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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Some firms go a fair bit lower. I remember reading at least one firm gives roughly one offer for every three in-firm candidates.
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Don't worry about it. They're probably trying to signal interest to those candidates but people don't get the initial invite and still get offers (this also goes for the rest of the firms with selective dinners). IIRC, you may still get a dinner invite for Monday during the Monday interview. Also, FWIW, I turned down a dinner invite from a firm on Monday, accepted a dinner invite for Tuesday, then later bumped that dinner to a lunch and I still got an offer. Obviously it's better to dine with the firms you are most interested in but there is some flexibility to this process.
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    In my experience there was no correlation. Also, most firms didn't respond to the thank you e-mails, as far as I remember.
  4. In-Firm Interview Schedule

    I'd also echo taking 4 on Monday and put a "back-up" firm on Tuesday morning, if possible. Seems pointless to juggle more than 5. However, this is assuming they are private firms. I've heard government isn't as demanding of your time so you can potentially have more options there.
  5. Extra degree extra $$ ?

    Not in Canada. I'm told there is education-based bonus pay at some U.S. firms.
  6. Transferring to Another City Within Law Firms

    Hey you have an hour to edit your posts and then they last forever. I know this doesn't have your name but it's pretty identifying and you may not be aware just how many people check these forums.

    Probably easiest to just stay in the 2018 Recruitment thread
  8. How many OCIs is too many?

    Just do them all. The manageable number is the maximum allowed.
  9. Seems like this thread could use some alternative perspectives. OP, the best piece of advice I ever received in 1L was to not waste time making my own summary (assuming some really great summaries are already floating around from upper-year students). Instead just edit as needed based on what you hear in class/what you see in the syllabus. Also, don't bother diving into the cases regularly unless you're confused on something (either from your summary or from class discussion). Of course, the fuller response is that I believe studying is completely different for every person so please don't do exactly what I did just because I said to. My real point is that in 1L I never made a summary, didn't focus on reading the full cases, and I think I did pretty well overall. Just do what works best. Your first semester is a great opportunity for some trial and error.
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    During the OCI a small number of firms may mention to a small number of students that they intend to call. It's possible, and a nice bonus if it happens, but not worth worrying about.
  11. Having students evaluate associates ?

    Honest question: have you ever worked in a large firm setting?
  12. Foreign law grads/new parents/Bar study time

    Buy an index
  13. ROI - How rewarding is law

    The variance from lowest to highest pay exceeds a factor of ten. It varies so much it isn't that helpful to ask. There was a recent thread about this but I forget the exact topic. Trying searching for it if possible.
  14. There must be at least a couple UofM students who go to Bay Street each year. Reach out to recent summer/articling students and ask what they did.
  15. Informational Interview After Call Day

    Assuming you mean the Toronto recruit, you should probably familiarize yourself with the LSUC rules related to the process. There is a hold on "recruitment activities" between application and interview time. http://www.lsuc.on.ca/licensingprocess.aspx?id=2147497188