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  1. Based on posts in the past, it appears to be that people had to email Rose to inform them where they were in terms of application. Rose would tell them they were on the waitlist. If not, you will receive an email of your rejection and shortly after a snail mail.
  2. As a seasoned LSAT writer and once new LSAT writer, this is an absolute no. You have 35 mins each section. If you're done, you just sit and wait until the next section. It's very clear that they do not want you moving ahead or backwards.
  3. @providence Also, I don't mean to impose, but if your friend is seriously struggling with crippling anxiety and it is inhibiting them from their performance or inducing them to do drugs etc: THEY NEED HELP ASAP. Self care is SO important in the legal profession, and I only learned this recently from working in the social work field. Lawyers, I find, and perhaps aspiring law students/law students lack the ability to see a problem with themselves when it is happening. Is it pride? It is OK to have a mental disability/ suffer from depression/ anxiety etc. The important step is to ensure you are doing what you can to take care of your body! Law is not the only field that is competitive. Hell, I could be working at a fast food joint and be stressed out (inability to find a better job/not working in my degree/not making enough etcetc). I hope your friend is ok.
  4. I agree with you, as you speak from experience and I completely respect you for this. Your opinions and advice are incredibly valuable. The thing about anxiety is that, it can affect you in different ways with different cases. I will always have anxiety in my life, and to simply "fix" or deal with it is next to impossible, it is a life-long battle. There will be times in my life where I will need to reach out for help, and that's ok. I do not believe the legal profession is solely reserved to the mentally 'stable'. Anyone could be doing ANYTHING and still be mentally ill/disabled etc.
  5. I totally can envision on how much worst it would get. I've been looking into getting a therapist/psychologist to find tools to help me with my anxiety, as I believe anxiety is a life issue and it wont 'just go away'. Even if I was working as a lawyer, or as something else, I'd still suffer from anxiety. Recognizing one's anxiety is a first step for sure. I wont reconsider a career path on that matter. I should at least try it out first. I've thought a GREAT deal about what kind of law I'd go into. I am a strong feeler, and utterly wear my heart on my sleeves. Sometimes, I feel like it is a great weakness to me and I want to know if there is hope to perhaps develop a professional barrier where I am not affected by clients. 100% will not be doing criminal law, but something more straight forward like estate or corporate lol.
  6. Oh wow, guys, what a topic! Thank you SO much for the input. I don't want to coin that I am a person with disability, but I definitely struggle with anxiety on a day-to-day basis. However, I take no offense in what I may have MIGHT be a disability, and I could be living with it and not realize it? It has gotten better with pure distraction, being busy (working, studying etc), but it DOES prevent me from sleeping at night when I feel overwhelmed. My biggest struggle comes from having sleep anxiety induced by exams and impending obligations (anything important like someone's grad, or wedding lol). I was never like this during my first 2 years of my Undergrad, but it certainly has developed over the years to the point where I only slept 30 mins before an exam. Due to the LSAT feeling like it is the END OF THE WORLD for me, it is especially difficult to perform in an exam where I simply cannot just 'information dump'. Asking for accommodations is a LAST minute resort, and should only be after thorough medical examinations. I should note that leading up to the LSAT I was not only lacking sleep for 24 hours, but at times only get 1 night rest (6 hours) per week for 3 months prior. **Note; my anxiety has indeed caused me multiple health problems, but I do not wish to elaborate.
  7. Lol seriously what an emotional roller coaster
  8. Sorry I didn't word it very well. I haven't received a rejected letter yet. But my status DID change like everyone else's. I applied last year and heard back from Rose via email around this time, it's typical of Dalhousie to send out rejection letters in June. We will hear soon - maybe next week I think. Has anyone contacted Rose about this change?
  9. I think so and I think it might be a rejection. It happened to me; no formal letter yet but you will get an email from rose and then snail mail
  10. Thank you! Knowing that it's later in the summer does make me feel A LOT better. I could sleep until 11:40 and still make it to the exam.
  11. Hi, and thank you! I applied to law school with meaningful intent and purpose. I worked very hard on my PS this year and was surprised to even have the opportunity to sit on a Waitlist for Windsor, even if it was a short while. 3pt difference is a big difference to law school, especially when it narrows down to the deciding factor between your application and mine for example. I did not apply to TRU or Lakehead, despite saying I applied everywhere. I applied to the schools I felt more compelled to go to due to the city/living situation/ finances etc. Mostly major-ish schools in the east and west. My volunteering experiences have always been motivated by a particular aspect and I do not feel that they were random. However, to be waitlisted at this many schools with your stats is very impressive. I will definitely message you and inquire you on the PS aspect when the time comes to rewrite it. My personal statement this year was strong (on my own biased opinion), but it could be better for sure. I am not quite at the point to accept my 146 lsat score. I have a personal goal to be able to achieve a score higher than 155 at least for the time being. I do have dreams to go to Osgoode one day, so I think coming to terms with 146 is not going to happen.
