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  1. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    Congrats! Bragging that you’re not drinking simply because you’re not “supposed” to be drinking is the WORST kind of humblebrag. Maybe squeezing a baby out of your hoo-ha is humblebragging to some but you can brag to me because I’m happy my hoo-ha will never be used for that.
  2. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    Why? Are you pregnant? (Is that an inappropriate question? Sorry. As discussed, I am drunk, and not at a work function but rather an anonymous internet discussion board where feelings are not paramount.) Also I appreciate you calling out hoju’s “Oh look at me, I don’t drink at the office because I’m a ‘professional’” humblebrag.
  3. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    I may have been drinking too much tonight. Everything seems simpler when you’re drunk. On the other hand, some things are simple.
  4. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    How in the hell are you people still talking about this stupid shit? How much is there to say about it? I haven’t read most of this and I never will but isn’t the point on the one side that humblebragging about your grades when you know damn well they’re good makes you an insufferable tool and on the other side that if you’re not actually humblebragging but actually need feedback then the fact other people on a message board may be jealous/sad shouldn’t stop you because they’re grown people? Both of these points are correct and it’s pretty easy to tell when somebody is humblebragging/compliment seeking or whether they have a legit question. May god have mercy on all of your souls. Jesus Christ.
  5. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    This thread reminds me of the scene from Band of Brothers. 1L: Senior Partner... sir, when I got my 1L grades back, I found myself fretting about them. [Speirs silently regards him for a moment] Speirs: What's your name, 1L? 1L: I'm Blithe, sir. Albert Blithe. Speirs: You know why you fretted about your 1L grades, Blithe? 1L: [quietly] I was stressed. Speirs: We're all stressed. You fretted about your 1L grades because you think there's still hope. But Blithe, the only hope you have is to accept the fact that you already went to law school. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you'll be able to function as a lawyer's supposed to function: without joy, without relaxation, without the remuneration of an ibanker. All legal practice depends upon it.
  6. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    You definitely do not need an exceptional resume for New York, just grades. I’m sure your grades will get you interviews.
  7. You’re probably right. I don’t know anything about how “niche” courts work. My answer was for typical trial/superior court judges. In the US many state judges are elected so you could theoretically be anyone.
  8. I agree with providence that picking your career to set yourself up to become a judge is not a good idea. It’s like picking your field of law to become GC of a Fortune 500 company (ok not quite, there are a lot more judges than Fortune 500 company GCs). But yeah your already low chances of becoming a judge are almost totally obliterated by not doing litigation or being an academic.
  9. Leaving law - other options

    If you figure a way out please leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I can follow.
  10. Bay St Articles Offers

    Litigation firms are built from scratch regularly. Boies left Cravath to create Boies Schiller and John Quinn did something similar. QE’s PPP now exceeds Cravath’s and BSF’s isn’t far off. The same happened with Lenczner, who were all McCarthys guys I think, although they have remained much more of a boutique than QE or BSF. This is much easier in litigation because you don’t really need to be a full service firm to offer litigation services. Technically you don’t need to be a full service firm to do corporate either but it’s harder to do this. Wachtell really only does M&A, with obviously some support from tax/ERISA etc. You could imagine a scenario where a bunch of M&A partners break off from a place like Davies and start the next Wachtell.
  11. Simple tips to ace 1L

    In fairness the canned answer point is good advice. You often have some indication of what’s coming for policy questions and having an idea of what direction you’ll take your answer and what you’ll cite from class materials in your discussion is useful. Also, for issue spotting, it helps to have written out many practice answers before attempting the real thing. Major issues will recur and having described the elements of a tort on several practice exams will make it flow quicker and easier on your exam. I wouldn’t exactly call this a “canned answer” because applying the law to the facts is where the rubber meets the road but it helps to be able to do the basic statement of the law almost instinctively the same way it helps to be able to skate backwards instinctively due to practice when you’re keeping your eyes on the forward’s chest as he tries to beat you. Anyway I’m not here to agree that acing 1L or defending a 1 on 1 is just a bunch of tricks but it’s true that sufficient practice makes some of your answers a little bit “canned” so that your mental energy can be firmly focused on the parts of exam writing that aren’t canned.
  12. If you are planning to go in-house or want to get out of law entirely you would be wise to consider your practice area carefully. Transactional practice areas make it much easier to move in-house, and perhaps more importantly make it easier to move to a business-side role. You do need to pick something you won’t hate though. It really depends on your priorities.
  13. Hours : Targets, Expectations and Consequences

    People who bill fewer than 2400 are summarily executed.
  14. You know what it takes to practice appellate criminal law in Toronto?
  15. Is law school fun?

    Oh FFS, my parents had no cottage, timeshare, vacations, hockey tickets, did not buy me a condo, had never been to Europe and couldn’t give me any money toward law school so I funded it with debt, and I didn’t find any of that hard or alienating at all. I can’t imagine what’s it’s like to go through life as a liberal -- it must be exhausting feeling so sorry for yourself all the time 🙄.