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  1. Hey, i'm so sorry, I was rooting for you so much. Did you get accepted elsewhere? Your lsat score is amazing
  2. I'm pretty certain they may have missed your request. You could try again. But from what I'm seeing, you're not missing out much. Im also sure that the admins of the groups are law students or newly accepted students as well - I do not believe they have anything to do with Adcom.. unless someone could prove me I'm wrong on this
  3. Hey, funny you say, I'm one of the crazies who added themselves onto the group. Technically speaking, based off Facebook, I'm in the group despite not having heard anything from Osgoode. Great theory tho hahaha
  4. what is confusing to me is that individuals who are in queue way before me and after me are hearing back. I wonder what is happening with the files, they are probably getting shuffled around a lot.
  5. Feb 15. Oh wow, you've been in queue for a while. Hopefully you hear soon and good luck!
  6. How long were you in queue for ?
  7. Hopefully you hear soon!
  8. Sorry OBA. You got into great schools however. Good luck
  9. I believe they accept roughly 290 students and, on fb there are 172 students
  10. "Thank you for your reply. You are likely in the reviewers queues waiting for a final assessment, which can be anytime through to the end of June" This is what she sent me. And prior to that, I asked her how it is evaluated for files. She said 2 people reviews them. Sooooooooo I think you're right. I'm probably in that full committee end thing at this point
  11. I don't know. I asked her as to where she thinks my file is at. I did fill out Part B, I'm not sure if that is what is causing the delay. But from my guesses, everyone goes through 2 decision makers. One can say yes to the file, the other can agree or disagree.. vice versa
  12. Straight up. I grew up the ghetto, so I just asked her where I'm at because I'm getting impatient...
  13. Oh, it's because I asked her LOL! I just asked her where my file is at
  14. I'm sure they do. The rejected thread has started, despite the radio silence. I am aware that people are getting rejected, but they are not posting their stats online... I really just want to know what I'm doing in sept LOL
  15. Did you fill out part B? From my understanding, Vicky told me that I was likely in the second reviews. We should hear something shortly.