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  1. Rejected 2018

    I got an email 7:10 mountain time this morning. So eastern 9am and it was through email. If you get an email from Vicky and it says "Thank you for your interest" it's a rejection letter. An acceptance will have "Congratulations!" lol I'm not upset at all, I'll try again next year with a much much higher LSAT
  2. Wait List Single JD 2018

    I'm just going to go ahead and say that if any one of us gets accepted from Waitlist for Fall 2018, let's all be friends. On that note, did anyone get acceptances via waitlist? Movements?
  3. Accepted 2018

    Anyone accepted from waitlist.. at all?
  4. Rejected 2018

    Second time I join this crowd, not surprised since the LSAT is the obvious culprit for me. Back to the drawing boards it is. Queued at the end of March. cGpa: 3.56 L2: 3.88 LSAT: 145, 146
  5. Windsor Rejected 2018

    I’m just going to take the shot and say no, they’re just slow or just deciding or don’t have an answer or haven’t even looked at it! You’re screwed when you get the rejection letter. Stay hopeful
  6. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Thanks for letting me know. I was pretty hopeful but uhm, 600? So basically, out of 2000 applicants, 200 gets acceptances, 600 are waitlisted? LOL WTF whyyy? Where did you find this out?
  7. Rejections

    Has anyone been rejected yet..?
  8. HEY! MATTER. OF. LAW hahahahaha ethan cracks me up all the time
  9. ...Radio Silence

    Hey, I applied last year and finally received my rejection at the end of June. So, it might be a whiles until you hear back. Sit back and relax, enjoy the ride. I should also take my own advice haha
  10. Rejections

    They usually start sending out rejection from mid-April into June/July. Waitlist can go right up until September. This is how my experience was from last year at least (and creeping other threads).
  11. Wait List Single JD 2018

    When did you write the LSAT?
  12. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Oh my god I’m done for lol
  13. Wait List Single JD 2018

    Has anyone been accepted from Waitlist yet? I wonder how long this wait can drag out
  14. In Queue 2018

    Me too! I Wrote DEC lsat
  15. Admissions timeline?

    Did you write the dec Lsat?