  12. Thank you for the tough love. I don't want to come off as a pompous asshole, or that I am thinking highly of myself. I do believe that this exam does set me back, because base off my experiences, I did not have the opportunity (yet) to apply to law school with a decent score. Thus, I'm saying that I believe my LSAT is a factor that is holding me back. But until I get a score that is redeemable and STILL get rejected, it most definitely will make me reconsider what other factors make my application weak. I tried my best to write the exam under the condition I would write on the day of. Unfortunately, I was not able to perform on the day of due to pure exhaustion. Yes, I agree, I need to have an aggressive mindset to crush this exam. Writing the exam the first time very much so carried the same anxieties over to the second one. I was too concerned about getting sleep and was stressed about it. Thank you. The brain is a stubborn muscle.
  13. Thank you! I really didn't think I'd be in the mental state to even think about applying to law school the SECOND time after the first. So to muster up the courage to try again for the third is... surprising. I find that it gets easier each year however. With a bit more wisdom; a bit more maturity; I really start to think extra time before starting law school might be a good thing for me. I spent a lot of time obsessing over the idea that I MUST go to law school after my UG. While I watch my friends go off to law school, I struggle working admin jobs after another to let the time pass. The onset of my UG degree, I was NEVER like this. Perhaps a bit of trouble sleeping in the beginning, but then eventually I ended up writing exams with 30 mins - 2 hours of sleep. But UG exams were not difficult for me. Most of it required memorization, fancy bull-shitting, and theory. BUT THE LSAT THO, it's not something you can simply wing with no sleep. I get so exhausted looking at RC. My first round, I must admit, I didn't try as hard as I should have. I approached the POWERSCORE BIBLES. I found them so incredibly daunting and difficult to read through due to density. My second round, I decided to ditch the books and go straight into studying off the prep books. With a bit of experience, I found a significant increase in my scores. Although, I should have tried putting more time into re-learning LR. For this next round, I think I will put some effort to scrap everything and rewire my brain to learn from scratch again. I want to feel 100% confident and aim for a score I can feel proud of when applying to law school. I'd like to see, for once, all the rejections into an acceptance. I've dabbled with 7Sage, Powerscore, Manhattan Prep, and the LSAT Trainer. For this particular round, I've signed up for Manhattan Prep's Interac Learning. I hope that I can catch enough time to study for the July exam. I really like the idea of writing it at 12pm rather than 8am. But I feel, this might be a bit clutch. I want to say thank you so much for this kind post. Despite all the negativity on this forum, which I lavish in for the last few years, it's very refreshing to have supportive peers. Thank you for reaching out! I would like to think my CGPA isn't too shabby, but far from most people on this forum. I've already written the exam twice, and with the new changes made by LSAC, it is enlightening to see that they have lifted the ban off multiple rewrites. I will most definitely look into CBT. I will take all the help I can get! It makes me so incredibly self conscious that ONE exam is legitimately barring me from my dreams. I know the rewards of breaking through this cycle will be so worth it. I guess it just takes time. I've tried working out, but it's been so hard with a full time job and other adulting things. Studying on top of it is SO HARD. I will work on it for sure. Hm, I never thought of consuming fat with Melatonin. I will def try that. Thank you!! Ughhhh, life is so much easier if you could just say fuck it to everything. I believe you on that. I've gone into so many exams running on Adrenalin, acing one after another with little sleep. But I don't think I could even mentally compensate for the LSAT. It's an incredibly daunting exam; I feel almost PTSD from my first experience, let alone this last one.
  14. Thank you for the advice. I wish melatonin worked on me! Haha Sadly, I spoke to my doctor and he had prescribed Zopiclone to help with my insomnia that was happening during the last 2 months before the test date. I had taken the pills a few times before the exam to see if it worked, but unfortunately, the night before the exam I was wide awake despite the full dose. I would rather not take those again. I don't feel human with them. Someone told me to ask LSAC for accommodations, but I feel like "anxiety" is just not a legit enough reason to have accommodation. 8am exams make me panic, especially by 1am I am still wide awake freaking out. I've applied literally, everywhere. Everywhere EAST and everywhere WEST. This cycle, I applied to Windsor and was Waitlisted early on in the cycle. However, was rejected last month within the waitlist.