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  1. Yeah and Thackray Burgess was braging about how its better to be a mid-sized firm for client proximity and quality of service.... Before being bought by McMillian in 2009
  2. How much

    Province of Quebec, specially Montreal. Mid size and boutique, around 20-90 lawyers. I refer to the small ones of the « entente de recrutement» I was refering to me : bonuses (there is a topic about bonuses, but its about Bay St firms), % of clients you bring, partnership track, and how much for the buy-in. Negotiating a salary at the end of articling, when proposed to be hired back. I find that certain firms that are in the entente de recrutement do not offer the same thing. I'd like to adress this topic so everyone will know what to expect when hired. Some of my friend were persuaded that they willl receive a decent pay, but were disapointed afterwards !
  3. How much

    My question is simple : how much ? How much money do the mid-sized gives you ? What are the possibilities of growing ? What fees do they pay for you ? Nalp gives you only what law firm wants to say, and usually, mid sized firms don't share these infos. Also, is negociating a salary something you can do ? How ?
  4. During my first year in law school I thought that pretty much anyone could be a lawyer. The infinity of area of practices made that any personality can fit. Not anyone is fit for litigation, nor anyone fit for eldery law. But at the end of my degree i realised this simple fact : there is two kind of lawyers, the ones that listen, and the ones that don't. Open your ears and listen. Don't just tell your 300 pages of research during a debate, listen and answer the argument. When the judge ask a question, listen to the question and answer to the question. When a master lawyer gives you instruction, listen. If you think a lawyer is mostly a mouth, I think he is more two ears.
  5. Stuff to Bring to Law School

    The thing that saved me is a laptop with a 12 hours battery life. It let me study and do research anywhere i wanted. Usually Macbooks had that specificity, but i think other brands give you that now.
  6. Stuff to Bring to Law School

    Go to computer lab rooms. In my university I use to go study in other library. Many of them had computer labs and I just used a computer as a second monitor. My research was done on the lab computer, and my writing on my own laptop.
  7. Course aux stages 2017

    Donc cest pas une situation de cause à effet. Bon on verra
  8. Course aux stages 2017

    Si on a pas recu les tests de langue mais qu'on a fait l'entrevue, sa veut dire c'est mort ?
  9. Course aux stages 2017

    Do you know how many are being called ? And it's based on our answers to the online exam ?
  10. Course aux stages 2017

    Anyone received some news from the Departement of justice of Canada ?
  11. Course aux stages 2015

    Thank you very much for your answer. Maybe juste one last question, Is it true that a Third year student is disadvantaged ? Is there a real difference between second year student and third year, of just some stories ? Thank you all for your time, this is more than appreciated !
  12. Course aux stages 2015

    I'm a first year student, and I want to a ask a simple question : What do you need to have a chance in this race ? Gpa ? Work experience ? Charisma ? I'm also a little bit lost about some school implication. Thank you
  13. Université de Montréal - Admissions 2014

    From cegep. But you can have an idea of your overall R score by using Ulaval table, and add 1.8. It is very approximative, but i think you can have a good idea.
  14. Université de Montréal - Admissions 2014

    Thanks a lot guys ! I hope you will get in too !
  15. Université de Montréal - Admissions 2014

    Yup, completely forget to comment. Accepted on march 28. I've made 15 credits on Études Internationales (3.7), Udem And an r score of 30.65