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  1. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

  2. Tips on Being a Great Summer Student

    My experience has been that summer students are pretty fungible in the big firm context. This thread has good tips and they should be followed but you'll also probably be a vague memory for most lawyers by the time you come back in a year.
  3. Mismatched principle

    Two additional points I thought of: (1) most principals will have some level of investment in their articling student (even if just from a selfish reputations stand point). This is good in that they’ll advocate for you in their review(s) (hopefully) but it also means others will probably read their review(s) of you with a grain of salt. If the window washing lawyers give you a great review it won’t have that same complication. (2) I think some student/principal pairings can be done for non-law area reasons. I’ve heard of/seen people paired because they have a similar shared life experience (e.g. came from same/similar communities), which could honestly be helpful when it comes to questions about navigating firm politics/norms. Not saying this is why, but it’s a (somewhat remote) possibility.
  4. I would prioritize (#1) cost, (#2) reputation and (#3) enjoyment, in that order. Just be aware that #2 isn't very helpful as most of the law schools are roughly comparable in reputation, so maybe lump in regional recognition into that category. Basically, just pick where you will have the most enjoyable experience, assuming it isn't needlessly expensive or detrimental to your job prospects.
  5. Mismatched principle

    Going to echo others and repeat that if the firm is big, it shouldn't really matter at all. Principals aren't necessarily a frequent source of work in my articling experience (also a large firm). Just seek out the work you want.
  6. What are in-firm interviews like?

    Preface: I'm not trying to be mean, don't take this the wrong way You do understand that an associate is a lawyer, right?
  7. When is clerking most common?

    I'd agree that of the people I know who are or were clerking, it's a pretty even split as far as clerking immediately vs clerking after articling.
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Sure but not until closer to the end of the week. Give them some time. It doesn't always get sorted all at once.
  9. What are in-firm interviews like?

    I was staying close to the financial district and had extra time so I took a shower between interviews and receptions/dinners. Not necessary but was a great way to feel fresh for the evening.
  10. Your school's student clinic ought to have summer jobs and the clinic work will typically be heavily oriented towards legal services for low-income clients. I would look into that.
  11. Big firm reputations?

    I feel like that thread has multiple opinions.
  12. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Some firms go a fair bit lower. I remember reading at least one firm gives roughly one offer for every three in-firm candidates.
  13. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Don't worry about it. They're probably trying to signal interest to those candidates but people don't get the initial invite and still get offers (this also goes for the rest of the firms with selective dinners). IIRC, you may still get a dinner invite for Monday during the Monday interview. Also, FWIW, I turned down a dinner invite from a firm on Monday, accepted a dinner invite for Tuesday, then later bumped that dinner to a lunch and I still got an offer. Obviously it's better to dine with the firms you are most interested in but there is some flexibility to this process.
  14. 2018 2L Recruitment

    In my experience there was no correlation. Also, most firms didn't respond to the thank you e-mails, as far as I remember.
  15. In-Firm Interview Schedule

    I'd also echo taking 4 on Monday and put a "back-up" firm on Tuesday morning, if possible. Seems pointless to juggle more than 5. However, this is assuming they are private firms. I've heard government isn't as demanding of your time so you can potentially have more options there.