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  1. How many hours does the average student spend on law school related school work per week?
  2. Rejected from Osgoode 2017

    Has anyone been rejected off the wait list? Has there been any movement? Does anyone have any info?
  3. Has anyone been rejected off the wait list? Has there been any movement? Does anyone have any info?
  4. Is there a way I could obtain a list of the required readings/textbooks I will require for certain courses? I want reading related to tax, contact, and real estate courses. Thanks
  5. In Queue 2017

  6. In Queue 2017

    Anybody still in Queue? If so when were you put in to it?
  7. Any details about how this could be accomplished? Also, can you link to any hard numbers on this? Thanks.
  8. Wait list vs The queue, which is a better place to be? what would make someone be on the wait list as opposed to the queue?
  9. Sure there must be some hard evidence or hiring stats...
  10. hm... very interesting can you provide me a source where I can obtain greater information about this...
  11. Which brings me back to my original question. Please instead of getting defensive, understand that I am genuinely asking for your help and knowledge. So how can I get more accurate numbers about, tax law employment and injury practice employment and the actually bay st. numbers, not just the 2nd year...thanks
  12. my bad and no i was not aware of that hence the original question. care to elaborate.
  13. 80-90k starting out and increase around 10-15k/year. but there is only a 27% chance of getting that right....or is that wrong...
  14. I am talking from the point of view of economic viability. It could be that getting your degree help you fulfill your dream and that could be great for you and is a valid point, but I am just looking at it for a rate of return investment and yes U of T isn't a sure thing either, still by the looks of it, it does not make any sense financially.
  15. I am looking for some information that would indicate the total amount of bay st. positions available in any given year and how those spots are divided among the different law schools and what the salaries are for those positions. I found this: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/7-secrets-sisters-felipe-lav%C3%ADn?trk=pulse_spock-articles But that just shows data about the current composition/make up of different firms (i.e. firm A has 300 employees, 20 from Ottawa, 40 from Osgoode, etc). It does not say: firm A had 10 openings and they were filled by 8 Uni of Toronto students and 2 Osgoode students. So for all I know the info on that link might indicate those firms did not make any new hires. Also, found this http://ultravires.ca/2016/11/recruitment-special-feature-bay-street-hiring-like-way/ But this just shows self reported data and I do not know if that is actually indicative of the reality. If it is the numbers are very striking. It says total bay st. jobs numbered 375 and 83 of those jobs were awarded to Osgoode students. Osgoode graduated 313 students. That means approx 27% of Osgoode students get Bay Street jobs. If that is accurate, would anyone in the seriously view going to Osgoode as a sound investment? If that is not correct could you please help me find the correct info. Also, Uni of Toronto students had approx 47% chance by the way.