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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    has anyone heard from the OSC for interviews yet?
  2. Ask a 1L student

    Doesn't matter. Getting jobs is about marks. Take the course you will score higher in. It's like undergrad into law school - doing criminology or poli sci and getting a 3.0 is not going to put you at an advantage versus doing engineering or science and getting a 3.9
  3. Does the Articling Recruit put a heavier emphasis on having a "law job"? For 1L summer, the prevailing notion was "do something" but generally, 2L summer recruiters are looking for skills. Does this change for the articling recruit? Do I need a 2L summer law job to be competitive? I ask because it seems the 2L summer job pool is rapidly drying up. Any advice on what kind of 2L summer employment would be competitive for the articling recruit? (Assuming grades are competitive, and so on).
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    is Blaneys also done with hiring?
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    anyone know if blaneys or weirfoulds are inviting a 2nd round of interviews?
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Can anyone speak to what the "paths to bay streets" outside of the 2L and OCI recruit? This fact gets repeated a lot, but I haven't seen any follow up about it.
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Right. Which leads back to my original question - if all the feedback I get is "you were loved, but the process is tough". Well, why was I ranked #35 vs #3 on your list then? The margins are not really hair-thin then is it's?
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I'm with you. I understand the "whole firms love you and wouldn't waste time on you if you are not desired". But at the same time, the cost of dinner is not that much to a firm. There's no way they loved all the students they saw on day 2. I don't buy it but obviously that might be my disgruntledness talking.
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I feel like it's basically a nicer way of saying "you suck". Because if you loved me that much, then you must really love the ones you actually made offers to.
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    how do you improve on: "everyone loved you but the process is just tough. we are sorry."
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    yar, they got me around 10
  12. 2018 2L Recruitment

    For people who have done this before, has anyone ever gotten a PFO, but the firms still made their way down to you somehow? Asking more for curiosity.
  13. I've searched older threads and I could not find a definitive answer. Are in-firms essentially multiple OCI-like conversations at the firm? Or will it depend on firm? Any insight is appreciated! Thank you.
  14. Lawyers with accents

    you sound fine in both. Be yourself. Do you really want to work where you have to worry about putting on a facade to be "normal"?