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  1. Screwups and Faceplants

    As an articling student living under the constant fear of making a fatal error, this thread makes me so happy.
  2. Suits For Men

    How do people feel about rocking suits in slightly less common fabrics such as tweed? Acceptable?
  3. It's going to fluctuate throughout the semester. Early on in the semester you can get away with doing less. Closer to exams becomes crunch time. But you also want to avoid being so far behind late in the semester that you can't possibly catch up. To mitigate these kinds of wild swings, I tried be consistent and treat law school like a full-time job: 9-5 Mon-Fri and then ramped up to 10/12 hour days during exams. It worked out well for me.
  4. Waitlist position

    I got accepted off of the waitlist in August three years ago. It moves, but things definitely slow down as the summer progresses. Typically, the waitlist sees a lot of action when the firm acceptance deadline passes as schools need to fill the spots left open by those applicants who chose to attend elsewhere (I can no longer remember the precise deadline). After that I think spots really only open up when people drop out unexpectedly. Life happens and people do sometimes have to give up their spots at the last minute, but it's a long, hard wait through the summer months. Best of luck to you.
  5. Waitlist position

    My understanding is that Osgoode's waitlist is not ranked as the admissions committee re-evaluates all waitlisted applications whenever a spot becomes available.
  6. Awards

    I had an A average (7.51) and never heard anything, so I'm assuming the cutoff was a bit higher and I just missed it.
  7. Trial Advocacy in second or third year?

    I took Trial Ad in 3L and probably shouldn't have. Trial Ad really is a very good course and Oz gets a lot of fantastic practitioners to come out and give generously of their time and wisdom to teach the course and by the time I got to it, I was fully into 3LOL mode. You can get away with that in Trial Ad because it's Pass/Fail, but I think that if I had taken it in 2L I would have appreciated the opportunity more and gotten more out of it. If you think you might have any interest in litigation, then take this course. It's the only course at Osgoode that teaches you how a damn trial works and how to behave yourself in a courtroom. The only thing that I will warn about is this: the final assessment is a mock trial before an actual judge (at least we did ours before an actual judge, I think some do them in front of lawyers) down at the courthouse at 361 University and it takes up an entire Saturday, on top of all the prep time. It's a cool experience, but it requires a lot of preparation for what is ultimately a pass/fail course that is eating up a lot of time while you're also in the middle of studying for your other substantive, graded courses (trusts, yay).
  8. Ask a 1L — 2017 Edition

    I definitely found that the best way to make friends with upper-years was through extra-curricular activities such as mooting/law journal/clinics. I didn't participate in any O-Week activities and didn't find it to be a problem at all. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get summaries for your classes whether it be through the database or directly from specific upper year students, but I wouldn't suggest putting too much weight on them. What works for one student -- even an A+ student -- may not work for you and the reality is: most people are average B students. That's just what the curve does. First year does feel kinda "high-school-y" because you have every single class, every single day with same people in your section and it just gets to be a bit much. I found 2L and 3L to have far less of that vibe because you have so many other things going on and you can sort of curate your own experience a bit more. That being said, my close circle of law school friends throughout my time at Osgoode remained people from my 1L section, so it's not all bad.
  9. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    Yeah, that was a uniquely miserable experience.
  10. Experience skipping the formal Toronto 2L recruit?

    A couple of responses to this: First, there are many firms that participate in OCI's that aren't large, full-service firms. They range from litigation and IP boutiques to government. You can tailor your OCI experience to a certain degree and target specific opportunities that align with your interests which is more or less what I did. I agree with the general sentiment that it does a disservice to everyone involved to pursue opportunities that you don't truly want, but I don't think that necessarily means ruling out participating in OCIs altogether. Second, everyone that I personally know who either opted out of OCIs or applied and didn't find success ultimately landed somewhere they are excited about. If you're a strong candidate for OCIs then you'll be a strong candidate in the post-OCI recruit. It will require more legwork and assuming more risk, but that's just par for the course when it comes to job-hunting. You seem to know what you want, so go for it. If you've researched all the smaller, more niche OCI opportunities and still aren't drawn to any of them, then by all means give OCIs a pass. You'd just be wasting the time of everyone involved and running the risk of landing somewhere you don't want to be which, I think, is a recipe for disaster.
  11. Awards

    Yup, I'm at 7.51 and have been putting way more energy into thinking about this than I should be.
  12. Clerkships 2017

    I received an email. A friend of mine from UofT just texted me and told me that their CDO has stated that offers have apparently begun going out.
  13. Clerkships 2017

    Last year, I received my interview invitation on Feb. 19. So we're definitely close.
  14. Clerkships 2017

    Calls are going out today. EDIT: sorry, missed that someone else noted this above.
  15. Places to live

    This. I've spent the last three years commuting from Yonge/Eglinton (5 minute walk to the subway station) and my commute has consistently been 50 minutes to an hour depending on bus traffic. That being said, I haven't minded the commute and have been very, very happy living off campus. I can count the number of times I wished I was on campus (for ease of stumbling to 8:30am class still in sweatpants purposes) on one hand. Commuting is very doable. Eventually that pesky subway extension will finally open and it'll become even easier.