasons, and with all-weathers. I don't have straight snow tires, but I did notice a difference with the all-weathers. For those telling you London is some kind of snowpocalypse...they're wrong. Yeah, it snows. More than Vancouver or Toronto. But the crazy snowstorms have been fairly infrequent during my time in London. Get some snow boots, and a warm jacket, and you will be fine. It's not a frozen wasteland for 6 months of the year. And it really, truly doesn't snow that much.