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  1. Ask a 1L student

    Correct - you will be linked to an online form (kind of like the ones where you submit assignments) and then you choose which one you take. Admin will guide you through the entire process not to worry. There's no pre-selection of courses required for 1L unlike undergrad.
  2. Ask a 1L student

    Oh definitely - i don't think there's a science to it at all. I just think, like a law exam, there's one answer, and then there's the in the alternative answer. Just live your best life and see where that takes you. You can only control what you can control. Your marks are what they are, so spend the most time that you can do work on your apps. Qualify of your apps definitely matter.
  3. Ask a 1L student

    On the other hand, I know for a fact I got OCI's (some of which parlayed into infirms) because of connections. I know because I was told this (obviously they could have lied to me, but hey, I have to accept what I'm told at some point right?) I don't think there's a one size fit all answer to this. It's going to be your mileage may vary situation.
  4. Ask a 1L student

    That's not true. Every dean list student except one in our cohort was hired through the OCI process. But it's true some students with B or lower averages were also hired. All you can really deduce is that the process is a crapshoot.
  5. OCI Prospects for Potential Transfer

    I mean it's not hard to deduce. Each OCI booth fits about 21 students? Take for example a school with 300 students (Osgoode) versus a school with 180 students (Western). Assume top 15% of students by GPA are always interviewed (because GPA) and then you may wanna invite a few other "fringe candidates". 300 x 0.15 = 45 180 x 0.15 = 27 Using this very very crude approximation, you can see how a firm would need to send 3-4 booths to Osgoode and 2 to Western. It doesn't really tell you much. Everyone's 1L marks are already what they are. From here, spend the next 2-3 months doing the best that you can on your applications and then let the process play it.
  6. Your life is over. Don't bother applying to anything. I mean c'mon man. You are well above the curve on everything except 1 course. What do you think is going to happen?
  7. Waitlist 2018

    That's up to you on how you spin it. Advocate for yourself. If you're asking someone to confirm this one pager will push you over the top for your admissions chances - no one can guarantee that. If you are already decided, then stand by your decision. No one is going to decide this for you. But, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
  8. Waitlist 2018

    You have nothing to lose. Think of it as the practice of law. You're always gonna be hustling. Why leave stones unturned? What else would you be doing with your time if not this one pager?
  9. Chances? 3.95 153

    Focus on your strengths - obviously you are strong academicly with a high GPA. For example, I will reverse the question back at you. Would you rather admit a 3.5 GPA student with 5 extracurriculars or a 3.9 student with 1? In that context, the extracurricular is likely weighted differently right? What if the 5 extracurricular is basically membership in school clubs that meet once a month? Again, a different context. Extracurriculars are to signify interest and to identify transferable skills. Make no mistake, they are part of the consideration for admission. But make sure you keep some perspective. Highlight how your GPA shows this this and this. Your extracurricular supplements this this and that. All in all, retake the LSAT. You want to put your best foot forward right? You don't wanna look back a year from now and wonder what could've been.
  10. Chances? 3.95 153

    Extracurriculars are table stakes. Your internship seems fine, but it's not something that you should count on as propelling you over the top. For example, some applicants may have done accounting at the one of the Big 4 for their co-op programs. Some may have worked in New York. Some may have been a fast food worker. Some may have started their own business. You'll learn very quickly potential law school students all come from very strong and diverse backgrounds. An internship is in the "normal" pile. Again, there's no checkbox as what constitutes as "sufficient" extracurriculars. Do extracurriculars because you want to do them and find ones you'll enjoy. You can't "game" the admissions criteria (well you can to some degree, but not to a noticeable threshold) - remember Danielle and her team have been doing this for many years. They know what they're looking for.
  11. Chances? 3.95 153

    Re: the Torys thing - Western doesn't have any direct affiliation per se with the firm. You'll notice quickly that a lot of it is branding - firms will sponsor things to penetrate the consciousness of the student body. However, I assure you that it does not give the students a leg up on anything. For example the Western Law Student Lounge is named after Norton Rose (who sponsored it) and I promise you that's where the "affiliation" ends. Couple years ago, the student reception was actually hosted at McCarthy - just to show you how little this means. If we really want to get neurotic in talking about affiliation, the previous Dean of Western was the former CEO of McCarthy Tetrault - and we have also some lawyers from that firm who teach some courses here. From that perspective, you could say we're more affiliated with McCarthy's than Torys - but again that has no bearing on hiring. Finally, we actually do have a couple of professors who used to work Torys, sure, but we also have professors who work at other firms like Faskens, Davies, and so on. I guess my takeaway to anyone reading the thread is this: Don't pick your school based on "affiliations". Every firm has has alumni who went to all the various Ontario law schools (minus Lakehead because it's so new). Western places well in Toronto, but so do all the other schools. Ottawa seemingly places "less" only because only half the class applies to Toronto... and Ottawa is also double the class size of Western - do you see where I'm getting at?
  12. Ask a 1L student

    On the right column, web academic transcript. Request a report. Go tell your classmates and be a hero.
  13. Ask a 1L student

    Marks went up today around 3pm.
  14. Ask a 1L student

    I guess not all went well today. Last year they were out the same day as the grades meeting. I reckon Mysty's absence may be impacting operations a bit this year. Hold tight and hope for Monday.
  15. Ask a 1L student

    You can see it on OWL's calendar or you can verify by checking the recruiting emails Robyn sends out regarding when to order transcripts. We should have our marks sometime tomorrow if all goes well.