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  1. Rejected on Friday. Not surprised, as my LSAT score was complete shit. lol Queue Feb 14. 3.56 CGPA 3.8 L2 145 LSAT 3 LOR - 2 Academic 1 professional Part B - lots of social justice volunteering (5+) for multiple non-profit immigration organizations etc
  2. Because all confirmed decisions made will go until the end of June. The end of June is June 30th. As indicated from OASIS.
  3. Today!
  4. Hey Fam. I emailed Vicky and she assured: Rest easy. It's halfway through June already. So the LATEST we will hear is June 30. As for Waitlist - I hope you hear soon! But as far as I know, it can go right up to the end of August.
  5. When were you in queue?
  6. is that a confirmed statment? I've noticed in previous threads that the first week of June is generally the quietest. And then it picks up in the second week of June and into the end. I think by the end of June we should have a clearer idea.
  7. I've been in queue since Feb 15! Radio silence. Gosh a lot in queues = a lot of rejections. Ah ah ha ha.
  8. Same! It makes me feel better though, because we all are waiting for answers. It must mean that Adcom is slow.
  9. Are you part of Adcom? LOL
  10. Oh that's actually really helpful, then I guess I'll just enjoy my week without feeling slightly psychotic hahahaha
  11. Movements, anyone?
  12. Filomena is the assistant to Vicky I believe. When you email Admin, you're basically emailing Filomena. Haha.
  13. Vicky and Filomena are trying to f with our heads.
  14. Oh my god why are you not in yet
  15. What are your stats like? Did you fill out part B?