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  1. Is it fun?

    lol, sorry about that, what I meant to say vs. what I wrote are two different things. Hopefully clarification was found in my other comments/replies. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  2. Is it fun?

    Setto appears to have understood what I meant even though I wrote so poorly. I got some great feedback from Setto and a few other people, and I do apologize to those that I may have offended or triggered as I didn't write what I meant to say clearly. I quickly just typed up my original post and submitted it without a second thought. lol. I thank you all for your time btw. Sorry again! Often crosses my mind, but I will need to educate myself on this more. I was just looking for some insight on whether a law career would parallel the rush or thrill I get from sales (obviously without intentionally scamming or screwing anyone over, my original post was poorly written lmao.) Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  3. Is it fun?

    Just didn't write what I intended to say properly lol I am sorry about that!
  4. Is it fun?

    Boasting? Who was boasting. I may not have written clearly to express what I meant but no where was I boasting. I do apologize if it came off that way. I meant to say that the fact that I get commission off selling to a customer is enjoyable to me. Selling more than what they intended to buy is great to me because it shows that I am doing a great job and they are more than happy to pay for it as they see the value too. Again I do apologize for the poor communication on my end. I hope this provides some clarification so that you can provide me with some help.
  5. Is it fun?

    Thought about it, I think that would be enjoyable
  6. Is it fun?

    I should have wrote that differently lmao
  7. Is it fun?

    You've never written a grievance letter for someone where you had to apply employment law while looking for loopholes in the company policies?
  8. Is it fun?

    Sales too is dependent on returning clients, and building a relationship. It requires an individual to find solutions to a customers needs. These solutions in turn when sold benefit me. When a customer pays more than what they intended I did my job while still providing a solution to their needs, and more. To retain a client/customer selling skills are required. You have to show them the value you will give them opposed to other people, and then provide them with exceptional service and solutions. Do you agree?
  9. Is it fun?

    not in the slightest.
  10. Is it fun?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! Thats a good idea. I am curious to know your personal thoughts on majority of my post. (if you have the time to share)
  11. Is it fun?

    Hello, I am in the process of doing the LSAT. I work PT at a law firm and I work PT at a retail sales job in the telecom industry. I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from my retail job. The rush of closing a sale, interacting with customers, convincing them to spend more then they intended and making money on their expense is something I really enjoy. Especially hitting sale targets and reaching goals, and competing with my team. At the law firm I see a bunch of lawyers typing away on their laptops, making calls, consults, etc. It seems that even they (compared to the average joe) live for the weekend. Every shift I hear a lawyer say "can't wait for the weekend". I know this lawyer saying that doesn't mean every lawyer is like that. But honestly, they sit in an office and type away, make calls and stuff. It seems so boring - is there any rush, thrill, excitement? Is people interaction limited to consults and meetings? Is there a type of law that can give me what I am looking for? I like the law because its an application of rules where loopholes and manipulation can come into play. Also, there is a lot of convincing and sales to be made with the client and opposing counsel. I also generally like reading the law. Ideally I would like to teach but that will come years after practicing. What do you think?
  12. Can't get out of 148 range.

    oh...oh I know HR. I took the course lmao. My score did dramatically increase, however - my diagnostic was horrifying. So a score of 148 is good for someone like myself who performed poorly on cold. I don't know if I am less intelligent than those who score high 140s on cold diagnostics or if its something else. Pretty disturbing to think about. I am good at being a student though (good grades and stuff). I might revisit Yoni at HR and give that course another run down if shit keeps hitting the fan. Maybe 1 on 1. Thanks for breaking it down for me. I haven't been studying daily - so with your break down and daily hardcore studying, maybe I can do it. Thanks for the time you took to reply.
  13. Helllloo, The LSAT has utterly made my super annoyed but I haven't been studying as hard as I could the past few months (i have my reasons). Anyways, I did PT55 ended up getting 148. Thats been my average score (4 part and 5 part LSATs). I honestly need help with the following: what does it mean by going over the exam and finding patterns - like I don't know how to apply it? I get that I need to look over and see where I went wrong and I recently grouped question types that I have had trouble with - but what should I actually be doing to improve my score. Im so confused even after asking people before. The reviewing is something I think I can improve on. I got -8 on games which can be improved with fool proofing them. I am confident that I can do that at least. My LR was shit, got over 10 wrong in each section. not really sure how to go about it...I don't understand how to best review? I've been working over 40 hours a week now. But like I know a lot of people that do that and do really well, so thats no excuse to not study my hardest (which I intend on doing now 100%). Writing in September. Intending to start application this month, maybe I should just keep writing until I get a good score and apply next year lol. What do you think? Anyone apply when they were 25 or older/know anyone who did? The age thing is really getting to me. Good thing is I hit all the questions, before for LR I use to get to question 16 and miss so many. But maybe I should start taking my time while answering to increase accuracy. I don't think it will hurt to write September if my score for PT goes up to 150 +, its unlimited attempts now *shrug emoji*
  14. games

    Hello, I notice that when doing the games I can't figure out which board to make right away. Any key words or tricks to learn how to make your board game/diagram faster?
  15. September LSAT - study plan

    I've been studying for a while and I am still figuring it out. I guess as the other poster indicated, study everyday - start with the theory and move towards questions. I purchased 7sage starter package, that will be good to start with. I think you will figure it out from there. Def. buy the 7sage starter package imo.